Monday, October 25, 2010

A newspaper that hides the news - and the invisible professors

If you google  Information Clearing House Newsletter for today, Oct. 26, you will read gruesome news from aound the world about our friends who are carrying on atrocities beyond the imagination of Russel Williams. In comparison, Williams is a sweet guy. Most of it contains secret military information from Wikkileaks. The Moncton Times didn't have space for the story. They must have needed the space for a host of unknown celebrities whose birthdays are today.

I was on CBC Radionoon today to talk about standardized testing. The format is terrible to try to make any sense out. It was me plus the CEO of AIMS plus a gaggle of phone calls. That's just blip-blip-blip.  It reminded me why I gave up long ago on the news media to make any point.

Puzzling, though. New Brunswick is undergoing the biggest change in education since the seventeenth century. There has been almost no public debate about - or even information. Most puzzling - where the hell are all the professors of education in this province? There must be at least seventy of them. I have yet to hear one of them say a word in public either for or against this fundamental change. Aren't they the ones we pay millions in tax dollars to be authorities on education?

Most university professors are far too busy, it's true, tryiing to find their belly buttons with only one hand, to have time for us ordinary folks. But just this once, it would be nice to hear from a professor - if only as an indication they actually live and breathe.

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