Sunday, September 19, 2010

education and the election

We in the closing stages of an election campaign. It just occured to me that in the more than three years I have lived in New Brunswick, no minister of education has ever defended the public schools or the teachers that he/she is responsible for. - not even in the face of some of the most malicious attacks by the Moncton TandT that I have ever seen in a newspaper.

Nor have I ever heard a member of the opposition say a word.

Now, we're in the middle of an election campaign -and the biggest issue should be what the hell is being done to our schools and our children? And why?

But there's not a peep. Not from anybody.

I like the New Brunswickers I've met. The politicians are pretty tacky and lacking in integrity (and brains) by any standard. But I like the people.

I just can't understand how they can take such abuse - and still stand around with their faces hanging out. I think that if all the politicians, journalists, and staff of AIMS were to take turns spitting in their faces, they would apologize for letting their faces get in the way.

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