Saturday, August 28, 2010

most educated country in the world?

What country would you guess is the most educated country in the world?

No, it isn't the US. he US is second, but well back. It's not Germany, either, despite Germany's long tradition of scholaship. Not Britain. Not Japan.

The most educated country in the world is Canada. That's according to UNICEF. Canadians are the most educated. And Toronto is the most educated city in the world. Funny no Canadian news outlet has ever carried that story?

You'd think they'd be busting their buttons with pride, shouting it from the rooftops. But not a peep. I had to find the story by accident in a newspaper printed in English in, from all places, Saudi Arabia.

How come AIMS never told us that in one of their "studies"? How come the Times-Transcript never mentioned it? I guess they had no room that day after devoting section one to the latest visit of an elderly rock group, section two to pictures of their concert, and section three all squished with sports and celebrity gossip.

graeme decarie

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