Friday, September 17, 2010

school parents' questionnaire

Last year, the NB department of education circulated a questionnaire to parents of all students from K to 8.
I was suspicious of it at first because it was so badly worded, it looked like an attempt to raise parents' doubts about public schools. But then something else happened.

The NB papers did no publish the results of the questionnaire.

Now, if you're read the NB papers at all, you know that if they find something critical or damaging about the schools, they're run it front page -and editorial. And it it isn't bad, they'll make it look bad.

However, they didn't touch with this one - so I was anxious to see the results. Finally got them. And now I see why the NB papers never ran the story. The results are phenomenally in favour of the schools and the teachers. With a stunningly high response (over 99%), approval of the schools and the teachers usually rated in the 80s and 90s. I've never seen such favorable results. No wonder the NB papers never ran it. Now wonder we never saw an editorial about it. AIMS would not like that.

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