Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day One of the great NB summit meeting.

Things are moving quickly at the summit. The main speaker has already emphasized what I said would be the first point. There must be no tax increases for the rich or for corporations. There will be tax increases for the middle class. (Gee. Just the same as those wise policies of George Bush who made the US such an economic success.) Watch for the soon-to-come editorial that will change uts mind and say some taxes should be raised. Yours.

What the speaker did not say is there will also be a tax increase for the poor. The sales tax will go up. Rich people and corporation love that kind of tax because, though it inflicts real suffering and sacrifice on the poor, it means nothing much to the rich because they have piles of money left over. We are all going to get suckered to pay for the blunders of the wealthy and big business.

Meanwhile, an interesting story slipped onto the New Page of the Times. It must have happened when the editors looked away. It shows that the rich of Canada have been getting wildly richer for at least 20 years, while all the rest of us are following behind. The gaps between rich and poor in Canada and in the US are getting so great they are the widest they have ever been in the history of both countries. Tens of millions are unemployed and living below the poverty line in our two countries. Meanwhile, corporations and the wealthy are continuing to make huge gains. I sometimes wonder whether the editor reads the news page.  Probably not. Usuallly it is a page not worth reading.

Private business is great at what it is designed to do, make profits for itself. What it cannot do, what it has failed to do for centuries, is to distribute that wealth fairly throughout the whole society. The whole world is on the edge of paying a terrible price for that. The reality is that we are not all in this together. The rich, even in recession, are getting richer. Their children are not going cold and hungry. Their private schools are not dangerous becuase of lack of maintenance and adequate funding. Now New Brunwicks poor are going to get poorer so othe rich can maintain the style they are used to.

Meanwhile, the people who have already proven for over a century that they cannot plan an economy and cannot disttribute wealth fairly are now gathered to advise us all on how to plan ours.

And they have the hutzpah to call this swarming of billionaires, millionaires and dead light bulbs as representative of the whole province.

Okay - all at this summit who are poor or even lower middle class, or fishermen, or farmers, please stand up.

And we still have not been told by the super reporters of The Times exactly who is at this summit and how all these people were chosen. We know they were invited. We haven├Ęt been told who invited them, or why those people and not others were invited.

The only news worth buying that paper for is on the page that tells you which celebrity nobody ever heard of is having a birthday today.

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  1. GEE, if I didn't know better, I would think you agree with most of the great unwashed in this area who consider this "newspaper" to be a wretched rag!!