Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan. 12 - sunshine and dewdrops at the Moncton Times

This is the best day I have seen for The Moncton Times&Transcript.

The whole first page was real news - no ads in disguise, no propanda...well, there was a self-serving interview with Harper. But you have to expect that from a prime minister. That's just one of life's little burdens. The News Section was even better as, in contrast to most of the US media, it featured a very balanced and sensible story bout the Tucson shooting.

Editorial and op ed pages wer a joy to read. The editorial was well stated.; and below it, in For the Record, we did not see the usual propaganda of a right wing think tank, or of a corporate chief or  a political hack. Instead, we got a bit of balance from the other side, from James Clancy and Tom Mann who seemed far better informed and  more in touch with daily life for the average New Bruswicker than the usual stuff of that column.

As alwaysl, some solid columnists came through. (For all its faults, the TandT does have some solid columnists. Elsie Hambrook and Alec Bruce were in their usual good form. Rod Allen was almost amusing, However, he disgraced himself by suggesting that the immortal Robbie Burns was a heavy drinker. (He drank only a light form of scotch, drank it iin exemplary moderation, and mostly for its medicinal qualities.)  Allen is, I note, an English name. And, as my highland mother taught me, Scotland is the only country that has never been defeated. Indeed, the union with England came only after a Scottish  king agreed to accept the crown of England as well,and to bring the influence of Scottish culture into the semi-barbaric atmosphere of English life with its diet of warm beer and cold toast.

Alas! The English (including, apparently, the Allans) were not able to rise to the opportunity. Thus their foul lies about Robbie Burns. But we'll dinna fash oursel's, Mr. Allen. When the Scots are in heaven, dancing and toasting the Immortal Memory of the world's greatest poet, y'll be ben th' room with the rest o' the miserable English, drinkin' y'r warm beer, and eatin' y'r cold toast for all of eternity.

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