Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dec. 9, 2010 : A Doublerheader for The Moncton Times (2)

The Atlantic Institute of Market Studies, with the help of all the Uriah Heeps of The Moncton Times have been pushing hard for educational changes in New Brunswick that would be the biggest changes in the history of public education, a history that goes back for centuries. The change begins with standardized testing and public school ranking. The long term objective is give big business effective control of education, and to convert it to a matter of private profit.

The idea comes from the United States, more particularly from American big business and from ideologues like Jeb Bush. It has spread rapidly and widely in the US for almost two generations of students. Yesterday, the UN published its quite respected ratings of schools around the world.

Canada's system (the one The Moncton Times has so much contempt for) came out among the best. It always has. The US systemscame out among the worst. They always have. The difference is that it has actually become even worse since the spread of standardized testing and public school ranking. It has, most recently, dropped from 18th in the world to something like 25th. We are copying one of the lowest ranked education systems in the world. And The Moncton Times has been a cheerleader for for this greed-motivated scheme, and a propaganda front for the so-called "research" of AIMS and its so-called "fellows".

Yesterday, The Moncton Times, the great supporter of standardized testing, gave the briefest and sketchiest possible report possible of the UN findings.  It was also so badly written as to be almost incomprehensible. It completely omitted any reference to the American result, and what that tells us about standardized testing and school ranking.

The UN ratings contradict every editorial on education that has appeared in The Moncton Times in recent years. I wondered how the editorial writer would respond to this. Now we know. There was no response.

I'd  like to place an ad in the Lost column of TandT want ads.  Lost: Journalistic integrity. Last seen just before crossing border into New Brunswick.

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