Sunday, August 15, 2010

truth and the news media


Norbert Cunningham, editorial page commentator for the Moncton Times, blotted his copy book.
After a superb column about a week ago, he wrote one that wasn't,well, it wasn't true is what it wasn't. August 13.  He quite correctly said that when politicians ignore us, it's at least partly our fault because we don't watch them closely enough. That part is true. Then he said all the information we need is available through the news media. Well...

In a period of some thirty years, I did thousands of radio and TV commentaries, and at least hundreds of newspaper columns. I did them them over a wide range of media outlets. In all that time, I never found a news medium that told the whole truth - and I have known many that downright lied. I have known many that had a heavy bias. I have known some that kept back some of the news and opinion because they were scared of what might happen to them. This happens in all news media. And the city of Moncton has more bias and leaving out news, more fear of repercussions than any I have seen in other provinces.

When was the last time you read a story critical or doubting of anything that came from Atlantic Institute of Marketing Studies?  With AIMS now efffectively in control of our children's education, can you think of an item that reported anyone who had said standardized testing and ranking of schools is bunk - and damaging?

Together, Moncton and NB and Canada are borrowing 85 million dollars to build a hockey arena as the most important thing Moncton needs. Did you read any questioning of this in the Moncton Times?

Please, Norbert. That's not like you.

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