Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two Big Stories The Moncton Times Will Screw Up

Imagine, two huge stories in barely a week! Watch The Moncton Times dance on these.

1. Shawn Graham may be investigated for conflict of interest in the course of his dreary premiership. If he is found guilty (if there is even an investigation - which I doubt), The Moncton Times will say it was simply a lapse of judgement on Shawn's part.

There's a certain reasonableness in that. I don't think that Shawn Graham or any other MLA is guilty of any corruption - not really. But let's stop playing games. New Brunswick is a "just pretend" democracy. Whether Liberals or Conservatives win, they owe it all to donations from corporations and wealthy individuals. And corporations and wealthy individuals want a return on their money - out of our pockets. So - you gotta be sorry for poiticians who get confused. The line between corruption and normal poilitics in New Brunswick is pretty fine. Perhaps a real investigation should start with the parties' donors. (But, no, The Times editorial will not suggest that).

2. Leaders of the various Atlantic region corporations will meet at a summit,says Mr. Ganong (one of the boys) to discuss how to deal with an economic crisis.

The Moncton Times will carry an editorial praising them. Then, in the WE SAY section, the editorial writer will kiss the rear end of every corporate leader in the province.

In reality, it's almost comic that Mr Ganong and his buddies would be meeting to give advice on how to handle an economic crisis. After all, they've really been running the region for decades. If there is to be a crisis, they are the ones who caused it.

But guess who they'll say has to pay for it.

And The Moncton Times will kiss up to that, too.

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  1. Off topic but the newspaper screws up a lot more than that......both in commision and omission. For instance today's front page has a story aout the mayor of Dieppe pleading guilty to a drunk driving infraction. The story is placed at the BOTTOM of the front page with a headline that says basically NOTHING while the top of the page is dedicated to cheer leading for a new store and that merchants are happy as hell that Christmas is coming. Wednesday's newspaper carried a story about Sue Stultz setting into her new role as a cabinet minister and which referred to her as a "longtime residebnt of Moncton West"..when, in fact, she has lived in Riverview for AT LEAST the past 30 years. Every day these sorts of screw ups appear in what was at least HALF decent newspaper some years ago.