Monday, October 18, 2010

Tomorrow and the District Education Committee

Tomorrow evening, Oct. 19, I get to give a fifteen minute talk to the DEC for district 2. It will be difficult. I feel sorry for the DEC and for the superintendant because its obvious now that both Liberals and Conservatives are laying the blame on them for the problem of Moncton High. In fact, the blame goes to incompetent ministers of education over the years in both parties.

Eveybody knew about MHS problems, and has known for years. I've taught in some of the schools, quite a few of them. Almost all of them were excellently run schools - but obviously lacking in maintenance because of tight education budgets.
(I saw only one, badly run school - outside Moncton - which had the misfortune of two bad principals in a row. I hope it's better off now.)

Ther reason for the tight education budgets is that the coporations who fund the Liberals and the Conservatives don't give a damn about our children. Vote Liberal or Conservative. In either case, you're voting for wealthy people of stunning greed who want whatevet they can take from us. Now, they want our children.

They want us, through AIMS, to copy one of the worst education systems in the developed world, the privatized system of the US.  Of course. Why should they give a damn about our children? They send their own to private schools.

In the end, though, the real blame goes to NB adults. Children in NB don't read - because their parents don't. Children in NB have no concept of serious discussion - because their parents don't. Liberals and Conservatives can talk nonsense, and The Moncton Times can spit vitriol because the parents will soak it up. These are the same parents who have watched MHS collapse, while deciding Moncton's top priority was another hockey rink.

New Brunswick doesn't have a public school problem or a teacher problem. In fact, it has some of the best schools in the world. That's a miracle, considering it does it in spite of having a dangerous parent problem, an inept politicians  problem, and greedy business leaders problem.

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