Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Cowardice, Slime and Ass-kissing of the The Moncton Times Editorial Staff

The editorial in today's (December 1) Moncton Times is beneath contempt.

School District Two Superintendant Angela Branscombe has won a national one of the hundred most powerful women in Canada. That an astonishing achievement for a person who is the superintendant of a relatively small and poor school district in the middle of nowhere.But not so to the ignorant and subservient editors of the most wretched newspaper I have ever seen.

Instead, the editorial writer (who seems to know as little about education as he does about civilized manners)  publicly accuses her of incompetence in the case of Moncton High. These are the same editors who decided some weeks ago that the big story of the day was a demonstration of unhappy parents of MHS students and of neighbouring schools affected by the MHS closure. In fact, something fewer than one percent of all the eligible parents even bothered to show up. There was no story. No ethical newspaper would have bothered with anything so trivial. The Moncton Times played it up, anyway. As journalists, the editors knew that to most readers, the message would not be the real one that there was almost no protest. The message would be that there is something wrong with District Two.

The editorial was also careful not to blame any provincial government or their education ministers. That is surely odd. After all, as the editorial says, reports on the school have shown its condition for years - along with many other neglected schools across New Brunswick.

But asuperintendant has no magic wand to make money appear. Governments do that. And no New Brunswick government in recent memory has cared a damn about giving the schools  enough money even for routine office supplies. The had millions for a hockey rink. But nothing for schools. The editorial writer knows that. But he or she or it put the blame the superintendant in order to cover the irresponsible asses in Fredericton of both parties who allowed this crisis to develop. They also want to create a sense that the schools are in crisis. That makes it easier for AIMS to talk us into a gradual privatization of education. And the owners of The Times would probably like that.

Parents and students in Moncton should be damn grateful they have a superintendant who has the courage and wisdom to protect students against what could have become a real disaster. She deserves our thanks and respect. She certainly does not deserve the rantings of a guttersnipe.

What a disgusting lying, petty and ignorant editorial. Forget about impressing the world with a new hockey rink or a CFL team. Any visitor catching a glimpse of The Moncton Times will immiediately realize that this is Hicksville.

Oh - about the witty editorial cartoon on the same page....  An old friend of mine is Terry mosher, who is arguably the best editorial cartoonist in Canada.  Terry is a good artist. So is The Times cartoonist. The difference between them, though, is as wide and deep as Grand Canyon. Terry has never kissed any ass. And he has the guts to criticize even thenewspaper owners.

Tell you what, kid, you do a few cartoons critical of the owners and editors of  The Moncton Times. Then we can talk.

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