Saturday, October 23, 2010

Conservative "economies"

So, the Conservative government of New Brunswick has decided to take a bold step in slashing the budget by dropping programmes for children who need them. They're going so save us taxpayers $800,000 (or, rather, they're going to pay back 800,000 to banks.)

They haven't quite called it a cutback. They've called it a new philosophy of teaching. (Parents already have a note about it from the schools.) The new philosophy is teaching directly for student needs, with teachers having the flexibility to to deal differently in curriculum and methods for those who need it. Well, it's not actually new. I mean, it's the way teachers have been taught to teach for at least a century, and it's the way most have done it.

But it really doesn't matter. The teachers won't be able to teach in that new way, anyway. They can't. Standardized testing and school ranking can only be done (however falsely) with a standard curriculum, and with a standard approach of teaching for the test rather than for the needs of the students.

That means the letter all you parents got from the ministry of education is a blend of impossibility, lying and, in the end, gutting the schools to save $800,000.  However -

Rest assured, they will continue to pay unreported millions for standardized tests that are worthless and damaging, but good for millionaires who get the contracts for them.

Now,they could have savee a lot more by scrapping those useless standardized tests. In fact,that would have given them enough money to pay the banks even more, while still keeping their special programmes.

Congratulations New Brunswick voters, you have just voted out a dishonest and corrupt government to vote in a dishonest and corrupt government. How many centuries will it take to learn that the Liberals and the Conservatives are the same dogs with the same masters?

Oh, congratulations to The Times for its courageous attack on U de Moncton for its reluctance to allow the city to build sewers under its property. And I'm sure the Times would have been just as courageous if U de Moncton had been Irving's headquarters building, and the Irvings had been reluctant.

Oh, re U do Moncton and its football stadium. How many have figured out the scam that's going on there? Like the hockey rink, it's going to cost you - big. And The Times will think it's wonderful. (Hint - think bread and circusses.)

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