Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Moncton Times is True to Form - only more childish.

First class in journalism 101  - news and opinion are quite different from each other, and should never be mixed. News is for factual reports, especially on the front page. Opinions are reserved for the editorial page, for letters to the editor, and for columnists. Opinions are always displayed in such a way that it is obvious they are opinon and not statenments of fact. News tells what happened. Whether what happend was good or bad is for the opinion sectins. Now read the the front page of The Moncton Times for Thusrsday, Dec. 2.

Economic Summit a Success

That's an opinion, not news. And don't blame a reporter for it. Headlines are written by editors. It is not possible that an editor, even one desperate enough to work for the press in this province, would be ignorant of the basic rule of separation of fact and opinion. This is the deliberate (and quite unethical) use of a newspaper to spread propaganda.

The editorial praises Bernard Lord for saying this is not the time to raise taxes.  Somehow, that kiss kiss seems to contradoict that part of the front page story which said there was great interest in a raise of the HST. (Hint - the T in HST means Tax.) The HST is a favourite tax of the rich and corporations because it hits the poor and the miiddle class far less than the riich. "Culling sacred cows" means cutting services. Wage freezes are also a tax because the freezee loses money for a year while the cost of living still rises.

As for culling sacred cows, the sacred cows of services, gifts, favours and  loans (incentives) to large corporation will not be among those culled. In fact, we'll be lucky even to hear about them.

The summiteers also announced  plans to streamline (cut) government services, and improve our education (introduce more measures that have been tried and have failed for thirty years in the US.)  It also means letting some of the summiteers get their fingers into the education budget for private profit.

John Irving pronounced that the whole focus should be on being competitive. That will make us floursih.


Haiti's industries from factory farming to clothing manufacture have been among the most competitive in the world. They have been for close to a century. But I have never seen Haitians living it up and jumping for joy,not even before the earthquake. Congo's mining is  highly competitive on the world market and  has produced substantial fortunes for Canadian mining compaanies. But it has produced nothing but poverty and early death for the Congolese.

Yes, we do need to develop industry. But it cannot be our only focus. That's why we don't need people like John Irving telling us what is economically good for us.  Mr. Irving, of all people, should know that our business has flourished. But it has made Mr. Irving wealthy - not most of the rest of us.

Anyway, a bunch of people - we sttill don't know who, and we don't know how they were chosen - met to solve all the province's problems. They did in two days flat.  They did it with little discussion groups, each giving a five minute report. They did what a government normally does - except they didn't bother to get elected by us. Why should they? That really sums up the whole history of New Brunswick as a province that has had more than its share of robber barons.

Hey, all you folks at The Times and at the summit, this whole shmeer isn't  just bad journalism, naked self-interest, and  zero ethics. It's bloody childish.

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