Monday, November 29, 2010

Governments Have Failed says Ganong and Theriault.

surprise, surprise!  Two days before their summit even meets, messers. Ganong and Theriault have announced the solution to New Brunswick's fiscal problems. Yessirree. New Brunswick has relied too much on the politicians, both federal and provincial, to do anything for the economy. Government just can't do it. But you know who can?

Another big surprise. Private business can. Damn right. Look what a great job private business has done in a century of controlling places like Haiti - and well over a century in Congo. Look at the wonderful things American private bankers have done for the US economy.

Come off it, G and T. Your summit is a scam. It will certainly be praised by the Moncton TandT. But that's vritually proof that it's a scam.

Polioticians have never in our lifetimes been in charge of anything in New Brunswick. Its always been big business. Corporations and the wealthy pay for both major parties - and they get something for their money. If there's a fiscal crisis, nobody is more responsible for it than the kind of people who will dominate the "summit". (Summit - boy. Talk about making a mountain out of a  molehill.)

New Brunswick is going to go the same route as most of the industrial powers. All are in economic trouble because of the power which pays off in underegualtion of corporations, undertaxing of the wealthy, and loans and other favours to corporations. And now they're making the poor pay for the mess they made. The bankers behind the US crisis got bailouts, and get to pay low taxes on their multi-million dollar bonuses. But the poor in the US are being made to pay through cuts in social services, cuts in education, cuts in basic human needs.

That's what the summit is about. We've been ripped off for decades by big business. Now, we're going to get hit to get hit for a problem we never caused.

Will New Brunswickers go for the bait? You get they will. Heck. They've been fooled for years into thinking Liberals and Conservatives are different, and fooled into believing politicians of either party actually run the province.

Nail the poor? Sure thing. Cut taxes for the rich? You can bet on it. What we are going to see is a summit of sharks pretending they're gathering to help swimmers who are drowning.

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