Saturday, June 19, 2010

What is and what isn't in the Saturday T&T

Well, the T&T at last did a report on a two day old meeting of the District Educational Committee. But it was pretty tame and boring stuff. According the to published agenda, there was supposed to be a lengthy discussion of curriculum results and an evaluation of the superintendant.  If such happened, it never made it into the T&T. Apparently, the feeling of the T&T is that the only educational issues that really matter are those involving which school gets a new roof first.

The agenda also mentioned special guests at their meeting, including a representative from the Moncton Wildcats and a representative from the Irving Group. Why? Do DEC councillors normally attend board meetings of the Irving Group and the the board of the Wildcats? Whatever the case might be, the T&T didn't want to worry our little heads about it. So it didn't mention them.

They also didn't mention another agenda item, correspondence. I know there was at least one letter because I sent it. However, I feel pretty confident that it was tucked away.

The T&T was also in its usual form on the editorial page with a lengthy editorial about how poor Mr. Irving is being mistreated by Moncton Council because they want to raise his rent. When it comes to courage and telling it like it is, nobody beats the editor of the T&T.

But it all gave me a wonderful idea. Mr. Robert Irving likes the idea of us all paying for an 85 million dollar stadium out of our taxes, and he says it will make wonderful profits for us.

Well, if it will make such wonderful profits, why give them away to an ungrateful city? Why doesn't Mr. Irving spend  his own money to build his own arena so he can keep all those wonderful profits for himself? Why waste all that money on people who don't apprediate him?

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  1. Mr Irving is mistreated so much by this Province that I stay awake at night worrying about him, and he owns the Province!