Saturday, September 11, 2010

The TandT's long interview roused my curiosity about /the CEO and head of the education research project for AIMS, Charles Cirtwill.  He seems a community-minded soul. He has, like thousands of others in Canada, a BA in political science. Nice. But not overwhelming. And he has an  undergraduate degree in law. Very useful. And a master's degree in public administration. Think about that.

The man who has enormous influence over our schools and, in practical terms, control of the whole curriculum through the standardized tests, seems to have no experience in teaching and no credentials in it. In fact, he would not be permitted to teach our children in any of the schools he has been given power over.

What the hell was the Minister of Education thinking about when he turned to AIMS to remodel our schools?  Did even the Minister know nothing whatever about education?

There's no need to answer than one.

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