Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Moncton Tiimes and Catching Up to Congo and Haiti and Guatemala

New Burnswick has an economic critis coming - so we's all excited about a summit conference on the eononomy coming up this weekend. It's essentially a business confeence - with a few others tossed in as decorations. The Moncton Times and Trnascript, as always, is opening its pages to some of the greedier elements in the corporation world to express their veiws. (Their views do not ever involve sacrifices on the part of big business. No, it's them poor people what's the problem.

Today's gem (Nov, 25) us by a David Barnett who's all esccited and wetting his pants about the summit meeting this weekend. He is a certified business analyst (which means close to nothing but it sounds like, you know, professional. Actually, like think tanks, CBIs are fronts for big business. This one is a gem.

Why are we facing an economic crisis? Well, it can't be the light tax load we ask from big business, or the contract or grants or free land we've given them. No. The big cause is the minimum wage. Trouble is, you see, the poor have the silly idea they should be able to live on in.  Well, they shouldn't. After all, we can get that work done in China or Haiti aor Congo or Guatemala where people are not so spolied as to expect to live.

We need ti be bold says Mr. Barnett. We need to give people incentives to work. Yeah. that's what we need. How do you think Mr. Ganong, the chair of the summit got rich? Well, he had the guts, gumption and inventive to have a rich daddy. That's the kind of spirit New Brunswick needs.

So, instead of a single morther staying home with a child just getting welfare. she can find work for seven bucks an hour or so - and the government will top it off to welfare level. That way she can get back her sefl esteem and learn to solve her problems through he own efforts. (Gee, what a wizard idea. That could have saved a bundle on bank and automotive bailours.) And, of course, the baby will soon catch on to looking after itself in whatever kind of housing one can get at that level and with whatever kind of food one can buy.
And,  just for example, if she finds a job with a dollar an hour raise, that would be a great motive to encourage her to solve her own problems.

Good news for Mr. Barnett. Some of our great world leaders have led millions to this heaven where there are no taxes at all for the corporations, no minimum wage, no services. And they work like a charm, and have worked for over a century. Congo, Haiti, Guatemala....
Go live there, Mr. Barnett. You'll love it. Send us more articles about how wonderful it is. And don't worry. The Moncton Times and Telegraph will print any crap you can imagine. Right there on the Op Ed page. You'll be welcome. The owner of the paper is a forward thinking guy, just like you.

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