Sunday, December 19, 2010

To anonymous commentator

You have suggested my views are subjective. Well, yes. All views are. We're humans. We come that way, and its the only way we come. Even scientists recognize that.
Then you say you doubt anyone one in local employ has the subtlety to carry out the programme I have described in orther to destroy confidence in the schools. What subtlety? The ravinig columns in the Moncton Tand T.?
In any case, there is not need for subtlety. We are dealiing with a large organization., one that I have been following for close to forty years. It's called neo-conservative, and it originated in the US. The leading, and. really, central one is Cato Institute. There are at leads hundreds of branch plants all over the US and Canada. Ours is AIMS, others in Canada are for example, The Frontier Institute, The Fraswr, The Montreal Economic Institute, etc. All produce phony research to encouraging  privatization of just about everything, including schoolls. All enourage lower taxes for the wealthy. Their central proposal is The Project for the New American Century - of which which Jeb Bush was a founder. All are financed by wealthy individuals and corporations.

The Moncton Times is owned by people affilieated with AIMS. AIMS is funded, like the other, by lartge corporations. the Moncton Times publishes reports from AIMS as if they were stone tabletts from a mountain top. It has consistently supported AIMS proposals. It has consistently denigrated public schools and teachers. It has consistently opposed higher taxes for the wealthy and for corporations. The recent economic summit in NB, so amiably covered by the Moncton TandT, was heavily big business and, of course, AIMS. The Moncton Times summed it up with a special column by a Mr. Irving.
Can you connect the dots?
If it's still a problem, go to google.   New-Conservative Think Tnaks.      Cato Insistute.    The Project for the New American Century.
Let me know if you find a single one whose "research" does not attempt to open doors for private business into the sschools. Let me know if you see one aht advises additional government regulation for busiiness - or social programmes (with the exception of baliouts for the American banks and auto industry). Let me know if you see one suggesting help for for the many muddle class Americans who lost their own homes,- unlike the handful of bankers who lost other people's money - and then got bomusses for it.

I ithink there's eveidence there. And I don't see any subtltey - and no need for a local editor to do anything partiuclarly subtle - just to smear what he's told to smear.

The spell checker is a good idea. Doesn't help, though, if you write down the wrong word in the first place. Check your comment toware the end. Hint- it involves the letters f and s.


  1. I certainly have no reason to doubt the validity of your research and you may well be correct in your assessement. However, I have known several people over the years who were involved in the production of the local newspaper. While I agree the newspaper is not among the greatest I do not believe people I have known had any "head-office" decreed agenda. I have had people at the highest level locally swear they did NOT have specific directives from Saint John. And I also am aware that many, if not most readers, do not believe that. Maybe times have changed over the years; I have not discussed the newspaper with anyone employed there lately...just a thought..............

  2. well, you are being either terribly cruel to the journalists or terribly kind to the owners. If the journalists are not working to an agenda or in an attempt to curry favour, they have to be incompetent to a degree I have never seen in the news world.

    As the owners, their association with AIMS, and their track record, does not suggest they are interested only in bringing truth to the people.

    There is profound fear in New Brunswick. Always has been. People are scared to be critical of the corporate elite. I noticed it the first time I came here, over forty years ago. They are afraid to openly discuss any political matters in a way that might offend corporate leaders.
    I see it in my comments section. I know I have a large readership; I get the statistics on it. But I get very few comments for such a large readership. I notice, too, that the signed ones generally come from outside New Brunswick. That tells us something.

  3. okay. I left out a word in the above.

    Anyway, head office would not bother calling the staff to lay out an agenda. The editors would know quite well what the agenda is. At most, they might need a gentle prod to stay on track.