Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 10 The Moncton T and T has an editorial page comment that's keeper

David Seymour heads a neo-conservative "think thank" called Frontier Centre  for Public Policy. Like so many of these outfits (like our own Atlantic Insitute for Marketing Studies), it's a propaganda front for corporations and wealthy individuals. So, of course, it gets prime space in news media like The Moncton Times and Transcript. (I mean, the editors may be weak on principles, but at least they know whose shoes to keep licked.)

This artcle is worth a read. Google The Moncton Times and Transcript for January 10. It's so idiotic it makes theTandT editorials above it  read like recently discovered thoughts from Plato.  David Seymour poses as the man who knows all, sees all. He has, according to his bio, a BA and a BE. So there. (That bio brought back memories of my father. He was a practical man who had to work hard all his life. I remembered the day I came home with a BA; and my father muttered," Buggar All." It took me years to realize he was quite right.)

So we have Mr Seymour, BA, BE pronouncing on the state of the world with comments so inane that he must be one of those many "think tankers" who couln't find his own bellybutton using both hands.

First, he sees freedom bursting out all over the world. He quotes an NGO called Freedom House to this effect. He must have got a BA without having to read anything; because I checked Freedom House's site. It says exactly the opposite. Worse, Freedom House is 80% funded by the American government, with the rest coming from large corporations and very wealthy individuals. It's a front,Mr. Seymour. Can't you even recognize your own kind?

The capitalist economies all over the world are doing great, you'll  be happy to hear. Yessirree. The biggest and most successful one of them all has only a fifth or so of its population living under the poverty line. It shares with Canada a gap between rich and poor that has been inflating for two generations so that the very rich  make in a few hours what a middle class earner makes in a year. That means the rich can equal the yearly income of a minimum wage worker in less than a half hour of chatting over a scotch.

However, all that wealth in the hands of a few means we're really, really lucky. The wealthy, it seems, are going to clean up all this environmental stuff. Of course. It makes sense. They own most of the environment. They aren't going to let it go bad. I guess that's why Obama and Stephen Harper have really been cracking down on outfits like BP and Alberta oil sands. That's

Generally speaking, the rise of the super-rich will reduce over-population, end pollution...

Oh, and did you know that everybody is getting richer? And the environment is generally improving. Damn right. Just goes to show you how you can be fooled by all those people all over the world pretending to be poor and sickly and starving and unemployed and dying. And Canada and the US are not polluters. In fact, they lead the world in environmental cleanup. And all that talk about a global economic crisis is just crazy stuff from people who ain't smart like David Seymour with his two Bachelor's degrees.

Yes, as Mr. Seymour concludes, we're right on the edge of the greatest period in human history.

Hey! All you people at the Moncton TandT. We know you have to publish crap like this to please the boss. But could you at least have the decency not to publicly wallow in the stuff.

And would you mind standing downwind?


  1. Dear Graham,

    I'll ignore all your snarky comments about my studies, which are biographical material at the back of our website that I have never presented as giving authority to my arguments.

    I'll also look past your unsupported, cynical and paranoid rants about the nature of the Frontier Centre and the motivations of the T&T people.

    Instead I'll address the one piece of actual evidence you managed to engage in your 500 words or so (my original column quoted five direct pieces of evidence in about 700 words).

    The data from Freedom House is here:

    Anybody who cares to look at this data on p1 and p6 will see that unless you're selective enough to look only at the most recent 4 years, we have indeed have tremendous improvements in freedom across the globe since Freedom House began taking records in 1972.

    David Seymour

    p.s. I don't "head" the Frontier Centre, our President is Peter Holle.

  2. And Freedom House is financed by who?
    And does it count the US, which probably has the largest domestic spy network in history, and in w hich the president has the authority to jail without reason or trial and even to order assassination of an American citizen. It's also a system so free its only two parties with any money are both financed by corporations and the wealthy - who also own virtually all the news media.

    Yeah, I guess Freedom House really does it checking with no prejudice at all. Notice it mentioned some latin american countries were handicapped by a history of dcitatorship. Ever guessed who forced those dictatorships on them?

    Noticed any records of whose salaries keeping get bigger while so many are getting pay cuts, welfare cuts, unemployment?