Tuesday, June 25, 2019

June 25: Let's get real. Let's get angry.


Again, the CBC is doing what all of our news media should have been doing for the last 30 years. Get used to it. But most of your news media lie to you - and always have. CBC has taken a brave and intelligent stand.


Well, yes.  As I've said before, The Guardian has weaknesses. But even at that it far outclasses most of the journalism world.


That's an important story that you ain't never going to see in most of our news media.
And, indeed, human rights are not surviving it.


Quebec is racist. But don't just blame the French. I lived most of my life there - and there was profound racism directed at Blacks, Orientals, Jews and others. And it came from both French and English. Indeed, I don't know of any province in Canada that is not racist.


Nah. There ain't no climate change.


I'm not surprised by this news. But I fear the results for my students and friends in Hong Kong.


I have not heard from them lately. And I fear for them.
This next item is several weeks old - but still timely.




Paul Craig Roberts always sounds extreme. But he is very, very knowledgeable.


One often hears Americans who have the impression that the U.S. has been the leading force in bringing democracy to the world. In fact, It's been a leading force in destroying democracies.


I don't what to say about this next one.


I have felt that, on occasion, it was not honest. But generally, I have thought it the best of the dailies. Certainly, most of its news is honest. But does it stray?
I'm going to have to pay more attention to it.

Well, that's good news. Now, if only we had candidates, somewhere, worth voting for.



The frightening (terrifying) part of all this is that Bolton and his friends are still running loose acting as though they are the presidency. They are the ones who almost started a war - without bothering to tell the president - and he let them get away with it and has kept them in power.

They are now consulting with Israel as a partner in their schemes. And Israel is one of the most dangerous nations running loose in this world Those are our friends in the region - an Israel which has been busy destroying Palestine: a Saudi Arabia, another vicious one that murders its own people is running loose..


Why are migrants fleeing their countries? In Latin America, it's largely because they are fleeing countries kept in poverty and even starvation by American and Canadian corporations.

Empires, almost by definition, are brutal, exploitative, indifferent to human need. And American empires are not different. God bless America? Get stuffed.

In Africa, the empires are the same - with the addition of bombing of civilians and of climate change - which is going to get a lot worse.


I have often said that most of the commercial news media deal in propaganda rather than news. I think of that whenever I pick up the paper in Ottawa, the city I live in. It's owned by a big-selling paper - The Last Post.

One of its items for the day is by Andrew Coyne, a columnist highly respected by intellectually challenged editors. Today, he takes on the issus of taxing the rich. Most research shows that the super rich walk away every year without paying taxes. But Andrew Coyne knows better.

Shucks, says Coyne, The amount would be so little, it ain't worth payin'. In fact, Coyne has no evidence for what he is writing - and it is, at best, vague. Roughly, he seems to say that the rich are poor. Right.

This is the kind of writer the  The Last Post just loves. The doesn't criticize the rich. And anyone who wants to do anything for the mass of the population is a crackpot.

And climate change? Forget it. Just read Rex Murphy's column. For a start, it's a big problem and Canada is too small to fix it. And any money the Liberals might spend on climate change won't matter because it's not enough. So what the hell.  Relax. burn all the oil you want.

This is typical Natonal Post fare.

I have never seen  honesty in these papers. That's because they are designed to be propaganda sheets. Long years ago, I was on radio at almost the same time as the founder of National Post, Conrad Black.  (He always closed his eyes in conversation because he just loved the sound of his voice.)

His thinking was extreme right wing. And that's what  his paper was - essentially a propaganda sheet. It has never done honest reporting on climate change, for example. Eventually, his sins caught up to him, and he was sent to jail for several years in the U.S. But he then kissed up to Donald Trump and was pardoned on all charges.

Delightful person.

Almost all Canadian dailies are branded with stinkership. But the National Post is the leader - perhaps surpassed only by the New Brunswick papers of the Irving Press.

We face one hell of a challenge in dealing with climate change. We cannot trust most of our news media. Most are just propaganda sheets.

Canada is owned by the very, very wealthy, so wealthy they can buy politicians - notably those in the Liberal and Conservative parties. That's why Trudeau  promises to deal with climate change while at the same time  building a new pipeline that will last for decades, guaranteeing no significant action on climate challenge.

Let's be clear. Canada is NOT a democracy.  It cannot be a democracy so long as the wealthy have the power to buy our politicians - and so long as the Liberals and Conservatives hold their hands out - and so long our news world is so corrupt. And so long as Canadians are dumb enough to accept this corruption.

We cannot deal with world problems that have an effect on us so long as we and our politicians kiss the American rear end. At the end of World War Two, we were going to create a new world, a world to end wars. We didn't do it. And over 20 million have died because of our failure to do it.

The UN,  intended to end war was, almost immediately twisted into the American attempt to conquer China by way of Korea. And ever since then, the U.S. has fought wars entirely in its own commercial interest - and we have supported it. It has completely ignored international law  - as it is now doing in Iran. We became partners in greed and torture. Indeed, just about every war since 1945 has been a war for American corporations - notably in oil - to murder and steal, to murder children and civilians on a scale never before dreamt of.

Now, as we are faced with the strong possibility of the end of our planet, we are using all our time and resources to murder men, women, and children all over the world. And we have not lifted a finger to save ourselves and our world.

This is worse than stupidity. This is insanity.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

June 22: A Quiet Day - as they go.




CBC news has been promising much fuller coverage of climate change - and so far it's delivering it. That's very different from our privately owned news media.


God bless America.

We're not out of the woods yet. Not by a long shot. It's not really clear who is in charge in Washington - Trump or Bolton and  Pompeo? And even if it still turn out to be Trump, this is the man who illegally interferes with Iran trade. He has no business giving orders to Iran on who it is allowed to trade with. As well,
Trump is  under pressure from Saudi Arabia, Israel,  and United Arab Emirates. This is all really just one more version of the determination of American big business to rule the world.

There is no telling how big this war could get.


Look. We have to get used to it. We have to become one world. We  have to get over our racism and race superiority. We now have some  71 million migrants in the world - and most of them due to our greed. In the not very different future,  that number will rise to over a billion.
We really don't have a choice.


Bring me you tired, your poor.....

We don't pay the attention to public schooling that we should. It has the power to mould children for the rest of their lives. It, badly and cheaply run,  has the power to destroy them for the rest of their lives.
My early schooling was in the schools of the poor. I know well how such schooling drives them into poverty for life. Schooling on the cheap - as the political servants of the rich are showing us (check out Doug Ford and Ontario which imprisons the poor for life in poverty.)

Give your children a chance.

We can afford to let our billionaires skip taxes. We can afford to given them our money whenever they ask for it. Show your children as much care as you show your billionaires.

Better still - give some thought for offering public education for the adult poor.



We are all being systematically robbed by our wealthy.

We've know n this for over thirty years. And we're doing - nothing. ______________________________________________________



Wasn't this a terrible thing when Hitler did it?



Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"

impudent site. move to right to see missing part...

Gee. I wonder how man Ontario papers covered this story.


This is a relatively blah blog for a blah day. The world, especially Canada, is showing little thought in the midst of a moneyed class that has gone wild. It buys politicians. It supports wars that are to its profit. It creates immense horror in parts of the world. And will soon be causing it much more.

Around the world. basic needs of humanity are ignored. And deliberate starvation and murder are the rule of the day.

And, oh, the general population is passive. We are approaching the greatest disaster in world history. And the Canadian people are scratching their rear ends wondering whether to vote Liberal or Conservative!!!
(And the NDP and Greens, while better, are still well short of what has to be done.

Climate change is happening. It will destroy us. The wealthy of Canada, the U.S., and other countries are robbing us all blind. And they won't stop until there is nothing left to take.

We are sliding down hill very, very fast.

And we're building a new pipeline.

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801

Gee! No wonder Trump is so proud of his brave American soldiers.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

June 20: Things are very, very dangerous.


Get this. Canada led the world in accepting refugees while the U.S. at many, many times the size of Canada came second. - which makes one wonder about the bigotry and racism of the rest of the world.

And you know what? Despite the warnings of Donald Trump these refugees are not running through our streets raping and murdering and pushing drugs.

This world now has over 70 million migrants fleeing war, climate change and racism. And it's going to get worse, much, much worse. Europe is actually penalizing people for trying to save refugees from drowning.  Let's get real.

We are all of  us people who have to live on this planet. We have to get over our bigotry and racism.  You don't want Africans or Latins? I'd accept them a lot faster than Americans who set records for shooting each other.

I went to school as as a kid whose family goes back to 1650 in Canada. My friends were kids born in Poland, Syria, Italy....in university I taught Palestinians, Chinese, Dutch and, as an adult, most of my friends were Jewish. I survived, and it was great.

Add to that the reality that the whole world is being madly shaken by climate change and war. We can either help the victims - or we can kill them as the Donald Trumps of this world are doing.

Get real. Centuries of migrants are what created Canada.


Why is the U.S. threatening Iran? Has Iran threatened to attack the U.S.? No. Has it in any way interfered with U.S. oil supplies? No. Has it flown spy planes over the U.S.? No.

All of  this fuss and danger is because American billionaires want to own the oil that belongs to Iran. (The billionaires won't pay for the war, of course. They don't pay taxes.) The American tax payer will pay for it - the price being even greater damage to the American public education system. And of course,  the poor will pay for it by not getting the help they should be getting from their own country.

This is greed and murder. Nothing else. And it's strongest supporters are American Christians.

And Jesus wept.


CBC has lately make a point of offering criticism of parties - notably Conservative - that are not taking climate change seriously. This is a serious and important direction. And you will find very little of this sort of questioning in most of our news media. And you won't find it at all in that Gawdawful Toronto Post or New Brunswick's Irving press.



I grew up in a Quebec in which we had religious symbols shoved down our throats. The biggest one, a monstrous cross still stands to dominate the whole city skyline. But the horror of seeing muslim women wearing hoods changed all that.


When that glacier melting ends, 1 billion people will lose one  of this world's greatest agricultural regions. Then what?

It's hard to know who is calling the shots in Iran. The person who started the problem is, certainly, John Bolton with the support of Pompeo. Both should have been fired on the spot. But Trump has been gentle. He seems certain to get rid of Bolton - but in a gentle way. And, meanwhile, he has been remarkably slow to take charge. He's drifting - and that's not good.


Saudi Arabia has not been impressive as a military power - and notably not so in Yemen. But the U.S. supports it against even American principles - it's use of children soldiers, its starvation of at least tens of thousands of Yemen children,, it's supply of weapons to the Saudis at a time when much of the world is backing off, it's proven role in murdering a Saudi journalist....

And they're on our side...



Canada is NOT different.



Let's get real. Canadian leaders don't care about what happened and what is happening to indigenous   women. No. Not just Canadian leaders - the Canadian people.


Most of our news media  have been ignoring this. But the reality is that the U.S. has been negotiating a way out of Afghanistan for some time now. Given its wealth and massive spending on weapons, the U.S. has not been militarily a dazzler since 1945 - Korea, Vietnam spring to mind.
Twenty years of war that should never have been fought in the first place. And all those dead who died fighting for their country....like hell they were fighting for their country. That's one of those brainless terms that some people love.

Fighting for one's country might mean something if one were fighting off an invasion..... But murdering thousands of people who had done nothing to harm the U.S.? The only ones who might have made money out of this were land and mineral companies. Those soldiers weren't fighting for their country. They were fighting for a handful of greedy billionaires. And the same can be said of the Canadians we sent there.

Wake up Canadian Legion. Represent your members who were sent into a war that had nothing to do with us and should never have been fought. Wake up. As it is you spend most of time kissing up to the     billionaires and their political hacks who were responsible for the deaths of your comrades.

The did not die fighting for their country - and if you think they did, tell me what "our country" was supposed to get out of this.

On armistice day, we remember our veterans - as we should. We - and the Legion, should also be giving serious thought to whether, in wars like Korea and Afghanistan we were throwing our soldiers to die in somebody else's war.

Since 2001, the U.S. has spent almost 5 trillion dollars on war. Would you seriously believe this has made the U.S. a happier and better place? In Iraq, it murdered one and a half million people - mostly civilians.  The U.S. loss was less than 4,500. Does that make you cheer their heroism?


Oh, our billionaires are so good to us. They create jobs and everything.




It has become obvious that Trump is not the one in charge of decision-making about Iran. Who is? I don't know. it may be Bolton and Pompeo. It may go much deeper into the American military command.



As a child, I read the story of Lawrence of Arabia, the British soldier of World War 1 who became the darling of the British Empire by organizing the Saudis into a nation, and establishing them and their oil with British companies.

Well, I was only 12. I had no idea that Lawrence was simply working for British oil, and no idea that the rulers of Saudi Arabia were and are the most brutal bastards on the face of this earth.

Today, Saudi Arabia record of brutality is so vicious that many countries refuse to deal with it. Even the British courts denounce Saudi Arabia and have blocked its attempts to get more weapons and kill more people - including it own. But the U.S. just loves the Saudis. That's why it sells weapons for it to kill children in Yemen. That's why it protects the Saudis against charges it uses child soldiers.

And Israel, in defiance of Jewish religious values, buddies up to help Israel steal Palestinian and Syrian land. That's why it supports Israel's murder of Yemenis.

Yep. Britain, U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia - these are the murderers on our side. And they are all unspeakably  vicious and murderous.


Our best buddies.

This has been my most unpleasant day at the computer since I started this blog.
There is nothing here but greed, viciousness. arrogance - stupidity.

Who's in charge in the U.S.? I don't know. The decisions seem to come from every direction. and Trump seems to be running just to give the impression he's leading.

The western world, at least, has a leadership of vicious capitalists supported by political hacks who take orders from the capitalists. Even Trump is in no sense in charge of what is happening. And Canadians, Americans and Europeans,at least,    show no sense of what is happening. It's as though they have hypnotized themselves into stupidity.

Enough. I can't write anything sensible about what we have become.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

June 18: It is probable that on this post....

......we shall get our 1,000,000 viewer.

Oh, yeah. Those Iranians are always attacking people. Not at all like peace-loving Americans. And millions of Christian fundamentalists in the South will actually believe this transparent crap, and feel the virtue running through their veins.

Shortly after Trump blamed Iran for the attack, the owner of the Japanese tanker announced that Trump was not telling the truth. Iran, he says, did not attack his ship.

When Trump spoke, Britain jumped in on his side. Of course. The days of British glory are over. And it now has to kiss up to the U.S.


Not to worry. The British have him sealed up, and they know as much about torture as the U.S. does.


I worry that they're working too hard. Don't you?

Take this next one VERY seriously. The whole world is in a state of decay. That's why we're producing Trumps and Fords, and Cheneys. There is a profound disillusion, a sense of loss of direction that produces these people. Their rise is one hell of a strong reminder of our failure to prepare for the future back in 1945. We  blew it. In particular, the very wealthy of the world arose in a frenzy of making money no matter what the cost to humanity. And it's going to get worse.
And we're living through a horrible slough of greed, hatred, racism, mass murder and, most of all, fear.


We missed the world of Vera Lynn.

"There'll be blue birds over
The white cliffs of dover.
Tomorrow when the world is free.
There'll be love and laughter
And peace ever after,
Tomorrow. just you wait and see.



Wow! Those Hong Kongers are one tough  bunch. This really is very impressive.


This is a major change in its relationship to commercial news coverage across Canada. You would never see such a statement in, say, any of  the national post papers. Or in almost all of the commercial news media across Canada.

I'll save my praise until something actually happens. But one has to live in hope.

And how come most of the other news media haven't noticed all this going on?

Los Angeles, the city of fun and glamour...



A high percentage of Canadians believe that climate change is happening. But many of those feel we mustn't rush. No. Lotsa time. Lotsa time.


Be proud, Canada. This goldmine whose staff murder the locals and the employees in large numbers is owned in Toronto. Isn't that nice.
And it's not just in Africa that Canadian mine-owners murder people. Check out their mines in Latin America. Gee. Funny how no Canadian news agency has ever noticed that.
The war industries don't just supply weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia. They also supply training, field guidance, even leadership.


The Hong Kong protesters are young. That means this could be a protest with legs for many years to come.


The Christian solution to the refugee crisis at sea? Let 'em drown.


The first intelligent analysis of the Iran crisis I have seen.



We have lotsa time to deal with climate change, lotsa time.....




Yep. He's a man of God is our Jason Kenney of Alberta. just like all those other greedy, selfish. and self-serving Christians all over the world.







Journalists are supposed to dig out information - especially those things government doesn't want us to know. Assange was a journalist. But oh,  there's a lot the U.S. government doesn't want people to know.



Quite possible. The U.S. has come to see bombing as it's preferred method of war. Casualties are usually light for the attacker. But very, very heavy when aimed indiscriminately at civilians, children, schools, hospitals.

This has been one of the most depressing reports I  have had to write. In problems of climate, of social services, education, of insane killing, of mad greed, we have been sliding into the pit for thirty years and more. At our present pace and lack of direction and organization and leadership, humanity will not last for this century. Indeed, as the U.S. seeks wars against Iran, China, Venezuela, Latin America.......and as we fail to do anything about any of our problems, our future could be a very short one, indeed.

Monday, June 17, 2019

June 23: Praise the Lord....

....and pass the ammunition...
(The following item is not the usual  blog. That will appear on June 18 with regular blog.  This one, dated June 17, is not at all a regular blog. It's an extra.)

"praise the Lord and pass the ammunition...."

That was a popular song right after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, a song about 3 pastors who joined the soldiers at the guns during the attack by Japanese bombers.

You think that was a suitable activity for Chistian clergy? Care to pick out the section of The Bible that would recommend this? And why was Japan doing this in the first place?

In 1942, Japanese troops were stomping all over British and Chinese in China. This concerned the U.S. But not for the reasons you might think.

For well over a century, British invaders had been plundering China,  India and other countries. These were valuable parts of the British Empire. The Chinese and India had suffered brutal working conditions for low and even non-existent pay. In many cases, the British even starved millions to death, though food was available. The British people didn't get much out of this but, oh, the upper class was smothered in money. (In that respect, it was much like the behaviour of U.S. billionaires today in places like Latin America where the U.S. billionaires murder and plunder - which the American lower classes get little of.)

But by 1940, the British hold on China had been replaced by a massive Japanese invasion. Britain was helpless. However, the American upper class slavered at the possibility of stealing China from Britain.  (In the same way, American capitalists were eager to join the war against Germany in Africa. There again was there British wealth to be stolen - as in the oil fields of Saudi Arabia which the British had got hold of in World War One.)

But there was no way the American people were going to be interested in war whether in Africa or China. And this was a question for President Roosevelt. How could be set up a war? The answer was to make the Japanese strike first. That would rouse American support for a war.

And that is why, in 1941, the U.S. cut off oil to Japan. It controlled virtually all of Japan's oil supply. Americans wouldn't go to war? Well, if Japan's oil supply was cut off, it would have to attack the U.S.

The weakness of Roosevelt's plan? He had no idea where Japan might strike. Certainly, nobody expected it would be an attack by aircraft carriers on the heavily armed base of Pearl Harbour. Of all the attacks in World War 2, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour was probably the most brilliant.

But who started the Japanese/U.S. war in Asia? It was the U.S. And it certainly wasn't a U.S. attempt to help the Chinese or anybody else. It was the desire of US capitalists to help themselves. And if it had done so, it would have been as brutal as  Brutish capitalists - and Japanese ones - would have been. (The U.S. had always been brutal and dictatorial with The Phillipines for over forty years.)

N.B. our news media then and to this day have never, ever referred to the American actions as anything but noble.

And who set off World War 1 in Europe? Actually, it wasn't Hitler.

At the end of World War 1, it was generally agreed that Germany had NOT started that war. It was much, much more complicated than that. The war happened because the countries in the region had all prepared for years for a war. And anything could trigger that war because, since they were all prepared and since the preparations would be difficult to disentangle a war would be hard to stop.

A young man murdered an archduke. Every country is terrified this could mean war. So every country pushed itself into war fearing that any delay could be fatal. One of the last to enter was - Germany. 

Of course, in the press on our side, any country that entered the war on the other side was evil. And so Germany was evil.

When Germany surrendered in 1918, most of the other countries agreed that Germany had not started the war, and so should not be penalized for it.

But the British refused, saying that Germany had to be heavily penalized financially.  Did even the British believe that?  Probably not. But heavy penalties on Germany would pretty much destroy Germany as an economic rival to British capitalists. And the British won.

Germany was shattered by that decision. Conditions in the German economy got so bad that its paper money became worthless - so worthless, it was common to burn sacks full of it. The Germans were devastated, a whole nation virtually paralyzed, destroyed.

And this created the atmosphere in Germany of fear, suffering, anger of a frightened and hopeless people.

It was exactly the atmosphere for the angry speeches of a young Adolph Hitler who, choosing his scapegoat much as Donald Trump has chosen Latin American migrants, whipped the German people into fury at Jews.

Who caused World War Two? Who turned a Hitler loose on the world?

There was a strong case to be made that Britain did. But our headlines never mentioned Britain as evil.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

June 20:sometimes one has to hate everybody.


For a couple of centuries, Hong Kong has been more a nation than being a part of a nation. For a very long time, it was forced to be a British nation despite the arrogance and obnoxiousness of the British. Then -

- I remember walking down a street at a time when China had kicked out the British, and took over control.  I noticed lots of activity as we passed a large building. I turned to one of my students who was walking with me, and asked, "Why is that place so busy?"

He frowned in disgust. "These", he said, "are our new masters."

Yes, even as Hong Kong thought it was rid of its British parasites. It, briefly, was a nation, and one with a distinct character But now that's gone - and I greatly fear the consequences.

And here is what is called fake news. A couple of tankers were attacked in the Strait of Hormuz. The implications of the report are pretty clear if not absolute. The dirty deed came from Iran. That implication and no other runs through this whole story. This is a repeat of a similar report on an attack on tankers in Emirate waters. The implication of all news reports I saw was that Iran did the dirty deed.

In fact, there is no evidence it did so - and the nature of the attack suggested to me that it has nothing to do with Iran. It was a setup.

And now this case? Again - speculation, but no evidence.

So far, all the reporting I'm seen suggests Iran is evil. (And there is, of course, no mention of U.S. interference with Iran shipping.)

It reminds me of the time -   many years ago now -  an American navy communications ship in the Mediterranean was attack by Israel  aircraft. The attack was quite deliberate. The ship was bombed in many attacks. crew members escaping in lifeboats were machine gunned for a high death toll. There is no doubt the attack was ordered by Israel, and no doubt it knew this was an American ship. Why the attack?

Nobody knows - possibly a paranoid fear that this ship was feeding information to Palestinians - though that's pretty wild even by Israeli standards.

Funny thing, though. The western press almost entirely ignored the story. And to this day the incident has never been explained.

Fake news - it's been around for a long time. And our news media have been prominent in using it. Yes, even the CBC.

Here's the story.


Yes. There is fake news. But the biggest sources of fake news are our commercial news media. (In my spare time, I am writing a blog on  use of fake news by our most respected news media dealing with world wars one and two.)

Here's a better report from The Guardian.
Incidentally, it's rare to find any report accusing the U.S. of interfering with shipping. But it has done so for decades, threatening and forbidding the shipping of countries like Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Yemen, leaving millions to starve and die.

How many stories have you seen about that?

In 1939, the British Empire - the largest in history - began its rapid collapse. Within a decade it was all over.
As I said at the start of this blog, the Hong Kong riots are not the usual sort. Hong Kongers are not just dissatisfied street demonstrators. They have become, over centuries, a nation, a people...We could be watching a dreadful tragedy. I fear we are.


The Saudis are good guys. That's why we're so happy to sell them weapons to kill the children of Yemen, and to hunt down their own women who try to flee the country.

Meanwhile, we gotta kill more of them Syrians and Palestinians.

In 1945, we were going to move beyond a world of squabbling nations. We were going to move toward some form of world government- a world of equality and sharing. The UN was supposed to be a step in that direction.

We didn't do it. In fact, the first major step of the UN was to let itself be used for an American war in Korea. The American decision post-war was to rule the world for the benefit of its very wealthy. But that, like the old British empire,
 has failed.

Can we still do what we said, in 1945, we would do? Can we still do what we told those all over the world that we would do?




In New Brunswick, thank you Mr. Irving for all those years you sprayed weed killer all over the  province. Now, little babies won't have weeks growing in the tummies.


Rabble has some old hands who go back to the days when CBC was allowed to be really good.


Lots of reports. Not much action. Can you imagine the turmoil there would be if the wives of rich men disappeared?

The world of 1939 hasn't worked since (or before) 1939. We have to forget a world that isn't practical any more.



Nothing short of that will do the U.S. any good.


Yes. Trump officials are rushing to blame Iran for the tanker attacks. And most of the news media - including the CBC - are helping them.


Hey. Common sense. If there were any crisis here Donald Trump would tell us. (Like, he used to be on TV.)


Hey. Not to worry. Jared Kushner just made 60 million dollars in his spare time in the middle east while working for the American taxpayers. Lots of money there.


Forget your glorious past, Britain. It was never glorious. And you need the time for full attention to your ass-kissing present.


Take a good look at those U.S. election numbers - all three of them.


Judaism has a long record of caring and encouraging. Never confuse Judaism with the governments of Israel.



We live in a world that George Orwell foresaw some 75 years ago.

And Julian Assange is going to die for telling the truth.

We are not the Naziis of our time. We are worse.


Oh, and did I mention a gutless Canadian population?

The most vicious nations in the world today are the U.S. and China - and then there's the snarling, sharp-toothed rats like Saudi Arabia and Britain.



Yes, we have people just like this in Canada - mostly in the Conservative Party but also support from Liberals.

Canadians - does Doug Ford make you proud to be a Canadian?



We've seen a lot of this. We're going to see much, much more. Climate change, war, brutality, exploitation have created millions of homeless and countryless people. And it's going to create many times more of these. Many, many, millions of starving, wretched people are fleeing unlivable conditions  And what are we doing?

Virtually nothing. Those who make it to Europe are crammed into primitive conditions. Those who flee to the U.S. experience broken families and brutal treatment and, often enough, death.

Climate change, soil destruction, starvation are destroying a world we knew. And so we are doing - nothing.

The old world of nation states should have been changed many decades ago. And the only alternative to denationalizing the world is to massacre all of those who are poor or 'different'. Trump's wall, the refugee camps of Europe are only a mild taste of what's to come.

We need government by saints. We're getting government by brainless and murderous louts.

Oh! I wish I'd been there.



Donald Hitler Trump and his Naziis.


Betcha haven't seen this post in most of Canada's corporate press.

Here's a sketch of the Bilderberg group I had not known about.

There will be no blog this Saturday. However, I am toying with the idea of a special issue of this blog  with some truths about World War 1 and World War 2 - and who the bad guys were. It wasn't just Hitler.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

June 11: Wow! Social media spread fake news. CBC breaks huge story....


Yep. It must be true because 90% of Canadians say they've been taken in by it.
You know - social media - like this blog are fake news. So there.

Is there fake news on social media?  You bet there is - sometimes as part of a professional telling of lies, sometimes becomes of sheer ignorant of the blogger.

You can also get fake news by tuning into any commercial news medium such as newspapers, TV, radio - even CBC. This CBC story, for example, never mentions the fact that almost all media spread false news. And this story, by not mentioning that part, is false news.

In all of history, the news has always had a heavy dose of falseness. A hundred and twenty years ago the world press went wild when Baden-Powell broke a boer siege at Mafeking. Baden-Powell became a world hero. In fact, it was a relief,British force that broke the siege. And, anyway, Baden-Powell was not supposed to be defending Mafeking in the first place. So that was falseness.

For centuries, the British and most western press never mentioned the horror, brutality and mass murder of the British Empire which was far, far worse than Hitler.

The American press spread false stories about the sinking of an American ship in a Cuba harbour to set up a war with Cuba.

Our daily news is full of lies. It always has been. And you'll find lies and ignorance in the social media just as you will in the commercial news media.
(In the 1950s, the U.S. murdered 200,000 of the quite innocent native Maya in Guatemala - as well as a large number of Roman Catholic clergy, nuns, and missionaires who supported the Maya. Not a single newspaper, radio station or TV has ever reported that story.  And when I say not a singe one, that includes  CBC.)

The CIA killers would have been just as happy to kill Americans or Canadians if they were told to.

To really get the news, you have to learn where to get it. Historically, The Guardian has been the most honest newspaper in the English-speaking world. It slipped quite badly since World War Two - but I note it has been hugely improving again lately. The Guardian and Israel's Haaretz are the world's class acts  in journalism.

I also use Gwynne Dyer who is probably the world's best military commentator - which is probably why most Canadian and American news media don't use him.
As well, I also use some 17 social media sites that have proven to be reliable. Perhaps the best of them in Information Clearing House.  I also use CBC because it's far the best in North America. But I do so with care because it has bad moments. And this was one of them.

90% of Canadians think social media are dishonest? Like that 90 % I have no idea how many are dishonest. I only know that almost all of our national news media in Canada and the U.S. are liars. And, alas, that sometimes includes fake news from CBC. (I did many a radio and TV broadcast for CBC. Most of its people are pretty good. But I've seen some incompetence and lying up close.)

Oh, I also use an excellent site with heavy influence of some very fine retired CBC people. It's called rabble.ca

Hey! America! Get real.
I read the Sunday edition of the New York Times for June 9. It ran two, big stories of how amazing it was that Canadians could play basketball. Dhu! Yeah! And we even know how to drink from a glass. Duh!

A Canadian, James Naismith, invented basketball. That was about a hundred and thirty years ago. And he taught  Americans how to play it.

Canadians also invented modern hockey and North American football.

Compared to Canada, the U.S. is bush league.


Almost every murdering scoundrel who ever lived has found an ally in the Christian churches - the followers of Christopher Columbus who robbed and murdered a continent, the British Empire that murdered 350 million people, the American    Empire which has been at war almost since 1776.... Even Hitler found it profitable to brand himself as a devout Catholic.

Oh, and Trump.



You have to be there to understand it. After lifetimes of suffering British arrogance and exploitation, Hong Kongers now face the even worse rule of Beijing._______________________________________________________

We have inflicted horrors on people that force them to flee their homes (Latin America) and to face high chances of drowning at sea. (Africa). This is going to get very much worse as our greed makes those countries unlivable. And there is no possibility we will give those people the help they need to survive the horror that we have inflicted on them.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this next one.


We're doing it in Canada, too. And Brazil is really going wild on destroying its forests - the same ones we need to stay alive as our climate changes.

But that's in the future. And the forestry industry never heard of 'future'.


Gee. I wonder if Trump is taking any money.
Here is a shameful story about the American government and it's deliberate failure to defend one of its ships and its crew from a deliberately murderous attack by - Israel.




Quebec once insisted on the display of religious symbols. But that was in a day when it was understood this meant Roman Catholic symbols. It wasn't until other religious groups also appeared wearing symbols that it became evil.


Any country that silences it's own people is playing with suppression. And when it silences its own people while allowing its media billionaires to say whatever they like, it is utterly destroying democracy.


And Canadian business groups have been active in this group. As have Canadian politicians.

And we look now at the Canadian politicians who are rising to power with  that ignorant and greedy lot - Doug Ford of Ontario, Jason Kenny of Alberta, Andrew Scheer running for prime minister... and in New Brunswick they have the voracious Irving family who use their newspapers to keep the whole province in ignorance of their greed.

This is all headed for a dreadful crash because these people are not only servants of the very, very greedy - but are also very, very stupid.

No nation can sustain the ignorance and greed of such people. A U.S. cannot survive the spending of trillions of dollars for wars all over the world while so many of its people live in such poverty, when health care isn't possible, when the children of the very, very rich can go to very, very expensive universities - often paying bribes to get them accepted. What you end up with that is some very stupid billionaires who run the country while millions of more intelligent children get tossed into underfunded public schools and, anyway, can't possibly afford expensive universities.

Indeed, we are close to a major crisis as our neglect of education leaves us with millions of students who can never get very far in education and, at the same time, produces the kind of spoiled morons who constitute the American congress and Canada's Senate - one of this world's dumping grounds for brainless hacks.

And when I mention the crisis of education, I include the utter incompetence of our universities as teaching institutions. compared to grade school teachers, university professors are far, far inferior. They have no training whatever in teaching, and, for most, their only interest is prestige and overblown egos. Universities are educational disaster areas.

What we have is a world controlled by spoiled brats of no great intelligence. And we have allowed those spoiled brats to run wild with no thought for the needs of the whole society.

 If we're lucky, this whole structure will collapse soon. If we're not lucky, the greedy and stupid will destroy us all. (And destroy themselves, too. But that's not much of a consolation.)

On Saturday, June 15, there will be no blog as I have planned a couple of days with my granddaughter who thinks I'm a nice person.