Monday, November 22, 2010

Moncton High School

The NB government has great concern about Moncton High School. They're afraid it might cost too much to repair - and certainly too much to rebuild. If they do anything at all, they will have to cut something else in the education budget, a budget that's already much too small.

This is the same provincial government and municipal government that thinks Moncton's A1 priority, and is willing to borrow the money for it, (as well as pay a heftier federal tax for a large part of it) is a new hockey arena at eighty million plus. Hey, the whole world is talking about the Moncton Wi\ldcats. Grrrr! Well, almost the whole world. From here to Sussex. Maybe.

Tough luck kids. Not to worry, though. The Moncton Times&Transcript keeps us up to date so we know how lousy the schools are and how lazy the teachers are and how the teacher's union runs everything and has a secret brothel in a retirement home somewhere close to the Wesleyan Methodist church on St. George. So you kids aren't missing anything.  (Ever notice the Times never criticizes the minister of education?)

Actually, the future of this province does not lie in giving more grants and tax breaks to corporations. The Summit Meeting will say it is. But that's because The Summit Meeting is being sponsored by big corporations. You'l notice there are no people invited to sit at the meeting to represent, say, people who don't know how they're going to pay for heat this winter.

The children in our schools ARE the future of this province. We need schools that can teach well, and that can hold them at least to the end of high school. Our schools do both of those things well; in the latter case coming up best in Canada (though the editorial writer, perhaps having a bad moustache day, thought that being the best was bad and deserved a severe putdown.

We need graduates who can go on to produce the skilled workers that business needs if it's going to grow in New Brunswick. This province is not going to break into the economic big leagues sitting on its collective rear end watching hockey games and catering to trade shows to help the hotel business.

But the City Council of Moncton and the provincial government were both eager to pay over half of the cost of that arena.

Even to maintain the present level of education spending is inadequate. Almost all of the schools need serious maintenance. They also need more money for supplies and staff. But we have leaders, both political and  economic, whose top priority is an 84 million dollar hockey arena. And that is beneath contempt.

No. One thing is lower. Citizens who will let them get away with it.

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