Thursday, August 12, 2010

UN - quality of Canadian education.

The UN, year after year, has ranked Canada in the top five countries for quality of life. This includes, in a major way,  factors like health and education. The United States typically is down around number fifteen  - and probably much worse in this disastrous year. Health and education are both major items in the survey.

Why on earth, then, are we looking to private think tanks to tell us daily what a terrible mess our public schools and medical system are?

If we're in the top five, this is scarcely a disaster area.  But the Fraser Insitute and Aims tell us daily that these are disaster areas, and we have to privatize as much as possible to save them. You mean saving them just like health and education, by privatization - as in the US ?

Why are we anxious to drop a dozen or points in our world ranking?

This is all pure greed. The Atlantic Institute, whose reports show it knows nothing of education, and which routinely ignores a century of research by top scholars to churn out idiot reports by incompetent amateurs, wants our children. They want them not because they love them. They want them to make money out of them for private interests. This is a travesty that ranks with pedophilia.

These are our children. Doesn't anybody in New Brunswick have the courage to stand up and protect these children? Our children. Are all New Brunswickers so abolutely gutless that they will hand over their own children?

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