Thursday, June 24, 2010

the competitive market and the well-being of Canadians

The Fraser Insitute is a think tank that is practically a twin of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies. That is, it is a propaganda agency for the very wealthy. It's stated objective  is,"...the redirection of public attention to the role of competitive markets in providing for the well-being of Canadians." Cutting through the jargon, the very wealthy and their corporations want a share - maybe all - of things like health care and education.

That's why both AIMS and the folks at Fraser Institute churn out a stream of pseudo-scientific reports on why private health care is better than public health care, and why private education is better than public education. The people who back the Fraser are rich enough to own the BC government. That's why BC has introduced standardized testing for the schools, completely ignoring the fact that virtually every scholar in the field of education says its a bad idea.  And - guess who got the contract to administer these tests at a cost of many millions of dollars from the education budget. Why, it was the Fraser Institute, of course. That's called "redirection of public attention to the role of competitive markets in providing for the well-being of Canadians".  Well, it certainly pays the mortgage for a few billionaires. Your education dollars at work.

AIMS is doing precisely the same thing in New Brunswick. People with names like Irving sit on the board of AIMS to "redirect our attention to the role of public attention to the competitive market..."

The journalists at the Moncton T&T are not fools. They know what's going on. That's why there's never a word of criticism of it in that wretched paper. Any reference to AIMS is sure to be a kiss up one. The papers are lying, and they have to know they're lying. The Minister of Education is harming our children, and throwing our tax dollars away. And he has to know it, too. Nor would the Conservatives be any different.

Damn it. These are our children. Greedy business people, lying journalists, and rented politicians are not going to lay their hands on them, not if New Brunswick parents have a shred of intelligence to see what's going on, and shred of love for their own children and their welfare.

Alas! Living here for three years has not reassured me New Brunswick parents either know or care a damn.

Oh - and in four days of my requests to the provincial government's media centre for information about the cost of standardized tests, and who got the contract, they just can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Really!

Lucky for me I already knew.

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