Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Collector's item on June 7 editorial page of Moncton Times

It's the good, old type of editorial in which the editor raves and foams at the mouth with vague denunciations and demands on a subhect he/she obviously knows nothing about. Then it ends with fist-thumping roar to the effect that "something must be done."


It's about schools. The editorial writer says they must be improved, and blames students, teachers administrators, politicians for all the perceived shortcomings of the schools. Trouble is, you know, when you blame everybody, you have't blamed anybody.

Curiously, the writer doesn't blame one group at all. Despite sixty years of research proving that the major factor in education success in school is the parent, the writer doesn't even mention the parents.

Wow! What a success story! A person who is a good sixty behind the rest of the world has made it to editorial writer.

This reality is this.

Don't blame the politicians. They just do whatever their corporate sponsors tell them to do.
Don't blame the department of education. It has to do whatever the minister of education tells it to do.
Don't blame the minister of education. He/she has to do whatever the party bagman (fundraiser) tells him or her to do.
Don't blame the administrators. They have to do whatever the minister tells them to do.
Don't blame the teachers. They have to do whatever the administrators tell them to do.
Don't blame the students. They will follow whatever expectations, examples, and values their parents set for them.

Yes. That's where it starts. With the parrents; the only group the editorial didn't mention, though it is the group with years of research is the most important influence in a child's learning.

And the parents who set the worst example are the ones who believe editorials in the Moncton Times and Transcript.

Oh - and don't blame the editorial writers. We all know who tells them what to write.

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