Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Editorial IQ

I owe the editorial writer of The Moncton Times an apology. In the past, some of my comments could have been read as suggesting he/she/it lies. As I read today's lead editorial, I realized how unfair that was. He/she/it isn't lying. He/she/it is painfullly ignorant  - and not just about matters of education.

Today's (Nov. 16) editorial was in praise of Harper's decision to stay on in Afghanistan in a training role. Just a few points...
1. Harper is not allowing parliament to decide - or even to know the details. Remember Nov. 11? The day The Moncton Times made a big noise about remembering the sacrifices of our soldiers? One of the things we're supposed to remember is that as a result of their sacrifice, we won the right - through our elected represntatives - to decide when to declare war and when to declare peace. I guess that editorial writer also has severe memory problems.
2. The Afghanistan army has been training for at least a half dozen years. It is now trained and many times bigger than any force the Taliban has. They don't need our training.
3. There is no non-combat role in Afghanistan, not even in the capital. As the situation deteriorates, and it will, We will have to somehow get a thousand soldiers out of there.
4. The other NATO countries will not pick up the slack. Why on earth would they? Exactly what would they or we get from any victory - even if such were possible?
5. We do not have an international commitment to be in Afghanistan. No international commitment can override international law. Our presence there is illegal. There is NO evidence that the Taliban had any connection whatever with the Taliban. Don't believe my word. Read public reports by the CIA.
6.The only reason we are in Afghanistan is pressure coming from big business in Canada (going back to Chretien and Martin) which wanted to be in US good books for purposes of increasting our US market. If you remember crowds marching through our streets demanding war, please tell us about it.
Canadians died to help the Canadian Council of CEOs make money. Now Harper is putting more lives at risk.
7. As for the idea that pulling out would give Canada an international black eye, if the writer will look back just a few weeks, he/she/it might notice that Canada already has a black eye. That's why we lost our run at a seat on the security council. A prime reason we have a black eye is because we're in Afghanistan.

If anybody disagrees with this, please tell us exactly why we are there. And don't give me that crap about helping the women folk. Saudi Arabia is far worse in its treatment of women - and it's our trusted ally. Besides, you don't help women much by blowing them up.

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