Saturday, May 26, 2018

May 26: The World as Seen by our Betters...

New Brunswick's irving press published the story of Trump cancelling the summit with North Korea. At four, short paragraphs, it is the shortest report of a major world event I have ever seen. And it lies...

It did mention that Trump accused Kim Jong of making an angry statement. But it didn't mention why Kim Jong had done that. (It was because John Bolton and other leaders in the Trump government had publicly and loudly threatened to kill him.)

Does the irving press have news on the starvation of children in Yemen? The crisis in Iran as the U.S. and its allies threaten to attack it? The election of an Iraq government that hates the U.S.? The American threat to go to war against the recently elected government of Venezuela? The Israeli wounding and killing of thousands of unarmed Palestinians? Of the boats, including a Canadian one, now on the way to challenge Israel's behaviour? Of the involvement of the U.S. governments in the smuggling of cocaine and opium? Of Canada's shameful silence about the American threat to Venezuela?


Then there are the opinion and commentary columns. In a real newspaper (of which there are few), these columns are written by knowledgeable and impartial observers.

So let's see.

There's one column by a Sheri Somerville - who is CEO of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce. In other words, she's a front for business. How's that for impartiality? And insight? Well, there's lots of ranting. But not much sign of any insights at all. For example, she attacks NB government for overspending. But she doesn't mention the role played by the wealthy of this province in refusing to pay taxes, and constantly insisting on handouts. This 'commentary' is heavily biased and intellectually pretty shallow stuff.

Then there's a regular 'commentary' by Justin Ryan. As always, it's a cute little story - but a pointless one  - that has no real commentary in it at all.

Above it is a big commentary from some outfit called the Coalition of Concerned Citizens. It's a long list of "good things" for government to do. Alas! The list is trite. For all the bluster, it's pretty trite and really quite vague. Essentially, it could have been reduced to one sentence - "The government must do good things."  This is not what an informed commentary is.

Then there's one by a Progressive Conservative MLA.  In other words, this a free election ad for the Conservatives. But it is not a great insight into any problem. In short, its message is that parents should be nice to their children. Well, okay. But that's scarcely a flash. (Is it possible the Conservatives are going to run on a policy of being nice to children?)

So there you have it - four 'commentaries' of no  great insight or value. And three of them come from special interest groups. How's that for impartial analysis?  Even better - I would guess that three of these columns cost the irving press nothing at all. How's that for running a newspaper on the cheap?

If you read this CBC story, you get the very clear impression that Kim-Jong Un, by his intransigence and insulting note to the White House, was demonstrating what an irresponsible flake he is. And that is far from true.

What happened is that American leaders, like John Bolton and Pompeo and Spence - and Trump - made public and insulting - and murderous - threats against Kim Jong Un. The latter responded, not surprisingly, with an angry statement. In fact, the U.S., including Trump, has been issuing a steady stream of murderous threats to North Korea for almost seventy years,, including threats to the lives of its leaders.. (When Trump announced Kim Jong's agreement to a meeting, he also set up American military manoeuvers on the South Korean border. Very diplomatic! And he has almost daily threatened Kim Jong  Un. How's that for setting up peace talks?)

Oh! wasn't it rude of Kim Jong to get angry?

The CBC story, though a long one, doesn't mention the role of American threats and public attacks in causing this incident. And that's what's called 'fake news'.

And this sort of fake news is a standard feature of our news media including, sometimes, even the CBC.

Here's a story that our irving press didn't have - and won't.

And that reminds me of another question that has been bothering me. The irving press has been pretty openly supporting the Conservative party in the coming provincial election. Why? After all, both parties are pretty much in the pockets of the wealthy.

This might explain it.

There has never, ever been any criticism of fracking in the irving press.

And here's an example of good reporting - with a fair look at attitudes on both sides.

Will Trump ever agree to a peace with North Korea? I doubt it. Powerful members of his government, like John Bolton, have made it clear. They want war. And if it grows into a war with China, so much the better.
The Guardian is not the paper it used to be. But it still outclasses any commercial newspaper in Canada. Here, for example, is an opinion the irving press will never report. (It hits too close to the snivelling irving press.)
We Canadians who are concerned about the future of our environment owe a huge debt to our indigenous people. And that's another story that will never make the irving press.
And, gee, who woulda guessed?

Certainly, the irving press, the Liberal party and the Conservative party have never guessed. Now, let's have a nice little talk about why we don't have enough money for our hospitals, for our education system, for a decent basic wage, for free tuition at our universities....

For centuries, western capitalists have plundered the world - including their own nations. That's what empires are all about.
And here's a reason why the irving press dropped Gwynne Dyer as a columnist.

The following commentary is a long one. But it's an important history of what capitalists and their empires are all about. And their home countries over the years have been brutalized, starved, abused almost as much the colonies they have stolen and plundered. And today's American empire is very much like the earlier ones. Capitalists are entirely about making money - for themselves. That's why most Americans, at the peak of national power are making less money and getting fewer services while their millionaires become billionaires and maybe some day trillionaires.

Any nation that has trusted its wealthy has been burned.

Humans have destroyed countless forms of animal life. Now, we're working on bees. But that's not a priority for the New Brunswick conservatives. They're busy making profits for shale gas.

This is really an old story. But the western press still hasn't caught on to it. And it won't. And, for sure, the irving press won't lead the way.

The democracy that never was....

Don't worry about the following story. If there was a problem, mr. irving would tell us.

The American military commander in Europe wants more money, troops and weapons in Europe for a war with Russia. Brilliant!
1. Russia, far from preparing for a war, is cutting its military spending which was already far below that of the U.S.
2. The huge and lavishly armed military of the U.S. has not been able, in 18 years, to overcome peasants in Afghanistan.
3. Any war in Europe is guaranteed to go nuclear immediately.

So what's this really all about? It's probably about more contracts for private business - at the expense of taxpayers. (Of course, when I say taxpayers, I don't mean the wealthy.) And the military commander is quite possibly, even likely, to be in the pay of billionaires.

What does being patriotic to your country mean? In reality, it means being ardent supporters of the people who control it. In Nazi Germany, then, it meant, supporting Hitler and killing Jews. In the U.S., it meant supporting the mass murder of Iraqis, and it means supporting a policy of starving the civilians of Yemen to death.

Only a damn fool is always patriotic. That's why all people in a democratic society have a right not to be patriotic. (And may I point out that George Washington, a general in the British army and sworn to support the monarchy, was being unpatriotic when he led a revolution).

In the U.S., this principle of free speech and independent belief is rooted in the U.S. constitution. But Donald Trump  doesn't believe in any of that fancy talk. That's why we supports the NFL in forbidding football players from kneeling at the playing of the national anthem.

You think it's disgraceful to be unpatriotic? Well, you would just have loved living in Nazi Germany where you could have been a super patriot betraying Jews in hiding.

In effect, the western world (and, increasingly, Russia and China) is dominated by people of extreme greed and self-worship, of lack of any morality, and no sense of the future - rather like the medieval days of knights and aristocrats, like ancient Rome....look at the past. Do you really want to live there?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

May 24: Not a cheery day

Well, no surprise - Trump has cancelled his meeting with Kim Jong Un. Trump, of course, says its all Kim Jong's faults for saying angry things about him. He didn't mention that those angry things related to threats of invasion and murder that came from the White House.

But don't blame Trump. He's an ass. But he's not the problem. The problem is American multi-billionaires ( dare I call them capitalists?) who are determined to control and to loot the whole world. That's why the U.S. has racked up an unpayable debt by spending on weapons and the military. Luckily for the multi-billionaires they don't have to pay any of that debt because they don't pay taxes. And that's why Americans are being driven deep into poverty and the schools are a mess and there is no medicare, and uncountable numbers sleep on the streets.

Europeans are angry at the U.S. interference of their trade with Russia and Iran. It may not amount to much in the near future - but expect Europeans increasingly  to be pressing for an end to arbitrary American dictats. Canada is in the same boat as the Europeans. But there is no chance that either Liberals are Conservatives will even whimper.

When I was in my mid-teens, the state of Israel was created. At that time, I was frequently in what was then the Jewish ghetto of Montreal to visit my friends there.  I remember - and shared - the jubilation of my Jewish friends when Israel was created. Ten years later, I would lose a girlfriend who moved to Israel. (Her mother used to look at me across the dinner table, sigh, and say, "Oy, Graeme, if  only you were a Jewish boy."

Alas! Israel itself, by it's seventy years of brutal treatment of Palestinians, makes me think, "Oy, Israel, if you were only Jewish and following the principles of Judaism..."

In the news which, for the most part, has not made the irving press, Israeli snipers (at close range and behind a wire fence)  have shot and either wounded or killed thousands of unarmed Palestinians. These include the deliberate shootings of journalists and medical personnel - and children down to a baby.

(The irving press did have one story on this. But that was only because one of the victims was a doctor from New Brunswick who was shot in both legs.)
No, there is no room for any important story in the irving World News as I begin this blog on May 23. Nor was there room to the continuing murder of millions in Yemen by starvation and disease. (They are being killed by American and Saudi  heroes who are 'fighting for God and country'.)  No room for the failure of the biggest and most expensive military in the world, for 18 years, to defeat a rebellion by only part of the population in Afghanistan. No room for what looks like the deliberate killing of peace talks with North Korea. No room for the completely unjustified threats against Iran which could cause a major war. No room for the American threats to attack Venezuela so that American capitalists can steal its oil. (And, as I remember it, at least one Canadian oil capitalist had an interest in Venezuelan oil). No room for what appears to be the rise of Russia and China as the real power brokers in the middle east.

No, the irving press needed its world news section for a really big story about Prince Harry's ducal ancestors, one of whom some 200 years ago believed he had the greatest voice in history. (I needed to know that.)

Also in 'world news' is a big story about how hard it is to be a farmer. (Actually, it's not a news story at all. It's a sort of commentary.)

In other 'world news', a New Brunswick school encourages children to walk to school, pretending they are a  walking bus. Oh, and hold your hats, there's a big story about a comic book artists convention in Moncton. This is real 'wow! wow!'  World News up to date and breaking by the minute.

The editorial looked promising. But wasn't. It was about provincial government spending on handouts to private business. The topic sounds worth doing but...

1. It never mentioned that the main reason we have such big deficits is because the wealthy of this province don't pay any taxes. But it wouldn't be nice to criticize the wealthy, would it?
2. The editorial hit on some businesses. But it didn't mention the irving businesses which pay only a small fraction of their property taxes in St. John, which got our forests for a song, and for whom we spray those forests with poisonous glyphosate for at least a million a year of our tax money. Oh, joy!
3. Over the years, we have routinely handed out money to the irvngs. Piles of it. So how come the irving press editorials never mention that?

Are the editors  (and the editorial page artist) of the irving press stupid?  No. Nobody is that stupid.

They are gutless and, as journalists, wildly unethical. They produce a newspaper designed to keep the people of New Brunswick ignorant of what is happening, and sheeplike. That's why New Brunswickers are now eagerly debating whether to vote Liberal or Conservative - when both of those parties are the irving parties.

As well, 'World News' stories like today's about Prince Harry and children walking to school in Shediac are probably a lot cheaper than real news.

Like most commercial news media, these papers are designed to create nations of the living dead. The only difference with the irving press is that it is, perhaps, the champion stinker of this unsavoury lot.

Looking after YOUR safety. New Brunswickers beware. Will the irving press carry this story? They haven't as of today.

I include this next one as a sample of how The Guardian, once an outstanding newspaper, has become just another source of fake news.

1. Note that the writer does not mention that the Venezuela election was followed closely by an international team, including Canada, which said it was a fair election. And Maduro won it.

2. The story is by a British writer calls on the west to 'restore democracy'?  Puh -lease. The British happily installed dictatorships all over the world for centuries. So has the U.S. - as in most of Latin America and The Phillipines, for example. The latter was an American controlled dictatorship from 1900 until many years after 1945.
The closest buddy of the U.S. and Britain for a hundred years has been the brutal state of  Saudi Arabia. For some years after the Korean war, the U.S. supported a dictatorship in South Korea that was based on the support of those who had collaborated with Japan in World War Two.

American governments have never cared a damn about people who have to live under dictatorships. The American government, itself, has long been a dictatorship by billionaires.

There was a time when The Guardian would never have considered a lying 'opinion' like this one. Alas! those days are long gone.
Britain and the U.S. have a long history of promoting drug use. Britain actually forced opium on the people of China in the days when it controlled China. And U.S. government agencies are major players in the Colombia drug trade. In Afghanistan, a major source of cocaine, the government of that country was doing much to close down the trade. Then the U.S. invaded. And now Afghanistan cocaine is back in the big time.

Here's a story about the Venezuela election that the irving press WON'T have. I don't want to accuse the editors of deliberately lying. They could actually be incredibly ignorant.

Venezuelans living in Canada wanted to vote in the Venezuela election. Normally that is accepted. But not in this case. A gutless Canadian government kissed up to the U.S. by refusing that right to vote. - and that's another story you won't see in the irving press.

Canada is a puppet state for American billionaires. And much worse is coming.

The following story can't be true. If it were, I'm sure the irving press would have told us.

Alas! I can send on only a few lines of this. But it's criticism of the Christian churches is well-earned. We live in a world dominated by greed and mass murder. But our clergy just brush off their clerical garb and call for another chorus of "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam".

Trump says the U.S. unemployment rate is the lowest ever at about 3.9 percent. New Brunswick usually says its unemployment rate is about nine percent. Don't believe either of them.

Most governments lie about unemployment rates. They assume that most of the unemployed are not looking for work because they've given up. Accordingly, they are no longer unemployed. At one time, when Canadian unemployment was officially 7%, I discussed it a friend who was a senior person in Employment Canada. He's they one how told me they don't count those who have given up. If they had, the real unemployment rate would have been close to 20%.

I don't know that the real unemployment rate in Canada and the U.S. is now. But I know it's a hell of a lot higher than we are being told.

For the full, propaganda treatment of the above story, read the irving press World News section for  Friday.

(Of course, it might not have even that. Today's big story is that a sinkhole is developing on the White House lawn. Wow! There's also a story about how chaos in West Africa was caused by a Ghadaffi who the U.S. murdered seven years ago. Yep, all his fault. There's no mention of the chaos and horror caused by a century of British, French, and U.S. aggression and interference - plundering and murder.)

New Brunswick has been ruled from its start by its wealthy. In early days, it was the forest owners who had almost the only jobs available in the colony. Like today, those bosses owned the parties. You had to vote then by casting your vote in a loud, clear voice before the spectators and officials. If you voted for the wrong man - forget about getting a job anywhere.

Even with today's secret ballot, the old fears remain, and new Brunswickers are a very submissive people.

There is an election coming up. And, without doubt, either the Liberals or Conservatives will win. It will probably be the Conservatives because it's obvious that the irving press is cheering for them. Not that it matters. Both parties have a long history of being patsies for the irvings. And that means the irvings will continue to avoid taxes, and get lavish handouts. Why, we might even get the thrill of seeing fracking come back to the province.

Whatever - we will see the history of this province repeated with neglect of human needs and contempt for the average person - while the wealthy of the province burp their greed in our faces. Why can't the other, so-called third parties do better?

Well, in the first place, there are too many of them. In the second place, none of them deals with the whole problem. I certainly support the greens' ambitions. But cleaning up our environment is only one part of government. The NDP, alas, has nice thoughts - but pretty damn vague ones. And that's been true since it was founded.

The opposition needs to unite in one party. And that party needs to  have a philosophy of what government is about. The Liberals and Conservatives do  have a philosophy. They  believe in serving the rich. They believe, especially if they are lawyers, in doing favours for the right people and getting advancement from it.

But politics is not just about having vaguely defined principles. One needs to have a sense of what human rights are or should be, of what services are essential, of what a society can tolerate in the behaviour of the wealthy. And I haven't seen much sense of that in New Brunswick.

They also have to decide how to deal with the wealthy who are not above dirty tricks, and how to communicate with a public that is not intellectually active at the best of times, and which is at the mercy of a lying press.

Political physicians - before you can heal the bad times this province is facing,
heal yourselves.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May 22: The coming decline of the U.S. empire.

I'm opening with a lot of Anti-Media items because it seems to be the only source that has a lot of coverage of recent developments. (The only world news in the irving press - seriously - is  "There's a magic to it: Harry and Meghan are married."  Seriously. That' the only thing in the world that happened yesterday. Well - three days ago.

Local news? The big story is about what it's like to be a local wife whose husband is working in the Alberta oil fields.  And that's  about the most exciting story for Moncton.

New Brunswickers have almost no source of news. The irving press is both biased and trivial (with inane cartoons by de Adder). This is a province incapable of being democratic because it's hopelessly uninformed.

The only bright spot  in today's irving press is a commentary by Geoff Martin, a teacher at Mount A. (It's so intelligent, I'm surprised the irving press published it.)   Mr. Martin (presumable Professor Martin) is a member of the N.B. Prosperity not Austerity Coalition. reading this commentary suggests that this is a group worth knowing more about.)
This next report is worth thinking about.

The situation in the middle east may be even more complicated than it looks. First Britain, then the U.S., have been killing and plundering middle east states for almost exactly a century. They are hated by Muslims all over the world. And it's not because Muslims are evil - as our news media might suggest. It's because western capitalists are evil and murderous.
Here's another sample of western evil. The U.S. wants to destroy the government of Iran - because it is an elected government, and the choice of the people of Iran. But U.S. capitalists want its oil, and so the U.S. happily works to destroy the Iranian economy and also plans a takeover of the elected government. This is not unusual. An American government did this once before to Iran, setting up a brutal dictatorship.

And here's a warning for the U.S.

There are two points of interest here. One is the warning that Russia and China are ready to draw a line in the sand.  The second one is one that surprises me. The European Union is very opposed to the U.S. breaking the nuclear treaty with Iran. I knew that. Though I didn't think the EU would carry out its anger and disagreements with Trump.

But it has. This has never happened before. The EU has, since 1945, been a U.S. puppet. Now, it's cooperating with Russia and China. This is a tremendous rejection of U.S. leadership. It's as if Canada were to reject U.S. leadership, and develop its own policies with the rest of the world.

The U.S. is looking for a world war. It needs one. American capitalism has been overreaching itself for 70 years in trying to rule the world. But it's been losing economic ground to China. Now it's losing economic ground and political ground to Russia and China. And now there's a weakening of the U.S.  hold on Europe.

If the U.S. does not rule the world in - perhaps - ten years, it never will. (And I doubt very much that it can do it at all.)  I'm quite sure that we are watching the fall of the biggest (and shortest) empire in history. And that fall will turn loose chaos in the U.S.  It's coming, and it's probably coming soon.
Venezuela has just had an election monitored by foreign observers (including Canadians) who say it was a legitimate election. The U.S. says it wasn't - a view which reflects the wishes of American oil capitalists who want control of Venezuela's oil, and who have been working hard to destroy the Venezuelan economy.

An American invasion is possible. And it is quite possible that Canada will be asked to 'do its share' by sending troops. Another possibility is that it will be asked to send troops but call them 'peacekeepers' - as was done in the case of overthrowing the elected government of Haiti.

Major capitalists ask a lot of us, especially considering that most of them don't pay any taxes.

When I was a mere lad at Montreal High School, it was in a part of the city soaked in prestige. McGill was across the street. The game of North American football was invented in a field I walked through on the way to school. "Flanders Fields" was composed by a man who had lived around the corner. Another local became China's medical hero in Mao's revolution. And just a five minute walk up the street was one of the world's most celebrated medical buildings, the Allan Memorial Institute.

And while I was at Montreal High spending my days duking school and getting kicked out, the American CIA infiltrated the Allan, using it to conduct highly damaging brain-washing experiments on patients who were there to be treated for illness - not given it.

Yes. The CIA did terrible damage to innocent Canadians. Betcha the irving press won't have this story on Tuesday.

The U.S. approach to 'negotiations' is to threaten and punish. That pattern is repeating itself with North Korea. And that means the 'negotiations' won't work, and  may not even happen.

Kin jong un would be a fool to even think of negotiating in the face of threats. Particularly so with the recent statement from the U.S. that he will end up like Ghadaffi of Libya - with a knife up his rectum. God bless America.

Here's the same approach in dealing with Iran. In fact, the U.S. doesn't really even have a quarrel with Iran. But it is punishing Iran anyway.

Even South Korea is worried by the American notion of negotiation.

The U.S. is looking for wars, any one of which that could go nuclear. And once that happens,  it's game over for all of us. It has also built up a hatred of Americans that now covers well over half of the world's population.

At the same time, the U.S. is impoverishing its own people while shoveling the nation's money at the wealthiest.

In all of this, the Democrats are almost identical with the Republicans. The only light in the Democratic party is Bernie Sanders - but the corrupters of American democracy who bribe governments, own the news media, and who we call major capitalists will make sure Sanders gets nowhere.

Put that all together and we are looking at a major social, political, economic, and human crisis for the United States and, possibly, the world.

The next item is a bit of self-indulgence. I taught for a time at the University of Grotingen  in The Netherlands. I found it a great pleasure to be able to  use a bicycle for local trips almost every day of the year. The bicycle paths are well off the road, and bicycles commonly outnumber the cars.

This, not killing foreigners to steal their resources, is the sort of issue we need to deal with.

The U.S., which for centuries has happily put dictators into power in Latin America, in Iran, in South Korea (during and after the Korean war), is accusing  Venezuela's government of winning an election. Watch for the follow-up. Watch out for Canada being asked to participate.

The U.S. sees itself as having a right to interfere in national governments all over the world. But it happily works hand-in-hand with dictatorships that obey their American, capitalist masters..

Americans commonly believe they have a right to rule the world, to interfere in the affairs of other countries, to kill foreigners by the tens of millions... but the military and economic muscle to do this is in decline.
Here's a commentary you certainly won't ever see in the irving press.

Here's an article about the U.S. that applies at least equally to New Brunswick.

No surprise.

A reminder of what some Canadians are doing to help the people of Palestine. (You're not likely to find any mention of it in the irving press).

I'm afraid the NDP lost its virginity the day is was founded.

Well, some people think climate change is happening. But many of those people are fuzzy-headed scientists. Here in New Brunswick we have the guidance of a man who knows just about everything - and he knows fossil fuels are good for  the world. So there.

Gee! A story about Canada's kiss-up foreign policy  (kiss up to the U.S.) which was missed by the eagle-eyed editors of the irving press.

I knew Justin Trudeau's father. And Justin ain't nothing like his father.

Incidentally, the doctor who was severely injured by Israeli snipers is from New Brunswick. The irving press has mentioned that - but without any comment on the Israel sniping of unarmed civilians - including the doctor working with other medical people well removed from the shooting gallery and well marked to show who they were.
Why is the U.S. being so threatening to Iran over its nuclear  programme? Iran has complied with all the rules set down by the U.S. for its nuclear industry. Iran is not trying to produce nuclear weapons (though it has to sit next door to an Israel that has some 200 nuclear weapons aimed at Iran.) The Iranian programme has been regularly inspected, and shown to be following the rules. So why is the U.S. so aggressive?

It's because the real purpose of this circus is to destroy Iran's elected government, impose a U.S.-friendly one, and put American capitalists back in control of Iran's oil. It's as simple as that.

Will it work? Probably not. In fact, it has already badly shaken the European Union. And the U.S. is wading into waters over its head when it alienates the French, Germans and even the British who have been its kissups since 1945.

Trump, Bolton, Pence, etc. are not just murderous fronts for American big capitalists. They are also stupid.

By the way, have you noticed there's been no more reporting on the former Russian spy living in Britain with this daughter when both of them we were told by the British pm were definitely poisoned by Russia. She had evidence, she said. That was many weeks ago. The doctor and his daughter are recovered. But we're not hearing any more about it. Why?

Because prime minister May was lying in the first place. and the whole story has unravelled.
People worry too much about climate change. If it were really happening, Mr. Irving would tell us. And he's real smart. He went to university for two, whole years. Take that all you smartass scientists.
Justin Trudeau kiss-kisses Trump.

(You're not likely to read about this in the irving press.)

North Americans, in general, don't have the faintest idea of what's going on in the world. And the most important thing that's going on is a wide and growing hatred of the U.S. - which is a little unfair to the American people because they are kept in ignorance of what is happening by their lying news media.

Zero Hedge is, as its name suggests, essentially an economic journal. And we could be close to paying a price for the greedy antics of our business leaders.

New Brunswick is facing a general election. It's not a cheering prospect. The Liberals and Conservatives don't have any social philosophy at all. They both see government as something like running a convenience store, but on a provincial basis. And they both see helping big business to be more important than helping the people of New Brunswick.

The NDP became a party of no particular political philosophy from the day it was founded. And the Greens are too narrowly focussed to accomplish anything.

New Brunswick needs a party with a social philosophy. And it needs only ONE.

As things are, making any change in New Brunswick is impossible.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

May 19:not a day of optimism

The purpose of a commentary page in a newspaper is to offer informed analysis of the news. What does all this news really mean? You really can't tell just from the bare story.  But any such analysis raises the risk of bias. So a good commentary page editor will keep out commentaries that are unduly influenced by bias - and look for commentaries by people who are well-informed, and are not obvious propagandists.

And that takes us to today's commentary page in the irving press. As a stinker, it's the usual collector's item for these newspaper.

The lead commentary is by the premier of New Brunswick. It's an ad for himself in the election that is approaching. And such an ad has nothing to do with informed and impartial analysis of anything.

Then there's a real gem by somebody named Jason Limongelll who is impartial in the eyes of irving editors because he's vice-president of Woodlands for J.D. Irving Ltd.  And this little gem of analysis concerns a CBC report that his forestry buddies may have been a factor in the recent flooding of the Saint John River Valley.

He tells us at length that his company follows all the rules, so no blame can rest on it. Unfortunately, this overlooks a major point in the analysis. Are the rules adequate? I'm sure that the irvings follow all the rules in spraying glyphosates on our forests (and wildlife and us); but New Brunswick has a pretty limp history of setting rules the irvings don't want.

This column is a stinker. It's not an analysis of anything. This is simply, like the rest of the irving press, company propaganda. But the closing sentence is a collector's item.

It comes after a paragraph about all the wonderful things that JDIrving is doing for the people who are suffering from the flooding. It concludes,

"We do this because this is home and these are our neighbours."

A-a-a-a-w, isn't that sweet? I really must drop in for a neighbourly coffee with the Irvings.

Well, at least this time we aren't hit with another 'commentary' from the usual  irving propaganda houses like Atlantic Institute of Market Studies or the Fraser Insistute.

The following story cannot be true. It it were, Mr. Irving would have told us. Once again, he has a keener insight than all of the world's scientists put together.

American Christians rally for Israel.

Well, in fairness, most Canadian Christians probably don't really give a damn one way or the other.

This story, like most world news, wasn't important enough to make the irving press. But it is important. The U.S. has been increasing interference with North Korea and with waters claimed by China.  (The U.S. is allowed to  have bases wherever it like all over the world. China isn't.) This is a warning from China to back off.

We are very, very close.....

Here's a story the irving press did carry. But that, I suspect, was because the victim grew up in New Brunswick.

For Canada to send troops to Afghanistan at the request of the U.S. was morally and legally wrong. Under international law, we had no right to send those troops. And it was immoral because we sent Canadians to kill and to die in a war that had nothing to do with Canada.

The Canadian Legion should have been the first and loudest to condemn this. Alas, The Canadian Legion, which should see itself as the defenders of those in our armed forces, usually sees itself as the providers of killers  (and victims) for billionaires.
Much of the world is heading into fascism - and much of it is already there. And the answer is not in giving the rich even more free passes from paying taxes.
Contrary according to the gospel of the editors and 'commentators' at Irving press, the rich do not create jobs and wealth for us all. The purpose, the only purpose, of the big capitalist is to create wealth for himself. It's we, the purchasers, who create those jobs by buying what they produce. Capitalism does not exist to put money into a society. It exists to take it out in profits. 

People know they're being abused in this process. But they don't know the cause of it. Result? We get puppet rulers like the Liberals and Conservatives. We get frustrated. We get angry. But we don't see the cause of our problem.

That's what lies behind the rise of what are called populists - like Donald Trump, like Doug Ford in Ontario, like the government of France,..... And what those populists ultimately do is to take us back to fascism and naziism.

Most Canadians would be lost without medicare, without free and public education, without at least a minimum wage, without at least a basic pension. And note that none of those was brought to us by big business. Indeed, big capitalists are more noted for trying to put an end to all those.

Anyway, put aside your 'populist' vote. Instead, put heat on the third parties to get tougher.
Here's a statement by The Pope that the irving press will never report. Alas! The leaders of our Christian churches aren't likely to report it either.

The U.S. has imposed trade sanctions on both Russia and Iran because...well, because... The U.S. is the only country in the world that is allowed to do that. And if they break the trade sanctions, the U.S. assumes the right to bomb, sink freighters and do other, Christian things. The U.S. has assumed the right to rule the world.

And NATO and the Europeans in general are drawing the line against U.S. arrogance.

But cheer up. I think they'll back off this time.

So the CIA, whose job consists largely of murdering people all over the world, destroying governments, slaughtering native peoples as it organized in Guatemala, has a torturer and a murderer for its new chief. And she's a real sweetheart. Here's the sort of thing she organized.

God Bless America.

The U.S. many years ago gave itself the right to murder people in foreign countries. That's why, in countries all over the world, people look up at the skies in fear for the robot bombers that attack at random - critics of the U.S., children going to school, wedding parties...they're all fair game for the U.S. But don't ever expect to read about it in the irving press.

It is possible, even likely,  that Trump will ask Canada for troops to invade Venezuela.

The great crisis for the world is getting close. Trump is trying to push China and Russia into a corner. Both Russia and China are avoiding any aggressiveness. But they aren't really backing off. However, don't blame Trump for this crisis.

Yes, Trump is an ass. But he's not the cause of the problem. The cause, and one that affects all of us, is greed. That has turned loose wars all over the world. That is what has created a hundred million or more refugees. It is the same sort of greed that marked the Spanish empire in Latin America, the French Empire in Africa and Indo-China, and the British Empire over much of the world. Now, it is the greed of big capitalism in the U.S. that demands the right to rule  (and impoverish and torture and kill ordinary people all over the world - including those in the U.S. and Canada.)

That's why the U.S. happily helped to break down the older empires after World War 2, while building its own. But don't blame Trump. This goes way back before him. It goes back in the history of a nation whose children are taught in school that they are a nation favoured by God (as British and French children were taught in their schools.)

It goes back in the history of a nation whose children have not been taught that the capitalists of their nation abused them terribly - with a period of slight relief from 1939 to  the1970s or so, but then a descent back to the old days of mass poverty. Since then, the nation's wealth has been pumped into the pockets of a very small number of capitalists. (The three wealthiest families in the U.S. now have at least as much money as 100 million American families at a lower level. And it's getting worse.)

Pure greed is running wild in the U.S. (and much more in Canada than we like to think). Big taxes are imposed on the leading capitalists. But they don't have to pay them. It's the minimum wage people who have to pay taxes. The very, very wealthy of Canada and the U.S. bleed us dry.

In the U.S., the return to savagery in the form of the selling off of the prison system to capitalists who do nothing for the prisoners but make them cheap labour. Medical care for most Americans is out of the question. Instead of putting money into the public schools, The U.S. gives schools to billionaires for their own profit, a system that is a serious drain on the whole middle class, and a colossal disaster for the public schools, most of whose students will be disadvantaged for life. (Canada does the same thing with its university system. We have to put university beyond the reach of most children so that billionaires won't have to pay taxes.)

Social aids have been cut drastically in the U.S., raising poverty levels for all except those who can afford to live in Trump Tower.

Canada is drifting into the same position. Here in New Brunswick, the very rich are eager to feed on the medical system and the school system - oh and on energy. Canadian and American billionaires are equal opportunity buzzards that soar over both countries.

Where will this take us? Well, if our leaders allow us to live long enough, it will take all of us to economic disaster. But cheer up. It is quite possible their greed will first take us into the final war. And their editors will tell us how happy we are.

The U.S., without quite understanding why, is a confused, directionless, valueless mass of people whose history is largely mythical, and who have lost any sense of right and wrong, and any sense of purpose. Thus the rise to power of a Donald Trump and a John Bolton who play to people's fears and ignorance.

In the face of this massive greed, the people are quite directionless and whose only senses are fear and hatred. It's not just because of guns that American school children are killed.  (And Americans in general.)

The United States is a place of fear, panic and hysteria - all created by the greed of a ruling class of the greediest.  And Canada is much closer to that than we like to think.

Really, we don't have time to play the games the very greedy want us to play. Even if we avoid a world, nuclear war, we have to deal with huge problems of climate change, of the mass starvation we have created in much of the world, of the millions, even billions of refugees who are coming, of more invasions by the greedy  (and in this latter case, Canada will be a prime target for the U.S. greedy.)

Meanwhile, watch for Canada to be asked to fight wars for American billionaires. Watch for European billionaires to begin moves to break out from the control of American ones.

And watch for a U.S. thrashing about in the terrors of its social, moral and economic structures.  Soon.
Here's another person who isn't nearly as smart as Mr. Irving.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

May 17: Time to Wake Up.

Ever notice that the U.S. no longer declares war? It just starts killing. The U.S. has not declared war since December of 1941. Since then, it has attacked over 70 countries, killing millions of people.

But the American people have no voice in that decision. In effect, the decision to kill  is made by the major capitalists who own American governments.

So much for 'government by the people'.

The irving press for My 16 had a glaring error. The headline was a co-pilot almost being sucked out of the aircraft when a window was smashed. But the story it headed was about China complaints over an American T shirt with a map of China on it.

Most newspapers spend the time and money to proofread, and make sure such errors don't occur. But I have noticed that such errors are common in the irving press.

It can also go on the cheap with its commentary page, often using what look like freebie columns by politicians and other interest groups. This is a paper that isn't only trivial. It also seems to operate on the cheap - or possibly the stunningly incompetent.

The big news of the day  (which may or may not make the irving press) is that Kim Jong has withdrawn from the peace talks with South Korea. Of course. He'd be a fool  not to.

He has withdrawn because the U.S. has chosen this stunningly inappropriate moment to conduct massive war exercises on the border with North Korea. There are lots of people in U.S. big business who want a war with North Korea. They don't want peace. And their boy in the White House is Trump choice for National Security Advisor, John Bolton. Bolton has openly campaigned for world, nuclear wars for decades. He represents those leading capitalists who want America to rule the world because American billionaires rule America.

Despite the goo-goos of the American press, it wasn't Trump who set up the peace talks in the first place. It was China that leaned on Kim Jong. And China cannot possibly stand by while the US sets out to destroy it.

This is very, very dangerous. And it is probably not a coincidence that this crisis and Iran should both happen in Bolton's tenure. American big capitalism has very little time left to conquer the world. And it is willing to destroy the world to conquer it.

And where does Trump stand in all this? Well, unlike the maniacal Bolton, he seems not to have any consistent policies.

This next article is a long one, but a good one, about our news media lying to us. It's largely about British news media (including The Guardian). But, at that, the faults of BBC and The Guardian are  relatively modest compared to those of the rest of Europe and the Americas.
The World Health Organization say glyphosate sprays are dangerous to health. But Mr. Irving says they're good for us. Guess which version the Liberals and Conservatives of New Brunswick believe.

And guess why the irving press won't even report on it.

Because of climate change, the world's fish are being forced to change their habitat. (You know. That's the climate change that isn't happening. I mean, if it were, Mr. Irving would be the first to tell us.)

Bolton has a long and fanatical history of demanding world rule by the U.S.

Bigotry and abuse of native peoples is alive and well in Canada.

To understand what is happening now, we have to understand the background to it.
Only a headline and a sentence -  but this tells us more about the western Jewish reaction to Israel's behaviour than you will ever see in the western press.

Israel is Jewish ---like the U.S. is Christian if you think about it.
Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, may have a limited future in politics.

So far, the irving press doesn't give a damn about the Canadian boat to Gaza.

Some years ago, I knew a man who had been a Jewish 'settler' in Gaza. "Settler" means he and his friends had armed themselves, crossed into land that did not belong to Israel, forced the legal residents out, killing some, and stealing their homes and their land. He often told the story with great joy.

The CEO at Macdonald's gets some $27 million dollars a year. (and he almost certainly hides it from taxes.) The median yearly salary for a Macdonald's employee is about $7,000. Gee! The CEO must work really hard. At that salary, he could work for a year, then retire for life, and live in comfort. His employees will have to work forever, and with no hope of ever having a decent income.

Salaries of the already wealthy are skyrocketing. Salaries of the rest of us are - struggling. We live in a society crushed by greed, and ground into eternal poverty. Well, New Brunswick will show the world. Yes. Next election, it will vote Conservative.  Duh...

We face an enormous crisis. Power in this world is wielded by a tiny group of the extremely wealthy - who have no discernable sense of morality or even of average intelligence.

And that's why, for example, we routinely get sprayed with poisonous chemicals.
Why Americans (and many Europeans and Canadians) have become the naziis of our time.
Israeli soldiers killed a baby with tear gas. Gee! Isn't tear gas a chemical weapon?

These massive distributions of wealth are returning us to the middle ages when almost all available wealth went into the pockets of a tiny minority of aristocrats.  The rest of the population survived on incomes of around $20 a year - often less.

A capitalism that has been allowed to run wild is taking us back to that.
Our father which art in heaven help us to torture more people today...

The U.S. tortures prisoners by the thousands. It's illegal, of course. But what the hell....  Onward Christian torturers...

I could say that we're going into a moral decline. But we've been going there throughout history. Moral decline is what all of  the empires are about. Moral decline is what uncontrolled capitalism is about. And much, much worse is on the way.

And a useful reminder.

New Brunswickers are very passive, indeed. And the price for that will be heavy.
The very wealthy are driving up their own wealth while ignoring the needs of the rest of society. They are also increasingly driving us into wars that we  (but not they) have to pay for in money and lives. And the war they are driving us to now is one that nobody can survive. (And a U.S. that cannot defeat Afghanistan in seventeen years is not likely to defeat the world.)

We have no sense of the problems facing us. But not to worry.

I feel sure New Brunswick will vote Conservative next time, and all our problems will be solved.

Monday, May 14, 2018

June 15:In my last blog, I promised.... include in this one an outline of the rise of capitalism. I already regret that promise. It's a story so ugly as to be unbelievable. Alas, it's all too true. And we are living at its terrible edge.

Through most of written history, humans have been ruled by an aristocracy of birth. There were exceptions - as among our native peoples here in Canada - but generally it was an aristocracy of kings and nobility whose only qualification was being born to the right parents.

For the most part, this aristocracy couldn't care less about the 'common' people who worked the fields of the aristocracy and died in its armies. In Rome, aristocrats were buried in magnificent tombs. Commoners were simply dumped by the thousands in huge pits to turn into what some historians described as a sort of jelly.

Starting about the time of the discovery of the Americas, a new class arose. These were people who owed their status to their ability to make money in a system that we now call capitalism. Within a few centuries, it had largely displaced the old aristocracy. However, it had at least two, strong similarities to the aristocracy it was replacing.

One is that it, like the aristocracy it was replacing,  was commonly inherited its status rather than earned. The first generation, like the aristocracy, might have done it by skill. But the succeeding ones did not.

And this new aristocracy, like the old one, had nothing but contempt for the rest of  us.

The American Revolution was a triumph for that capitalist class. It threw off the ties to Britain - but it did not put power into the hands of most Americans. Certainly, it put none into the hands of women or slaves or native peoples or the poor in general. It is no accident that the years immediately after the revolution were devoted to the slaughter of native peoples - a move of great benefit to capitalist land speculators like George Washington.

Later that power would shift to another group of capitalists, the factory owners of the north, who created the civil war not to free slaves (that wasn't even mentioned until more than a year after the war started). The war was to force the southern landcapitalists to buy farm machinery from the factories of the north rather than from Britain.

As capitalists grew in numbers and wealth, they bought governments. Indeed, in the U.S. they have traditionally been the governments with people like Washington, the Roosevelts, Kennedy, both George Bushes, and now Donald Trump. Every war the U.S. has ever fought was fought to benefit the aristocracy of wealth. That includes all the conquests in Latin America, The Phillipines, World Wars 1 and 2 (the U.S. war against Japan was coming with or without Pearl Harbour as US capitalists wanted control of China)  - and some seventy or more wars since World War 2.

Every federal government Canada has ever had was a servant to, at first, British and Canadian capitalists, and now to American and Canadian capitalists.

(And that's why, as I write this, New Brunswick voters are wondering if they should vote Liberal or Conservative. Dream on. It makes not the slightest difference which of those they vote for. And only rarely, as in the case of Louis Robichaud, has it ever mattered which of the two they voted in.)

Our aristocracy is one of wealth. It has no interest whatever in what we need - just as the old, British aristocracy couldn't have cared less what their peasants needed.

And, like the old, British aristocracy, it is an aristocracy of birth rather than of brains. (Can you seriously believe that a person as slow as George Bush jr. could earn a graduate degree at the university level? It is,  I'm afraid, not unknown for universities to give degrees to very rich morons.)

We are ruled by a wealthy class and, like the old aristocracy, it is one of wealth rather than brains or morality. And it is distinguished for greed. And that is a bad combination.

Oh, and with the advent of mass news media in the 1870s or so, we allowed these people get control of almost all our sources of news. That's why we get heavy doses of propaganda to please the boss - and we get lots of  trivia, as sloppily produced by the irving press.

(As I write this, the world is on the edge of a war that could go nuclear. And the big, front page story for the irving press? Some local people found a piece of metal from a fighter plane that crashed on a Scottish hillside in World War Two.

And world news for the irving press? A father in Australia killed himself and six family members. And there's another big story about the preacher who will marry Prince Harry and Meghan. The U.S. thrust to war with Iran? The horrid mass starvation of Yemen? The slaughter of unarmed Palestinians on the border with Israel? The determination of Trump to steal a large part of Syria to be plundered by American capitalists? The danger of Israeli nukes? Who gives a damn? Right?)

There is every possibility that Canada could be sucked into the chaos of the middle east though it has nothing to do with us. So shouldn't Canadians get some understanding of what is going on in the rest of the world?

Apparently not.

Never kid yourself about wars we have fought. Almost all were fought to benefit our major capitalists. Canadians fought and died in Korea because our American bosses wanted to conquer it for an invasion of China. And our Canadian bosses needed us to please the American bosses. Ditto for Afghanistan. Watch for us now to get sucked into the Middle East.

World Wars one and two had nothing to do with German evil. Indeed, the western world,  including Canada,   was as anti-semitic as Hitler was. But we fight whoever our capitalists, Canadian and American, tell us to fight. Our real enemy in World War 2 was German industry which might start beating ours, and a Japan that might conquer China before the U.S. could. That is why the war was fought.

The situation became much worse after the 1950s. After the brief wartime and early peacetime recovery from the depression years of the 1930s, big capitalism returned to turning the clock back. That's when the gap between the very, very rich and the rest of us began to worsen.

In the U.S., especially, poverty has been runaway in recent years. The U.S. is governed by its major capitalists - and they don't give a damn about the American people. That's why American education has become a horror show. That's why hospital care is beyond the reach of most Americans. That's why the minimum wage is low.

Canada is going down the same path - if more slowly.

In both Canada and the U.S., the wealthy have made it worse by pure greed - as in the refusal to pay income tax like the rest of us - and their incomes are so high that the loss of their taxes is doing enormous damage to us.

Couple that, especially in the U.S., with dreadful deficits in government spending, and you have economic disaster looming. (And forget this election bilge about how it's all the fault of government for overspending. It's not. It's the fault of major capitalists for being greedy and hiding their billions - trillions in the U.S.)

To make it worse, the U.S. is going into the deepest debt in history to pay off contracts to the war businesses (which don't pay taxes). This a dead loss with no benefit whatever to the American people.

Now, it's getting worse because the American aristocracy is determined to rule the world. All the things we said we were fighting for in World War Two - such as international law - have been tossed out the window to satisfy a greed that cannot be satisfied. Officially, the U.S. has gone to war against some seventy countries (actually  more) in the last sixty or so years.  Not one of those wars was legal. It also uses its power to impose trade sanctions (which really means poverty) on countries that won't bow it. That's illegal, too. It is deliberately starving people to death. Millions of them. That's illegal. It  has freely used chemical weapons - like agent Orange. That's illegal. It sends killer squads into various countries to kill people it doesn't like. That's illegal. Civilians have been the major targets of almost all its wars. That's illegal.

The United States of today  (with Canadians kissing up on the sidelines) is easily the most vicious nation in history. As I write this, millions of children are dying of hunger and disease inflicted on them by the U.S.

Incidentally, the U.S. has long been cutting off supplies of food and medicine to Yemen. That strikes mostly civilians - adults and children. It is quite likely that this will kill millions - slowly and painfully - as will the illnesses that are killing the children of Yemen for lack of medical supplies.  Ever heard of something as cruel as that before? Sure you can. Think of the nazi holocaust of European Jews.

We in the west have become the naziis of our time. And have you noticed that the irving press has never mentioned this? That's not a coincidence.

All of this is because we have abandoned all principles of intelligence and morality to allow ourselves to be governed by the greediest and most irresponsible among us.

And, as a footnote to this, we are living in a world 2000 years after Christ, and, obviously, Christianity has not gained an inch in these 2000 years.

Where will all of this take us?

Most likely it will take us to the final war.... Along the way, it is quite possible that it will take us into  a severe, world financial crash. For a start, as we automate the work place, the planning will be done by the aristocracy to benefit the aristocracy. That is what has  happened for centuries in times past. Early industrialization in the western world, for example, meant dreadful pay, insecurity and vile slums. (One thinks of the case in Toronto of the late 19th century when a teenager working on a dangerous piece of machinery lost his arm. He was immediately fired and sent home. And that was the end of the company's responsibility.)

It can't happen to us? Oh, it has in the past. And it will. It's already happened to tens of millions all over the world - and to way over a hundred million if you count the refugees. And this is not what Canadians fought and died for in any war.

Unless we get smart, all the horrors that we inflict on the rest of the world will come to us. And don't expect our wealthy to be of any help. They've made it abundantly clear that they, like the aristocracies of old,  have neither intelligence nor morality - and no time for us commoners.

And the time is very, very short. Our leading capitalists have the whole world on the edge of a nuclear war. The reality, which they refuse to see, is that nobody would survive such a war - no, not even our capitalists in their posh clubs.  (Nor would nuclear bunkers be much help.)

The power of weaponry has made the idea of war insane. If we are going to survive at all, we need to put capitalism in its proper place and under control. And it has to be soon. Very soon. That's why I feel that all the parties at all levels have platforms that are hopelessly inadequate.

And no. It doesn't matter whether you vote for Liberals or Conservatives. Neither of them has anything that could be called a principle. (or an intellect).

As I re-read this, I realize it doesn't scratch the surface. The whole world faces the greatest challenges it has ever seen. And I see no sign of intelligent life in the present day aristocracies who are now in control.

We are evil in what we allow to happen to us and to others. The behaviour of the U.S. aristocracy - which we largely support (or prefer to pretend we don't see) matches any evil I know of in human history - evil inflicted not just on our 'enemies', but on us.

If we are to survive, we need to take control of our own societies because aristocracies are inherently evil. And we have very little time.

As I write  this on the evening of May 13, I have just learned that my son graduates from university tomorrow. I shall have to finish writing this tonight, so it may be a little shorter than usual.

As I write this, here are a couple of stories from the middle east that the irving press hasn't noticed yet. (Actually, it never notices much. This is a drab, dreary, and trivial press whose real purpose is to keep New Brunswickers in a stupor (seriously).

This has been going on for a couple of weeks.  But it hasn't made the irving press.

It's nice to have a Haaretz that tells us something.

And here's a collector's item for a headline.

It may be a bias of mine, but I have long found that Jews have a stronger tradition than Christians do of social thought and action. And that's been showing in  the reactions of American Jews to Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

(Christian churches are more likely to do whatever the bosses tell them to.)

The cost of big capitalism. And the price that's coming soon.
The oil industry tells us that oil is perfectly safe and good for us. And it's as honest on that as it is on everything else.

The important point about this next story is something that doesn't appear in it. The American expenditure on weapons is a blessing to big capitalists. It's a field rife with corruption and high profits. U.S. spending on weapons is the biggest in the world. But strange things can happen.
1. The spending on weapons means starvation of education, of health care...
2. And new weapons soon become old  weapons. There's a strong temptation to use them too soon rather than too late. And it's all money borrowed by the American people to be blown away into the pockets of billionaires. And the borrowed money means one hell of an economic crash coming down the road.

War is a luxury we can no longer afford - and it is also a habit which no longer pays off.

In all the fuss and flurry of international quarrels, we have Canada. Canada is a puppet of the U.S. as it once was of Britain. That's good for Canadian big capitalists because if gives them easy access ( usually) to the American market. And our big capitalists are the only ones to gain from this.

As the U.S. blunders closer to world, nuclear war, Canada will be sucked along to fight the U.S. wars - as it did in Korea, Afghanistan, and Libya. We have to start by getting control over our own big capitalists.

New Brunswick is approaching a provincial election. A start in getting back control of our own lives would be NOT to vote for either the Conservatives or Liberals. Both parties are owned by you-know-who. That's why, currently, the newspapers owned by you-know-who seem to be supporting the Conservatives. Voting for either of those parties makes no sense at all.

The other parties lack tough policies, it's true. But they're the only other choices we have. Either New Brunswickers act now - or they devote the rest of their lives and their children's lives to kissing irving rear-ends.

This could be a start for a new, New Brunswick. Or it could be what it has been since 1867 - a big yawn.

And now to the big graduation.

Friday, May 11, 2018

May 12: The Road to the Final War

If you want a newspaper that gives little information - and lies even about that - then spend your mornings with New Brunswick's irving press.  Most readers would also shy away from Russia Times but, actually, it beats the pants off the irving press. As I have said before, Russia Times IS a propaganda outfit. But that doesn't mean it lies. The propaganda part is that it talks about the faults of the western powers, but not about the faults of Russia. So what it says is not the whole truth; but it is the truth. And that puts it way ahead of most western news media.

Try this sample of it.

And, unlike the irving press, RT has real news whereas the the irving press specializes in local gossip, sob stories of no news value (eg - 'Mother misses six year old son who vanished twenty years ago."  Oh, and of course, editorials and opinion columns that are mostly brainless propaganda.)
Here's a story that Canada's irving press didn't consider important - but a British newspaper did.
Julian Assange has sinned. He told the truth. He has to die.

But, hey, it creates  jobs. Anyway, our oil bosses would tell us if there were anything wrong.

When it was first revealed that the U.S. was torturing prisoners in Afghanistan, there was universal horror. Nobody defended it. After all, torture was a war crime. That's why we hanged naziis who did it.

But now - hey - time to forgive and forget  - what was horrible and vicious is now really quite maidenly...

Incidentally, this is one of the crimes that we were told we were fighting against in World War Two.

We're so lucky that Mr. Irving really, really cares about us.

Israel, from the start, has blockaded any ships bound for Palestine. It has no legal right to do this -and no moral one - but what the hell - who cares about law or morality?

Canadians will be on this one. But who gives a damn? Certainly, the irving press doesn't.
Another story that will never make the irving press.
I partly agree, partly disagree, with this next one. But that may be because I don't want to agree with it.

I note that Dyer does not deal with the role of religion in all this. Certainly, all religions have been pretty wimpy on the subject of ruling classes.

Britain gave up on independence a long time ago, and settled for a new status as American puppet. However,  with Germany and France, it is now showing signs of a renewed independence.

Oliver North, new  president of the National Rifle Association. And a real man of God.

Bernie Sanders is the only politician of note in the U.S. who represents some real hope of change. (Perhaps that's why the irving press ignores him).

Anyone who has seriously studied the history of World War 2 knows that the most important, single participant was the USSR. In 1940, Britain had lost the war. Churchill knew it, and he was seeking peace terms with Germany.

The American entry into the war (over a year later) didn't really change anything. Nor did D-day. No. The big factor was Hitler's very unwise decision to attack the Soviet Union. That's what tied up his armies - and destroyed them.

Late news.

The latest in the U.S. role as the major player in the killing of civilians all over the world since 1945.  (Hey! it creates jobs.)

And here's a late story about the U.S., Iran, and North Korea. And, I'm afraid, it sounds very likely.

I'm late finishing today because of the following site. I think I have to send this one on because it raises doubts in my mind about a source I have been using. This article is simply a piece of vicious propaganda that would have been at home in nazi Germany. It's a racist attack on Jews. I cannot trust a source which would publish this - and so I have to warn  you.

It also raises another concern for me. Racism is still very much alive in the world's various cultures. And we have really learned nothing from the experience of World War Two.

I am not an admirer of what Israel has become. But the leadership of Israel is behaving as humans too often do. Certainly, it is not characteristic of all Jews. Like all humans, some Jews are likable, and some aren't. It has nothing to do with race.

My own experience with Jews suggests to me a society that is more than the average in generosity and social concerns.  So why has Israel taken such a turn to racism?

It did that because of the behaviour of the rest of us. Jews have been subjected to centuries of bigotry coming from Christians - culminating in the horror of the holocaust. And that has had a terrible impact on Jews. We Christians, not Judaism, are what created an Israel of racist hatreds.

(As an aside, I remember long ago when the world was young and I was a 17 year old preacher at a mission church. At Christmas, I went around local stores to get gifts of food for a very poor congregation. I soon learned that the most generous, local  stores were the ones owned by Jews.)

I present this article not because of anything it tells us about Jews, but because of what it tells us about - us.

I have another topic to deal with. It has to do with the terrible threat we have created. The major capitalists, always a threat to any society, have particularly been running wild since World War Two. We now live in a world in which the poor get poorer and, constantly poorer, while the very wealthy collect ever more of the world's money.

For related reasons, the world has quickly been becoming the most dangerous and warlike place it has even been.

Common sense should tell us  (and the very wealthy) that this is going to lead to a crash - if we're lucky enough to survive the violence that long.  You want to know who's evil? Check out your friendly, local billionaire.

But this is a long topic for another day.