Saturday, June 26, 2010

Harry Doyle

Harry Doyle is chairman of the DEC for school distrcit two. A reader of this blog sent a copy of my post about the DEC. That's good. That's what I wanted to  happen. (Though I do wonder why New Brunswickers will scurry to report and gossip, but never reply to a blog with their own views.)

Anyone, Harry Doyle called. me. It was a very friendly call on both sides. That was largely because of Harry. He's such a thoroughly likeable guy,.he could charm a moose in heat. That's good.  That's exactly what he needs in  his work. I wish I had that skill (though I have only limited interest in charming any moose I have ever met socially.)

He invited me to present my case at a DEC meeting in, perhaps, September. I appreciated his gesture, and accepted it gladly. We may still differ after that. But differing is fair ball. That's why we call our system a democratic one.

Thank you, Mr. Doyle. (Oops. I forgot I'm a New Brunswicker now. Thank you, Harry.)

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