Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy week for looking to the future.

The big news in the T and T for the past week has been a football game, an exhibition game at that. I have never before seen a newspaper so fully ignore the last week of a general election in its own province. But I guess that's the T and T style. And I guess that's the parties get away with such a kitty litter box campaign.

Okay. The football game is important - because Moncton is being set up again.

Last time, it was an $84 million dollar stadium ( our tax money at work) whose greatest benefit will be to the owner of the team. This time, it will be a new football team so Moncton can, maybe, join the CFL.

Well, folks, Ottawa couldn't do it. And Ottawa is ten times the size of Moncton. Evey city in the CFL is far larger than Moncton. Of course - it could be done - if - Ottawa and Fredericton and Moncton were to come up with a sizable chunk of money to build a stadium (at taxpayers' expense). And then, why it's just possible a very wealthy New Brunswicker would be generous enough to purchase a team - if the stadium could be leased at a reasonablle (subsidized) price, and there were generous tax breaks (which would have to be made up out of our taxes).

Boy, then the whole world will know Moncton (pop. 160,000) is right up there with Toronto, New York, Mexico City and Beijing. And I'll bet the owner will have a franchise on the beer stand with its beer in big cups just like real big cities do.

It's a fair guess the fix is already in. It just depends on Harper staying in power long enough to start the ball rolling.

Meanwhile, who will win today's election. It really doesn't matter because both parties are unprincipled and incompetent and obedient. My guess would be low turnout due to disillusionment with all parties - and that would give it to the Conservatives.

And who's fault is that sorry performance. It's the fault of the voters. They will not discuss politics in any serious way. They will not bother to learn what's going on. They accept a dreadful local news service.

And they'd rather sit in the stands with plastic cups of beer and think, "Wow! we're real big time now."


  1. Pretty well agree EXCEPT it wasn;t an "exhibition game" but a regular season CFL contest. Other than that....the piece is pretty well on.

  2. Everyone wants to feel important, in the end.