Tuesday, May 21, 2019

May 21:;For Christ's sake world, wake up.


Oh, for pete's sake, of course Trump and Kushner are a  part of that small class who don't pay taxes, who get big payoffs, and give nothing.

Check on Wednesday at Gallup Poll Trump. See if it has any change in Trump's popular support. I doubt that it will. Those southern Christian fundamentalists are one hell of thick lot.


"...the true north strong and free..."


It's scandalous how Canada and the U.S. have allowed their universities to be out of reach of so much or our population.





U.S. public education is a disaster area, designed to make sure that the poor remain poor. And the private, charter schools ensure that the rich will remain rich. In effect, it locks  U.S. society into a medieval  structure of peasants nnd lords. And Canadian education has been moving in the same direction.

Both follow the same principle. The rich must be served, And the hell with the rest.










How very different from the news in our news media! Funny how our readers, relying on western news, get nothing like this. Reading our news media one can get the impression that it's Venezuela that is attacking the U.S.

The reality is that the American Empire is simply aa repeat of the old, British Empire - one of the most vicious, destructive, murderous empires in  history.
(Of course, in our school history books it's all glory,, glory, glory...

And the American slaughter of native peoples? It just shows how brave Custer was.



This was a story that any reporter should have  realized was a lie. Four tankers are bombed by expert Iranian special squads?? Oh. really?
I well remember looking at the original story. It was a obviously a lie.

An Iranian specialist squad hit 4 tankers? That was one, sloppy squad. It's bombs were so feeble, that none of the ships was seriously damaged. Didn't American journalists note that?


The U.S. journalistic world has no qualms about pushing false news.

Governments and news media have lied constantly about Assange. Yeah. He's a rapist. Yeah.

Assange has been freely accused without ever   having a trial. I have no doubt he's become a profoundly troubled person, a confused one ---that happens when you have to spend years of your life locked in a small room

And he leaked U.S. secrets?  Well, yes. That what a journalist is supposed to do - to tell the truth. To reveal what government hide from us.


And here's a good example of government lying.



I hope this is true. But  I have yet to see any hope that the U.S. will back off and let Iran run its own affairs.

The story that won't make our western press.




AND - I doubt very much were the province of Alberta has anything like the money needed to do the job. And don't even kid yourself about about the oil companies paying for it.



Gee, I haven't noticed this story in our daily news.


I  have not written much with the entries for this edition of the blog. The reason is that I am overwhelmed by the dangers (and disasters) of what we are doing - and it had become impossible to keep up with the murder and greed.

The time to design a new world was 1945. But we didn't do it. We allowed the same old gang of the greedy and not very intelligent create the world that THEY wanted. The plundered all of humanity for themselves. Their greed has no limits. They give nothing. The don't pay taxes.They don't share the world''s wealth. They murder on a world scale.

We are watching a steady decline in real income for almost all of us. We are watching mass hunger and homelessness even in rich countries. We daily watch the mass murder of children and civilians (by people we call heroes).

Our economic bosses are the ones who prosper and prosper wildly in the billions of dollars while most people in this world can't get basic medical care or, even in North America, decent education for the bulk of the population.

Most of our news media - owned by the very wealthy - lie constantly - even some of the 'great' ones.

We ignore hunger, sickness, poverty all so we can pour what should be money for all us into the pockets of the unspeakably greedy. Many (most of us) die sooner than we should. Almost all of us live more miserably than we should.

At the end of world war 2, we should have created governments that worked for us. Instead, we have have thrown money at the greediest bastards this world has ever seen. And they ARE our governments. The own our governments. And owe they are murderous and - frankly, they don't care who they murder - civilians, children (Do you seriously think  the babies of Yemen are evil? The millions of children who were killed in Korea?...)

Before they finish, they will scrape us all to the bone - and that will happen in the lifetimes of today's children. Compared to these people, Hitler was at least okay. These people  have no nationality. They have no patriotism. They have only greed. It is very likely that they will destroy all human life - and soon. Because they[re not just greedy and murderous but because they are stupid. Can you seriously believe an Irving family will ever stop plundering and impoverishing the people of New Brunswick?  Will Doug Ford of Ontario ever do anything but throw money at the already rich? Will Jason Kenney of Alberta ever to anything but look for oil billionaires with their pants down so he can kiss them?

And our time might be getting short - very, very short.

And, for the most part, we seem to accept this.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

May 18: It's been a long day.....


At last. Canada's record has not been as brutal as the U.S. record. (nobody could be that brutal.) But, yes, it has been a genocide - and I know of no sign that anything is improving.
____________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                             https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/may/17/trumps-deal-century-peace-israel-palestine


We are watching a U.S.do down the path Hitler followed with Germany. Find hatreds - and encourage them. Hitler's victims were Jews. Trumps are Latins - and women who want to control their own lives. And this covers the whole world. Expect it to come to Canada.

But not to worry. It will still be Christian and virtuous to murder children  by starvation and bombing.

Will this affect Canada? Quite possibly. Remember. We are a part of the American empire. That's why Trudeau slobbered all over Trump to support his illegal attack on Venezuela.That's why Canada has so often been packed into U.S. wars - as in Korea and Afghanistan. And Syria. And Cuba.And that's why Trudeau supports the U.S. in its illegal behaviour toward Venezuela.
And all that might why the U.S.has suddenly become nicer to Canada.



It's getting hard to follow this Iran 'war'. Is Bolton the one in control? Or has it suddenly dawned on Trump that the president is the one who decides on war or peace?


Nah. It ain't happenin'.  If it were, smart people like Trump or Ford or Jason Kenney would tell us.



A touch of sanity. This is the best article I've seen on  Iran.



Think of it. All those anti-abortion people are the same ones who 'patriotically' support the country that is the world's biggest killer of children - by bombing and starvation.

Despite  his age, Bernie Sanders appears to be the only intelligent presidential hopeful. Alas! His Democratic Party seems to be down in the 19th century with the Republicans.




Sixty years ago, Canada had a political party that could be defined as religious. Clergy Ware prominent in it, and it was genuinely focused on the needs of all Canadians - not just the billionaires. These were, I guess, the last years when the Christian churches were still Christian. This was the party that brought medicare to Canada.

But, alas, it costs lots of money to sustain a political party - and ordinary people don't have that much money. So the CCF had to find a way to get some. And it most certainly was never going to get money from the very wealthy.

So the CCF became a partner with the labour unions, and became the CCF.

Alas! The labour unions didn't give much of a damn about all people in general. And many of the Christian  principals that had driven the CCF disappeared - and the NDP became - pretty bland stuff. That's why it is getting pushed around now by the likes of The Greens.

And that's very nice. But The Greens and other parties have a very narrow view of what we need. And their view down not have much sense of what human needs are.

Mind you, I don't think we should have a party based solely on Christian principles. Almost all religions   (despite their crackpot outshoots) are based on meeting human needs. And right now we don't have any party based on human needs. (The Greens are a good step to what we need - but that step    doesn't go nearly far enough.)

That's why the Liberals and the Conservatives   (both of whom don't give a damn about human needs, and both of whom are owned by the greediest and least principled people among us) still dominate.

We need a party based on principles. Those principles are to be found not just in Christianity but in virtually all religions. Understanding that can draw us together and end our suffering under the billionaire parties.



The Bible says that Jews are God's chosen people. Perhaps that's why Jews do not have be worry about "Thou Shalt not kill."

It's very sad to watch the collapse of any Jewish principles since 1948. Fortunately, that collapse has mostly affected Israeli Jews.

The following is rather a gentle outline of American murder and plundering in Latin America. Yes, all those dignified billionaires who pay U.S. governments to kill for them (and who don't pay any taxes) are killers as evil as the Hitlers and British imperialists of the past.





At last, the  American world Empire is losing it's charm.

Capitalism is based on greed ----No------capitalism IS greed, pure greed. That's why, when it gets involved, it does damage to public education,, housing, health.....


Capitalism does NOT bring wealth - except for those who are already super-wealthy. For the rest of us, it brings debt, hardship, poverty... Think for just a minute. The American standard of living has been in decline for a long time. American are NOT getting richer. They are getting poorer. The same is true in Canada.

Meanwhile, all over the world the rich are getting much, much richer. And where will this take us? To one, tremendous crash - perhaps quite soon.

But don't worry. The very rich are so rich they won't notice anything. These are people who avoid millions in taxes EVERY year. These are the ones who send our young people out to steal more and more money for them. And we, suckers that we are, pay the WHOLE price for wars that do us no good at all.\\These are the ones who run up such enormous deficits to fight their wars with our sons and daughters - and they call this patriotism - and hand out stacks of medals for the millions of innocent adults and children who they kill to satisfy the very rich.

You think  Hitler was bad? Our super rich are worse. This greed has been running loose for thousands of years. And it has now reached a state of perfection that can destroy all of us.


And wake up! This WILL crash - and probably sonner than later.\


Well, he has to save money. I mean, he  lets the very rich off free of charge - So he has to save money somewhere. It is very, very frightening that Canada's biggest and richest province is covered by an ignorant lout with nothing but contempt for anyone but the rich.

It's quite possible he actually believes what he says. He's a man of astonishing ignorance and indifference to the needs of most of the people while showering money on the already rich.

Many, many (most) commercial newspapers lie. That's not new. It was true in the earliest days, just over a hundred years ago  when American newspapers lied that an American warship was torpedoed in Havana harbour - a lit that set up the American invasion of Cuba.

Almost all of them lie almost all the time. My daily paper in New Brunswick was and is owned by a billionaire oil pedlar. So the paper frequently had stories about how oil is good for you. It also routinely carried stories from the so-called "think tanks" like the Fraser Institute. (Almost all of these a propaganda houses.)

My New Brunswick paper also routinely carried major columns (all propaganda) about how good big business is to us. I might add that the sleazes who wrote these columns were frequently university professors. There aren't many professors sleazy enough to do this - but they do exist.

Perhaps the most contemptible in Canada (after the Irving papers of New Brunswick) is The National Post - a Toronto paper founded by Conrad Black, a Toronto publisher given to long rants of his stone age opinions. (Black is the man who spent three and a half (deserved) years in a rich man's prison for fraud. He was recently given a pardon by Trump (for kissing Trump's rear end.)

The National Post remains one of Canada's most contemptible newspapers - but, oh, it has company.



Pre school and then public school can be crucial stages in a child's life. They can make the child. Or they can trap the child.

I remember well my first grade class. This was in a very, very poor district. And not one of them finished high school

Well, what the hell...we were poor. Nobody, including our parents expected us finish school. I still remember the day I was kicked out in grade 11. My parents thought nothing of it. Our family had always been poor. And we always would be. As for my friends, most of them dropped out in grade 9.

We weren't stupid. But nobody expected anything of us - including us.

Schooling needs to start with expectations that we can do well. It needs to start early. It needs small classes.

The U.S. solution? Create private schools for rich kids -small classes, families with high expectations. Dump the rest in overcrowded class rooms (which is what Ontario premier Ford is doing.

The only exceptions I saw to this were Jewish kids. Their parents had ambitions for them, hopes, encouragement - and it paid off. For years in Montreal, the highest grades in final high school exams were those of Jewish children.

Anyway,  that wasn't me. And I remember on my first job in a filthy and low pay factory standing in a doorway, looking out a door into the filth of a lane and thinking, "This is it. This is  the rest of my life."

Somehow, and without ever finishing high school, I got a PhD - and a life I would never have dreamed of.  But that was luck,  pure luck.

We need public schools - for everybody. We need smaller classes. (The lout that we call the premier of Ontario is now doing what public schools all over North American are doing - overtuffing classes to save the tax money of the very rich, subsidizing the privvate schools of the rich......

And destroying lives by the millions

The biggest liars are often the ones on "our" side.



Thursday, May 16, 2019

May 16: VERY dangerous times


A war in Iran is unjustified.  Much, much worse, this could drag in the whole region - and Russia and China. And the man pushing for it is John Bolton, a man with a long history of lusting for wars. And he seems to be running the show, with Trump piping up now and then.

Saudi Arabia wants the war because of it's hatred of Iranian Muslims because they diverge from the Saudi ones. Israel wants a piece of Iran just like it wants  all of Palestine. The U.S. - wants its beloved oil barons to control Iranian oil - just as it wants the oil of Venezuela and of the North Pole.

There are no limits to the greed of the American oil  industry - no matter how many it kills, starves to death....and Israel has that same quality.

Will Canada support such as war?  You bet it will just like it has supported the U.S. in starving Venezuela's children to death.

And the American Christian churches? They never saw a murderous capitalist they didn't like - just like the Christian churches of Britain in its imperial days. Indeed, in 2,000 years,  the Christian Churches blessed just about every plundering, murderous gang that came down the road.

And John Bolton? He seems  to be running the show. And he has a long, long record, quite an insane one, as an advocate of extreme killing and torture.

This is the most dangerous war we have seen since  1945 - and it's quite likely, if it happens - if being the worst war this world has ever seen.

None of the above is an exaggeration. And many a Christian clergyman over these 2000 years has blessed the swords and spears and machine guns and bombs of armies.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition - in the words of a spiritual ditty of 1942.

School history books are full of lies. In the books, the Americans were always guys, fighting only to  defend rights. The reality is that the U.S. was plundering and murderous from the start.

Ever notice how Mexican names extend all over the American North and West - as in San Francisco? That's because the west (and the north going all the way to Canada) were Mexican. So the Americans stole it. Then they butchered the native peoples.


Gotta keep those Mexicans out. Gotta keep American pure.


Yep, ya gotta admit it. Those billionaire companies know how to.......You know....do  things.

It's happening in the U.S., too. It's happening in Canada. The world's billionaires are robbing even the people of their own countries. This is big money gone wild. So far as it's concerned, the whole purpose of life in plundering others, even those in your own country.

Where will it lead? To a world recession and profound suffering.

Carbon dioxide levels in China and the U.S.  have reached what are far the highest level in recorded history/ The responsible minister in the U.S. who,  by coincidence was a long time advisor for the industries that produce this says everything is fine. No problem. No problem at all.

Look. People are going to die from this. They are, almost certainly, already dying - and they're going to die by the millions. It's not an act of genius to figure that out. But leaders in government are actually stoking the hell we are going to live - and die - in.

Some people, many people, prefer to be ignorant of all this. Many, many people are like that. And the rest of us will die from their ignorance - and from the vicious greeds that government officials cater to.


To understand the following story, it helps to know something about Conrad Black, who was the founder of The National Post, one of this world's most dishonest newspapers, a propaganda sheet for Black. I had some acquaintance of him years ago. We both appeared on the same radio station (CBC), he before me. We occasionally talked to kill time.

Black never really listened. In reply, he would point his chin up, close his eyes,  and recite a long argument. I later realized he always did that because he so much likes listening to his own voice. This is a man of enormous ego.

He spent three and a half years in an American prison for fraud. But weep not. It was a prison largely for rich criminals. He says he committed no crimes. Nonsense. There is a   video showing him committing them. It was on TV news.

And now, Trump has pardoned him.  Why?

Possibly because Black wrote a book in lavish praise of Trump. (Funny that CBC news didn't mention that part.)


Oh,  I know, I know, The Bible says thou shalt not kill. Except, of course, it's perfectly reasonable  to starve tens of thousands of children to death in Venezuela and Yemen. It was okay to kill hundreds of thousands in Iraq - and over a million in North Korea. And, of course, you can kill all the adults you like.

God bless America. God bless its hypocrites and mass murderers. But aren't all their medals pretty?


No time for this. No time. We gotta kill more Yemen babies. And watch out for those babies at the Mexican border. The grow up to push narcotics and murder God-fearing Americans.


The worst enemies we face in this world are Russia, China ---and the U.S.



When Naziis tortured in WW2, it was evil. When American do it, they are magnificent patriots....





"Thou shalt not kill".  Unless it's absolutely necessary. The gospel from the Book of John Bolton.


Hey, if you can't trust your news media, who can you trust? Oh, what the hell, of course you can't trust your news media.


Yesterday, four of those migrant children died in American 'care'. Well, what the hell! Most Americans can't afford medical care. So why should migrants get it?
And as climate change worsens and the world is flooded with migrants, What will the U.S. do?

Well, it will abandon those large parts of the U.S. that can no longer support life - and it will annex parts of Canada.


Our friends in all of this will be some of the most murderous and backward countries of the world - like Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Oh, and Israel which has already stolen most of that land.


To die?  Or to die?

Trump did NOT authorize the present showdown with  Iran? It was done by Bolton and Pompeo and their gang?

I think I suggested in the last blog that this seemed likely. That was why I was alarmed that such warlike moves appeared not to have been ordered by the president. This is one hell of a situation. The U.S. is facing a war it's government has not authorized. I thought that as soon as I saw the public statement came from Bolton. The U.S. is running out of any sort of democratic control. And this could be very, very dangerous.

Our best friend - and Israel's best friend - in the middle east is one of the most vicious and anti-democratic countries in the world.


Under international law, an embassy is not the territory of the host country. It is under the jurisdiction of it's mother country. Police, therefore, have no right to enter an embassy.

But who cares about rules?



I would agree that the NDP is far too wimpy, and needs a more aggressive platform.



Chelsea Manninng is a person of courage, integrity and principal. That's why she's not in politics or business.





In an earlier blog, I expressed surprise that John Bolton and Pompeo had been the ones to inform reporters that they had sent American warships to Iran. This wasn't a declaration of war - but it was just an inch from it. I have never heard such a statement coming from anyone but the leader of a country.

Now, I have leaned since then that even Trump didn't know this was coming.

Amazingly, Trump has reacted only in quiet announcement. And this is dangerous.

The president has been pushed aside and, possibly, has created a war without even bothering to tell the president. Even in a weak government this is so dangerous that those men should be have been fired and, possibly, jailed. But nothing happened. Their highly dangerous instruction is still in effect. The president has been tossed aside. Debate has been tossed aside. Military advice has been ignored.

Quite apart from the danger that this creates of war in Iran - a war that Russia and China probably cannot ignore - the President of the U.S.  has been trashed. And this is very, very dangerous indeed. Dangerous for Iran, dangerous for the U.S., dangerous for Russia and China, dangerous for the whole region, dangerous  for the world.

It's not just that Bolton and Pompeo are insane killers. This well could create a crisis in the whole structure of U.S. government. The news media seem not to have noticed this.

Well, of course not.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

May 14:It doesn't get better.


There is lots of news on a resurgence of anti-abortion movements in the U.S.
Anti-abortion....these are the same people who cheer their  hero military for  starving children children to death in Yemen, and murdered children by the millions all over the world.

And why limit the word of the Lord to children? The American military are dripping with medals for murdering over twenty million humans just since 1950.

Beware of virtuous hypocrites - and morons.

Hey - it's not my fault that so many of our self-righteous idiots and hypocrites are on the political right.


In a capitalist society, the only purpose of medical drugs is to make billionaires richer. A close look at the Canadian industry would be worthwhile. But our commercial news industry isn't going to do that.


Palestinians and Jews lived together in peace for centuries in what we used to call the "holy land". In the 1930s and  40s, it was not Palestinians who murdered Jews. That was Naziis. AND THE NAZIIS WERE MUCH ASSISTED BY BRITAIN, CANADA, AND THE U.S. who refused to give Jews refuge, and who took no action against the death camps even after they knew what was happening.

Palestinians have received no  fair treatment from the west. Indeed, Israel has been encouraged to murder them, starve them..and destroy them in every way.

The West has been murderous and hateful thoughout this issue.  Israelis  have been calculating in their long effort to destroy the Palestinian people - and we may be approaching the late stages of this game.

And Israelis have succeeded in what Hitler could not do. They have destroyed the principles of Judaism.


This is a strange story. As first appeared, the story was that  saboteurs (probably Iranian)  had set bombs in them. U.S. officials, in particular, held this view. But now, it seems, there was little to no damage.

Well somebody was lying.

Here's a fuller story - but still with no sense of who did it. Iran is not the only possible suspect - though it's the one the American press will jump on.


People on both sides will leap to conclusions. American news media will say Iran did it. But what on earth does Iran gain by such a slight attack? The U.S., on the other hand, would gain by it as providing an excuse for war with Iran.

What on earth would Iran possibly gain with small explosions on those tankers?
Answer - nothing. What would the U.S. gain?




Well, well, well - the British working class is so badly paid that it's almost as badly off as the American working class. Actually, the Americans are even worse off since health care is something they can only dream about.That's what happens when you allow billionaires to run loose in a country.



Nah. Climate change isn't happening.

An intelligent analysis of what is happening in the Iran crisis.


Then, for a change, an impartial assessment of Assange.


When I lived in New Brunswick, it was (and still is) run by its ruthless (and possibly murderous) Irving family. The Irvings, who owned the forests as everything else, sprayed them - and the people and animals below - with Monsanto pesticide

When the chief medical officer raised alarms about this, those puppets New Brunswickers call the government, got rid of her. And the spraying went on (and the people of New Brunswick, wimpy as always, allowed the Irvings to go on spraying them.



Will  the Irvings stop the spraying?   I doubt it very much. Will the people of New Brunswick rise up against this? I doubt it very much.

Enjoy the New Brunswick beaches this summer. Don't breathe too deeply.


Middle-of-the-road Democrats are indistinguishable from Republicans. American government has been corrupted in that way almost from the start.

Whatever his faults might be, the sin of Assange is that he told the truth that American governments didn't want the American people to know - though they had every right to know it - and a journalist had ever obligation to report it.







The risks in a war with Iran are very, very serious,  indeed. And I'm particularly alarmed that the man behind the war is John Bolton. He is quite crazy, always has been. I'm astonished that even Trump     would have him in his cabinet. And also astonished that Trump appears to be off playing golf while Bolton sets the U.S. off on such a course. That's why I paid so much attention (above) to the very strange incident of the tankers that were 'attacked'.


We have done nothing for 30 years. And I see no indication of our governments doing anything for the next thirty.

Despite popular belief, Americans are not - as a nation - the most wealthy in the world. The British, my no means rich, are better off than Americans. And, considering cheaper access to education all the way through university, considering health care, the people of many countries are better off than Americans.  Of course.

The U.S. is a nation that robs most of its people blind And it's getting worse.
The U.S. is a nation that gives no thought whatever to the needs of its middle class and it's poor. And with the likes of premiers Ford and Cheney, of any New Brunswick premier I  have ever heard of, and of blood-sucking wretches like the Irvings of New Brunswick, it's getting worse.

And voting Canadians, by their own intellectual laziness, continue this.


Hitler was  his own worst enemy. In 1940, France was defeated. So was Britain - and Churchill knew it. And the U.S., though it could defeat Japan, was out of the picture in Europe. Hitler had won.

Then it was Hitler who lost the war. He invaded Russia.  Essentially, it was the Russians, at terrible cost to themselves,  who destroyed Germany. Funny how few of our war histories mention that.


How come the U.S. didn't go to war with Germany until several weeks after Pearl Harbour? Because American capitalists didn't give a damn about Britain or France. It wanted a war with Japan so the U.S. could steal the immense plunder of China. It set this up by cutting off Japanese oil supplies. It knew that Japan must have that oil, and that it would retaliate. (They just didn't expect the retaliation would be on Pearl Harbour.)

That's why the U.S. bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was to end the war before Russia could steal china.


I spent most of my working life as an historian. And I can tell you. If you want lots of lies, read history. If you want lots and lots of lies, read American history - or Canadian - or British...
As a child, my sympathies in 1945 were for the Jews of Europe. That was natural. I had Jewish friends. And there was no doubt of the horror of Hitler. To this day, most of my friends are Jewish. But they are not Israeli Jews. Today, the murderers of the Holocaust are Israeli Jews. Today, Netanyahu is Hitler.


And most of my Jewish friends would agree with that appraisal.


We are in an age of millions of people fleeing their homelands because of starvation resulting  in sending their flight to save their lives. Our reaction? Check out Trump at the border. Check out the wrecked boats in European waters, boats whose passengers have all drowned.

Their number will soon be hundreds of millions, many hundreds of millions, at least. And we Christians have a long history of being murderous bastards.



Capitalism creates poverty. It's designed to do that. It's basic force is greed, pure greed - and with no responsibility.


Quite so. And one of the cowards is most of Europe - and all of Canada.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

May 11:I think we're heading to the last chapter


The United States is the only country in the world, it seems, that has the right to tell other countries who they're allowed to trade with - and if they're allowed to trade at all. It can - and does - use this power to starve nations (yes, starve to death) nations. This is why 40,000 children have starved to death in  Venezuela. This is why a war against Iran is very likely.

Is any other country allowed to tell the U.S. who it can trade with? Of course not.
God bless America. God bless the American right to rule the world.

And why has the U.S.  commanded who is allowed to trade and who isn't? That's because God has given the U.S. to rule the world.

(No. I'm not exaggerating. The U.S. has been given by God the right to rule the world. And the first thing it has to do is to make the world safe for Christian capitalists. Let's get serious. I'm not exaggerating. Millions of Americans - perhaps a majority - believe this.)

Why Cuba? That's because it has been the first to successfully challenge the power of the American empire. And so it is that Cuba must suffer, and Cubans must die.  But don't worry about it.

Canadians will never suffer this. Canadian governments would never dream of anything that would interfere with  the will of American capitalists. That's why Canadian leaders cheer the hardships and death that America is imposing.

The U.S. is the bastard child of the vilest empire in history - the old British Empire. And, like the old British Empire, it's way, way above the second and third-raters - like Hitler.

I mean, Hitler never asked God to bless him for his murders.


Gee! I don't want to sound like a communist or nuthin'. But maybe we should think of drugs as being something to help people; not just something to make billionaires richer.


This is not just an amusing story. In fact, it's not amusing at all.
Trump is a compulsive liar. His lying, his self-worship affect all his decisions. And he is leading the world into some very dangerous waters.

His leadership is not for the good of the American people. It's for himself and his own glorification. In short, the world's most powerful nation and the one Canada is glued to is led  by the man who has the power and the self-delusion to destroy the whole planet.


Ireland, Scotland, Wales-- the sun is setting on "the empire on which the sun never sets". In my own lifetime as a child of the empire, it can remember the school morning which began with saluting 'Canada's flag', the Union Jack, and reciting, "I pledge allegiance to this flag, and to the empire for which it stands. "God save our gracious King.
Long live out noble king.
God Save the King.
Send him victorious, happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God save the King."

If you have tears....



Conditions were better after the first revolt of the Iranians against British rule  (and plunder). But that ended when Britain and the U.S. leaped in again to set up a dictator.

So Iran revolted again - but this time with a much less democratic leadership.


The holocaust of our time is the destruction of Palestine - and Palestinians.


Long ago when the world was young, I shared radio space with Gwynne Dyer. He was on just before me on a CBC morning show. He will have forgotten me by now. But I remember him as the best commentator I ever heard.



Take a good look at the map at this site. Israel  has already stolen most of Palestine.


Don't ever get sick in the U.S. It's view is that the purpose of sickness is to create  profits for privately owned health care. The middle class go poor paying for it. The poor just die.



Cards and chocolates are very nice. But they don't to anything for anybody - except the dealers who sell them.


Almost all popular writing about war is false. The war against Germany was NOT fought to stop Naziism. It was not fought to save Jews. Indeed, Canada and the U.S. were almost as anti-semitic as Hitler was. Many Canadian and American business leaders actually collaborated with Hitler almost to the end of the war. Why did the U.S. drop two atomic bombs on Japan when it was already beaten?   (hint - it had nothing to do with defeating Japan.)

And if the Churchill's of Britain really cared about the murderous behaviour of the Naziis, why had they created the most murderous and savage empire in history?
If the U.S. really gave a damn about the spread of Naziism, why did it wait until 1942 to enter the war against Germany?


Information clearing house does not have an entry for today. That is very unusual. Even more unusual - there is no notice of why it has not appeared.

Gee! Who woulda guessed?


Gee! What a surprise!




God bless America.


She will almost certainly be sent back to jail.


Wake up and smell the roses. Capitalism HAS failed.

Trump is all heart.



Long. But very,  very good.


We are in very serious trouble.

Our share of the world is controlled by people who understand only personal profit. That's not an exaggeration. People of great wealth are often like that. Narrow-minded, vastly impressed of themselves, and in utter contempt of the rest of us.

I was exposed to one of the types some years ago. She was a Canadian TV star, born wealthy and with a wealthy husband. He was a decent guy. But she?

Her whole   (and endless) supper was spent in spilling out contempt for anyone who wasn't rich. She was furious that we wasted tax money on health care for people who could die with no loss to the world. This went on for several hours.

As for the wealthier of capitalists, they give not a damn for human life. They send thousands, sometimes millions, every year to kill and to die - something their own offspring usually escape dying. Typical of that was a billionaire in Montreal in World War Two. His sons were dratted. And they were promptly assigned to military desk jobs in Washington.

Almost all wars are fought for them. Millions have died for them.

You think the U.S. fought World War Two to  block evil? Get real. It was fought so that American billionaires could take over the dying British Empire in places like the Middle East and, as they hoped, in China.

They have contempt for anyone who pays taxes. They have opposed just about every measure designed to help the Canadian people. They will murder millions. They will starve millions - for their own profit.

Is climate change happening? Of course it is. But for now, for example, the oil industry can think only of stretching out its oil sales as long as possible. The only real event of importance is the annual report.

How else can one explain the idiot joy of oil and mining companies over the loss of North Pole ice?

And they have no trouble finding servile politicians  to help them out. They have Donald Trump, of course. They have Doug Ford in Ontario. They have Jason Kenney in Alberta.

In Canada, they can always count on the Liberals and Conservatives. Both parties have built their histories on serving the rich. In the U.S., both parties have a long history of servility toward their masters. Even today, the Democrats who want to make change are in the minority.

And so our children (at best our grandchildren) will suffer and die. And still this country is full of people who mutter, "I vote conservative. My family has always voted Conservative."\

Can this be solved peacefully? I'm not at all sure it can be. Canadians and Americans have always slobbered at the feet of their billionaires. They call it patriotism. Certainly, any attempt to solve this will be regarded as a threat to the nation,  and be used to support the wealthy.

But we're going to be hurt anyway. So we had just as well hit the bastards first.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

May 09: VERY dangerous times


This one is very, very dangerous. It's also without any excuse.Until shortly after World War Two, Iran was  controlled by British oil companies. It was a dictatorship. And it was bled dry by a Britain that forced Iran to supply all oil for the Royal Navy - at no charge.

Iran overthrew the dictator and elected a government.

Britain appealed to the U.S. for  help. U.S. oil companies were happy to jump in. They and the British overthrew the elected government and installed the old dictatorship under the Shah. And the U.S., of course, happily took over real control.

So the Iranians overthrew the Shah, and reinstalled an elected government. That's why the U.S. says Iran is evil. And that's why, in the U.S. news media, Iran is evil. That's why the U.S. is now  placing sanctions on Iran's oil sales. (Despite it's common use of trade sanctions, the U.S. has no right to tell nations who they're allowed to trade with.) And that's why Bush is now preparing an invasion. This is all very much like the case of Venezuela.

But it's much more dangerous. This could blow up the whole Middle East. It also raises the risk of intervention by both Russia and China. And of an Israel which has its own ambitions about Iran. And - well - of Britain and France and other countries that require American kisses.

Oh, and it's illegal. Iran has not attacked the U.S. Nor can it. This is a war of pure theft - and it's all for the benefit of the God-worshiping American oil barons. And it's yet another war paid for by the American people - a war of no benefit to them, but of huge profit for the non-tax-paying billionaires of the U.S. oil industry.

Of course, and as always, the U.S. will be careful not to hurt any women or children.

Will Canada be asked (told) to join in?  Quite possibly. This is very much like the American assault on Venezuela which Trudeau has clapped hands for.


To a dangerous degree, American Democrats are from the same bag as American Republicans.

Antisemitism was by no means exclusively German. We have record of large doses of it across the western world, including Britain, Canada, and the U.S. And it still lurks.

And also check out Israel's treatment of Palestinians (who are a semitic people.) Yes, the are. And Israel kills them every day. Hitler must be  laughing in whatever hell he is in.



The good Christians of the U.S. are taking a stand against abortion. They say it's murder. Quite so. That's why they should jail themselves for murdering millions of babies in places like Korea, Iraq and Yemen since 1945. (And with the present crisis of tens of thousands of children, including babies, the U.S. is starving to death in Venezuela....)

Tell you what all you righteous Christians..think hard. When The Bible said 'Thou shalt not kill'. it didn't just mean unborn American babies.


Sounds reasonable? Would Bush pardon an Iraqi soldier who tortured and killed an American?

I'm so proud of our Canadian capitalists and the good work they're doing all over the world.


Sometimes we do the right thing.


Medicine is one of this world's great rep-off industries, especially in the U.S.



Like most American presidents, Trump always rushes to the aid of the very, very rich. To hell with the rest. He has an obligation to Puerto Rico because it's an American territory. But it's people are all poor, so who gives a damn.




There are many, many Jews who think that Israel has become a Nazi regime.

And Canada's government, too, lies about it's unemployment rate. This has been going on for many, many years.
Think about this one. It's all too true.



People who lie go into politics. People who tell the truth go into jail.



Nothing worse in our society than a journalist who tells the truth.

There is no room for freedom or democracy or international law in today's U.S.

And so the province of Ontario maintains it's record of duh-uh-uh.



Sometimes, modern China reminds me of the U.S.


...the land of the free and the home of the brave....

It's a little too early to believe this story - but it sounds possible.

The most frightening story of the day?  It's that the sending of a carrier and bombers to Iran was announced by Bolton.

What's frightening about that?

Any announcement of such a warlike move is always made by the leader of a nation. John Bolton is pretty high level in the American government. But he's not the head of state.

It's still confusing because the military statements suggest that this is not a declaration or war or of any recent decision - but a tactical move planned long ago.

Maybe. But that is not the impression John Bolton gave. His speech was the closest possible to a declaration of war.  And such declarations are always made by the head of state.

Did the head of state approve this? That doesn't make sense. He supports it now - but in the very different sense of this being a routine move.

Has John Bolton slipped his leash?

Bolton wants war. He wants world conquest. And he doesn't tolerate any power above him - no, not even a president.

Oh, our commercial news media pay no attention to it, but the U.S. has a sort of private, free enterprise army of at least five thousand. Such people are called mercenaries - which means they will happily kill anybody so long as they get paid.

They come from all over the world - and they live only to torture and kill - and rape and steal.

God bless America! It needs all the blessing it can get.

But don't be jealous of them. They'll soon be inviting Canada to join with the big kids. And both Liberals and Conservatives will be widdling on the floor in their eagerness to serve.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May 7: To hell with everybody...



Yes. This really is happening. And we are doing almost nothing about it.


The U.S. has not done well in most of its wars since 1945. And Iran is not a pushover.

As well,this war could draw in many countries, including China, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia.... And why is the U.S. so keen on attacking Iran? Because Iran had the nerve to kick out an American dictator,  and elect it's own government many years ago.

Will Canada support this? Of course. Mr. Trump will bend over, and Trudeau will kiss. We can only hope he has the courage to refuse to send Canadian troops.


We are slipping into the politics of hate just as Trump did in the U.S. and Hitler in Germany

The U.S. is for plundering by U.S billionaires That's why there is so much poverty in South America. The whole purpose of an empire is to  debase and plunder its victims.

In the U.S., this plundering extends to the plundering and debasing of Americans. And it's become increasingly obvious ( except in our new media) what is happening.




This can't be true. If it were, our local news sources would have told us.


In just the last 10 years, the U.S. has spent almost 5 TRILLION dollars on war.
Correction - the common American has spent almost 5 trillion dollars on war. Very wealthy American haven't spent a cent on it. That's because they're allowed to escape paying taxes. Indeed, most of those trillions simply went into the pockets of the very wealthy.

This is an astonishing plundering of the American people - a plundering that shows up in homelessness, in lack of free medical care for all, in the debasement of  public education..... as almost all the wealth of the nation becomes held by a small number of billionaires.

I don't know where this is going - except that it is going to violence. In the US and to a lesser degree  Canada, we have probably long past a peaceful solution. Nor has it ever been possible  that the very wealthy would temper their greed.\________________________________________________________



There is not the slightest possibility the polluters will pay.






This has not been a good day. As I plowed through the news stories, mostly about western brutality, torture, murder, deliberate starvation of children, eternal killing, stories of a Canada   complicit in this - at the insanely murderous leadership of the US, of unlimited greed and plunder and brutality - and our slack-jawed acceptance of this - I can only be depressed by it - and by us.

Either murderous or gutless, we have hit bottom in our acceptance of a world society that is destroying itself. As things are going, there is no hope of our society surviving this. We are led by slavering animals who will destroy us even as they destroy themselves. (Yes,  I am thinking of Trump and Bolton, and Doug Ford of Ontario and the slavering stupidity of a  Jason Kenney and all those Albertans who voted for him.)

And then there's a Trudeau who will roll over - and maybe even take a hand - in the killing that is going on.

We have become a shambles of a society led by people so insane they don't even know  they are laying the ground for their own destruction.

Meanwhile, the rich are plundering the rest of us on a massive scale. U.S. poverty is actually growing as the wealthy rob their workers every payday.

And the Christian churches seemingly. haven't noticed any of this.

It gets harder every day to read of the greed and  stupidity that has become - all of us. It is bad enough that the wealthy are leading all of this. It is contemptible that the rest of us pretend it isn't happening.