Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Brunswick Enters a New Era - Sort Of...

In today's Moncton Times, there is a must read article on the op ed (the page opposite the editorial page.)
That's a prominent spot in a newspaper. But in this great and free land of ours, anybody can write his or her opinion there. All you have to do is to be named something like Donald Ganong (Chairman of some business) or Camille Theriault ) chairman of some business. In any case, these jes' ordinary folks is settin' up a summit to decide how to run the province.

Oh, I know. In a democracy, people are supposed to involve themselves in keeping informed, then to play their roles in political parties to decide what the want for themselves. But in NB, as in North American in general, New Brunswickers rarely bother to be informed. They leave the whole thing up to corporation heads. Then the corporation heads give piles of money to both Liberals and Conservatives who both have whatever policies the corporation heads tell them to. And then we have the excitement of an election so we can all pretend we have a democracy just  like - well, whoever does have one these days.

It should be a short meeting. Messers Ganong and Thibeault already know the answer to our economic problems.  They write in the article that the only way to go is to encourage private business - but con't go after corporations from outside the province.  In other words, help the big companies that are already here. (I thought that's what we've always done. In fact, I thought that we're in trouble because that's thw ay it's always been done. But, then, I ain't smart like messter Ganong and Thilbeault.)

They say, quite correctly, that all people have a share in developing a healthy economy. But you can understand had hard it would be to get a table to seat everybody.So they're inviting leaders in business, unions, education, health care, non-profits (propaganda outfits like Atlantic Institute of Marketing Studies, and government.  The don't say how they will choose those leaders - but I think we can guess it will be essentially a meeting of business leaders along with AIMS and governmennt leaders who are puppets of big business, and an assortment of kiss-ups from education, health care and unions.

That doesn't represent mearly all people of New Brunswick. But, what the hell, most New Brunswickers have long ago shown they don't want to be consulted and they don't want to know anything. That why they buy the Times and Transcript.

In short, this "summit" is a propaganda gimmick for the rich and their favourite club, AIMS. And the day after the meeting, the headline on The Moncton Times will be Summit Meeting a Big Success. There will also be an editorial in praise.

In reality. This is a mug's game to rip us off once more. Thank you messrs. Ganong and Thibeault for your leadership. It's a please to be ripped off in both, official languages.

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