Thursday, December 30, 2010

Newspapers as Pimps

In Montreal, I knew a man who supplied hookers for the Montreal Canadiens and the old Expos. He also dealt in drugs specializing, again, in the pro athlete market. Actually, he was a nice guy. But he was born very poor, and a member of a group heavily discriminated against in Montreal at the time. What the hell. He had to make a living.So he became a pimp and drug dealer. He didn't have much choice. The Moncton Times does have a choice.

In a real newspaper, the news section, especially page one, is for news. It's for real news,  you know - stories about something that has happened, and that people need to know about. For Dec. 29 and 30, The Moncton Times has run front page stories that aren't news at all. Nothing has happened. But there it is - headlines, front page and, today, editorial page.

Monctonians, it seems, are all excited about getting CFL team and building a stadium for it. Yessirree, all you rate payers. You're so excited that, well, The Times just knows you are.

The front page stories are, in fact, pure gush. And the editorial is more of the same. Obviously, somebody has told editors at The Times to do some big time pimping. So, one has to wonder. Who has the muscle to demand that of the Times? And who would be in a position to make money if Monctonians were to come up with the big money built a stadium?

Is there somebody who is standing in the wings ready to buy the Hamilton Tiger-Cats? Is this a somebody who wants rate payers and tax payers to pick up the tab for a football stadium as well as an events centre/hockey arena? And what will be the generous rental terms offered by the city that is already so good as to underwrite to start up costs for a private business?  After all, pro sprorts is a private-for-profit business. So now we're not only subsidizing a college that acts in defiance of human rights laws, but we're also subidizing private business to benefit people who are already rich enough to buy pro teams.

Gee. Who could that be?

Oh, and the inttrepid assignment editor has still not sent anybody to Fredericton to ask about Mr. Irving's remarkable statement that he and his economic summiteers have formed a coalition with the Alward government. I'm surprised that Mr. Alward hasn't made a public statement either affirming or denying that he now heads a coalition government.

(No, I'm not really surprised. I was just being polite.)


  1. ...and when you are noting non stories (for the rest of us ) on the front page, please do not forget the fact Moncton Wildcats (who owns that team, again???) are in a life and death battle for supremacy in some kind of contrived cup race with Saint John. OHH the world is SO interested in that. What a farce. (And as ong as the so-called newspaper is being mentioned, could someone point out to the people in charge there that cars do not "lose control"....the drivers do. Oh my...that paper is so hard to read at times!!!!!

  2. .and today's paper (Friday)...apparently the most important story in the world (spread right across the top of the front page) is another story on some kind of contrived "competition" between junior hockey teams owned by...wait for it...the IRVINGS and the MCCAINS. WOW..and double wow.....what garbage. What a laugh this "newspaper" truly is