Saturday, December 11, 2010

Whhere the hell are the universities and churches

An economic summit that was pretty much a text book example of fascism at work (check any dictionary) has been held in New Brunswick. University Presidents attended as representatives of the academic world. They know, I should hope, what corporatism and fascism mean. What the hell were they doing in lending credibility to such a meeting?

Why have we heard nothing from all those political scientists and historians treaching in our universities?

I swear, New Brunswick, especially Moncton, has the most invisible universities I have ever encountered. Mind you, most academics across North America avoid the great unwashed - unless they are posing in gowns to have their pictures taken. New Burnswick is just a little worse than average.
For example, we are being pushed into the biggest putlic education changes in centuries. Most professors of education know these changes are thoroughly unscientific and damaging. But not a bloody word out of any of them.

As for clergy,they avoid any issue in the real world like the plague - especially if it involves big business. As as result, they are so irrelevant the economic summiteers didn't even bother to invite a church representative..

The government has agreed to become part of a coalition with them? Hasn't anyone explained to Mr. Alward that governments are elected by us to govern us, not to suck up to special interest groups who will jointly govern us?

I knew before I moved here that the news media were a write-off. I didn't expect the universities and the churches and the politicians to be such a limp collection of dead weeds.

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