Friday, December 3, 2010

Just thinkin'

The Moncton Times report on the conomic summit quote John Irving at langth. Is he, by any chance, related to the owners and all New Brunswick's newspapers? Does he have any connection with the Atllantic Institute of Market Studies?  If so, wouldn't an enthical newspaper mention that?  How many of the businessmen at the summit were directlly or indirectly employed by him?

Nice to see the universitiy presidents there in strength. Thay had better be. The job of a university president is actually not to lead the university anywhere. The President's job is to kiss up to rich people by doing what they want them to do, and giving out honorary degrees. A university president is essentially a fund raiser. Very safe choice to invite to a summit that is really a scam.

Actually, they could have invited most of tne New Brunswick clergy, too. I  can't remember the last time any one of them suggested that the behaviour of big business in this province is often immoral.

Notice the prominent mention made of business having a direct role  in the schools, and particularly in curriculum.  (They'll call it "partnerships") If you're a professor of education, you know that is dangerous to education, will inflict lasting damage on the childfren and the schools. Professors of useless subjects, like History, Language, Literature, Sociology, psychology and otthers know that there days will be numbered. But they son't dare go public about it. If they did dare to, they would get called into the President's office for a chat.

Business wants the schools not to train children for life, but to train them mostly for low level jobs as obedient clerks. And they want a piece of the education budget to do ti, something for profit.
 That accounts for the rapid decline in the quality of American education, and dreadful state of education iin colonies run by American business. Haiti springs to mind.

Don't expect the Home and School or the Parent School committees to lift a finger. They're on the side of the rich.  Sometimes they're that way because they love thre rich. Sometimes, more commonly, I suspect, it's becase they're too scared to have any independent principles.

Don't expect your neighbours to lift a finger. New Brunswickers haven't dared to speak against their economic bosses for generations. They know what's going on. They know this is going to harm their children. Either they're too scared to speak. Or they just don't give a damn.

We should see the final report soon. It shouldn't take long to write a report based on breathless five minute group reports.  Anyway, As we know from the statements of Ganong and Thibaudeau a week ago, the report was probably written even before the invitations were sent.

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