Tuesday, March 19, 2019

March 19: The wretched of the earth.


It's about time our news media and the Canadian people caught onto this theft of our money.It's been causing hardship for years - and it could well cause a social and economic breakdown in the near future.

Mind you, the Fraser Institute, our propaganda house for the very, very rich recently published its "study" of those poor, poor rich people and how they suffer from paying taxes. The Fraser Institute (like almost all of those 'think tanks' is really a propaganda house for the very, very rich. Never trust any  'study' coming from one of those outfits.

White nationalism is a product of the hatreds and delusions cooked up by politicians like Donald Trump. Society is looking for someone to blame for our high levels of poverty, our encouragement of disrespect for human life, our social failure. And the causes of dissatisfaction are, as always, exploited by the racists, the haters. Instead of taking the trouble to analyze our problems, these people simply turn to hatred.

And that hatred is picked up by some governments. Italy, for example, simply forbids the rescue of African war refugees fleeing to it in very dangerous and overloaded  rafts and ships.


Warning. Canada is not different.



It's true enough. The Guardian is not the paper it was 50 years ago. It has gone somewhat astray.  But it's still the best in the whole world of English, commercial news media.


Trudeau would have done far better to confess to the whole thing from the start - and to abandon it.

History of Britain
1939 - The biggest empire in history.
2019 - history

U.S. take note.

We don't need a China to abuse people. We've had dozens of nations who do that very well.

It's true. Even since 1945 the huge and expensive American armed forces have been amazingly clumsy and ineffective . Think Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria.....


For a man like Trump, intellectual activity is pretty silly. Who needs to think? Who needs to know?


I wonder how the Christian right will avoid even thinking about this.



If it's criminal to reveal state secrets, how come nations do it to other nations all the time - and nobody goes to jail for it?



Don't worry about it. Canada's oil billionaires like Mr. Irving are in charge. And he has two years (almost) of university studies. And he has his own chapel. So there.


Will this make a difference? I don't know. But it's a hell of a lot more than we parents have done. We should, above all, be making this a better world for our children. In reality, we're allowing some very evil people to make it a worse one.

Brace yourself. This next one is sometimes ranting, sometimes out of control - but worth thinking about. We are living in a world mass-murderers  (yes. on our side.) unlimitedly greedy and, most of all, extremely foolish.


The Israeli destruction of Judaism.


The Romans crucified Jesus. Americans would have sentenced Him for life with regular torture at Guantanamo. No. I'm not exaggerating. And American Christians? They'd pretend, as they do now, not to see anything.


This next is a whole paper for Canadian readers. I thought it useful to send the whole thing here because I lived twenty years with the absolutely stinking and lying journalism of New Brunswick and, now, living in Ottawa, I suffer that sewage called the Ottawa Sun and it's retarded parent, The Post.



But do the oil billionaires give a damn?


We are living in a very, very dangerous time. Most of our political leadership is absent Real power is in the hands of people who are extremely rich, extremely greedy, without any moral standards They will kill without limit. The will beggar whole continnts - as they have with Latin America. They will horribly abuse the people of their own nations - and are about to learn much more about that.

Worst of all, these people are self-destructive. And, alas,though they will destroy themselves, that will  not happen until they have destroyed all of us.

These are people without morality, without leadership, without intelligence. Alas, they will destroy us before they destroy their miserable selves.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

March 17: Our Closing Days

Sorry to be late by a full day. But keep those dollars rolling in.


Cracking down on hate-making web sites sounds like a good idea. Alas! It's not that simple.

There are, of course, web sites that generate hatred and racism. But some of the worst examples of hatred and racism are from our leading political figures. Donald Trump has branded Latin Americans as murderers and criminals. I don't know how often I have seen that on his twitter site. His image of all  those fleeing families and  their children  has consistently been one that they will slaughter good Americans on the street. And he has a similar image for most  migrants.

Now, Americans certainly are being slaughtered on their streets. But most are being slaughtered by good, God-fearing Americans using guns purchased  from American gun-dealers.

For political reasons, Trump has been the American image of racism and hatred. That racism and hatred is a large part of what got him elected. Racism has been a feature of American life since the revolution and earlier. It was racism that  has abused African-Americans for centuries - and still does. It was racism that justified the mass murder of native Americans. And how about the American slaughter of two hundred thousand of Maya people of Guatemala? How about the starvation of the babies of Yemen?

None of the above was caused by social media sites.

Americans also have a love of silencing the voices they don't want to hear. Just imagine ---- any social medium that any racist might hear and disagree with would become one that has to be silenced.

No. In a democracy, you have be prepared to hear opinions you don't like. It can be obnoxious. But the reality is that all societies have obnoxious people. Silencing them won't make them less dangerous.

Indeed, attempts to silence those we disagree with will make all of us the destroyers of democracy. Remember Senator Joe McCarthy? The American communist party of his day was a negligible one. But his hate campaign did most of its damage to American democracy.

I prefer to know what people think - especially people who are racists like Trump.

There have been quite varied reports on the Venezuela economy. I'm afraid the one below is likely to be the most accurate. Venezuela needs help to survive. And the U.S. will help. Yes, it will. All had has to do is to hand over its oil fields, the richest in the world, to American billionaires.

Oh, and it has to settle for the poverty standards the U.S. prefers to see for the people of Latin America.



For forty-five years, Canadians died to serve  Britain.

Now - who gives a damn?


Things look a lot different for anyone who plans to be alive 20 to fifty years from now. Alas! Most of our oil billionaires can't expect to be alive that long.


With capitalism, we have taken a giant step into the past in which we were ruled by a small number who had power and wealth - but not due to any brains. The wealthy, then as now, are commonly born that wealthy. It has nothing to do with brains.



Yes. Just like the U.S., Canadians are capable of corruption in their education system.


As school like this, here in Ottawa, has produced a (rich) woman who tours Canada  to shut down news sites like this one so we should read - oh - respectable news media like the Irving papers' monopoly in New Brunswick - or, perhaps, The Post. Even the respected Globe and Mail can cause nausea. Yesterday, it had an article about how 3 percent (think) of Canadians pay 30% of the taxes. Isn't that cruel to make those poor rich people pay so much?
I had a relative attend that school because he was a dodo and his father war rich.
When he graduated he was still a dodo, but a well-connected do-do.

Is this true? Almost certainly.
How soon we forget. Can you imagine the foofaraw if Iranians had shot down an American liner over American soil?

Then there was the American shooting down a Cuban airliner, killing all aboard.


We don't get much information about Juan Guaido, the (U.S.) "president" of Venezuela.

Well, of course. Americans never commit war crimes.



We are creating a hell for our children who are growing up in a world of insane greed. Depend on it. All this will have one hell of an effect on them.


Well, God forbid that Christians should actually think.




Well, of course democrats are messing things. The American system has always been dreadfully corrupt. And Democrats and Republicans have usually been the same people. Much as I respect those democrats trying to bring honesty to the party - the reality is that party has a lot of deadwood that's indistinguishable from the Republicans.

My, this has been a depressing one to write. In the face of the most destructive weapons we have ever seen, we seem determined to use the things. This is madness. No-one can even guess at the destructiveness of some 10,000 to 15.000 nuclear weapons of current power levels. This should be something to warn us against any future war. Instead, we have leaders who think of nothing but war - and have the idiocy to claim anybody would win it.

The worst war maniac of post-World War Two is the U.S. It has killed at least, at the very least, 20 million people. And it calls on God to bless it all.

We are putting our children into a world of increasing hatreds, increasing greed, and increasing danger.

Look, all you greedy, moron billionaires, there are things we cannot have because we will not survive them. War is at the top of the list. It's not an option. It's suicide pact.

Nor can we afford the killing we inflict on Latin America, the middle east, most of Africa to satisfy the unsatisfiable greed of our billionaires.

Nor can we afford the greed that causes our own wealthy to constantly steal from us. At least 50,000,000 Americans and Canadian live in poverty - and that means the really deep poverty. And that number has been rising through our 'good times'. The story that capitalism creates wealth for us all is a crock. In fact, it is steadily getting worse and the share of greed and irresponsibility continues.

But don't worry. There is every possibility that that situation will collapse as  war destroys us all.

We had our great chance to create a world of opportunity and peace in 1945. But the super-greedy among us wouldn't permit that. They quickly stepped up more killing in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, the U.S.mass murders in Panama, Guatemala, Haiti, Chile,... and they called on God to stamp approval on their greed and killing.

There is a dead-end coming, quite probably within 20 years, more probably even less.

We cannot survive what we are doing. We had it right in 1945. We told our service people we were going to create a world of peace. We didn't do it. The greedy wouldn't allow a world of peace.

We now have very little time to save ourselves. We have get angry. We have to get determined. We have to scare the hell out of most of those wretches we call politicians and their bosses we call economic leaders.

We have drifted into a world of abuse, mass murder and boundless greed. And we have produced political disasters like Donald Trump (and most of the post-1945 presidents since him.) And Canada has kicked in with the 'utterly-without-brains or morality'  Doug Ford.

We have surrendered power and leadership to the worst people in the world. And we have only now to stop them.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

March 14:This VERY Dangerous Time



Some universities have always been places of privilege and snobbery. That doesn't mean they are good. It's just snobbery. It can run very deep - throughout the whole administration and and faculty. The universities - American and Canadian - are powerfully affected, too -by the wealthy who sit on their boards.

Result? Many an esteemed university is not better than the others. It's just more snobbish. In Canada, this tendency is boosted by a popular magazine which runs an annual special edition which purports to rank Canadian universities by quality of education. But these rankings essentially reflect the snobbery of universities in judging themselves.

N.B. The American universities have known about this scam all along and university administrators have fully accepted it.

An item I missed almost a month ago is  that Donald Trump says that Maduro of Venezuela has to go because he is a socialist.

Well, for openers, Maduro is many things. But a socialist isn't one of them. He predecessor was - but not Maduro. As well, I seriously doubt whether Trump knows what a socialist is. But Trump made it all worse. He says that the U.S. cannot permit socialists to come to power. By strong implication, he has the right
to invade countries that vote socialist - you know, dangerous things like medicare, housing for the poor, public education.....

He has the right to invade countries like that...? Yes. In Trump's world, he has the right to attack countries whose politics he doesn't agree with.

So much for democracy.

In passing, I am a socialist. No, that does not mean massacring them by millions. No. That is what we call capitalism. My socialism is one that demands, as a start, that government exists to serve all, beginning with the poorest, and working our way up. That, and not killing people, is what patriotism is about.

There was once a time when Christian churches in Canada were, you know,, Christian.



A hundred and twenty years ago, Canadians died in a war in South Africa that had nothing to do with Canada.The died because of patriotism - sort of. They died because Britain wanted a precedent that in future, Canadians would routinely fight British wars because, well, because we were patriotic and sang God Save the King.

That's why thousands of Canadian died in World War  1. (No. It wasn't because the Germans of 1914 were evil. In fact, the British had a record of murder and plunder far, far worse had a record far, far more evil than German did.

And so, at the age of six, I learned to sing God Save the King and 'pledge allegiance to THIS flag, the Union Jack....' and the old boys of my father's scout troop would drop in to say goodbye as they headed to the war - soon to be joined by my father.

Oh, yes, Hitler was evil. But he was kid stuff compared to the record of the British Empire - or the growing American empire.

Anyway, Canada soon after the war dropped the Union Jack and  God Save the King (Queen) schtick (schtick is your Yiddish word for the day).  To be patriotic now meant to fight wars for the U.S. - as in Korea, Afghanistan, Libya and (quietly) in Syria and Eastern Europe. It is now as if we saluted the Star-Spangled Banner in the morning as we kiss Trump's rear end in supporting his imperial attack on Venezuela. (In practice, patriotism means doing whatever our current imperialist wants us to do.)

For those of us who once sang Rule Britannia, the words now mean nothing. Indeed, Britain is now  on the edge of an economic collapse that could well mean the breakup of Britain into England, Scotland and an enlarged Ireland.

But who gives a damn? We now owe our patriotism to America which, I am reasonably informed, is blessed by God.

What does patriotism mean? As always, it means obedience to whoever is boss at the time.

When I was sixteen, my idea of patriotism was still saluting the Union Jack and singing God Save the King.

To a Trump,kids should all be locked in wire cages.




We have, maybe, a dozen years to deal with this. But in both Canada and the U.S. action is virtually barred as the wealthy buy off the Liberals and the Conservatives, and in he U.S. they buy off Republicans and many of the Democrats.

Think of that. Your children and grandchildren - and quite possible you - are likely to die because of the greed  and stupidity of billionaires. We have, maybe, a dozen years. And the very wealthy are doing ---nothing. Instead of starving children to death in Yemen, this is the war we should be fighting.

I applaud the children for what they are doing. But we don't have time for them to do it. We  have allowed the very wealthy to make all decisions for us. I know of no evidence that the wealthy are intellectually gifted. In the province of New Brunswick where I lived for some years, the leading billionaire is a man who inherited his money - and whose education would not qualify him to be a senior clerk in any company. But Mr. Irving has billions, owns all the newspapers in his province, owns the Liberals and Conservatives...and routinely rips off  the budget of the province to get government donations to himself.

I have seen no evidence that our economic leaders are of anything more than very average intelligence. And they are of no social or moral understanding at all. And these are the people who control our futures.

Our world has always had such a social class.-, one that kept most of society in poverty to enrich themselves. And much of that is our fault. We are timid. We fear being different.

But now,  time is running out. We are fearful. Our economic leadership is greedy and unintelligent.

Wake up.
In 1945, we were going to create a new world of peace and international cooperation. But we did nothing whatever about it. We went right back to the  pre-war world of and uncontrolled capitalism and imperial conquest. And the pieces below tell where this has taken us.


Is a war with Russia and U.S. coming? You bet. And it may not matter who 'wins'.


Gee. Who woulda guessed?.


Trudeau is Canada's national equivalent of Ontario's Doug Ford.



Well, in fairness, what have they ever done about anything?

A thought - has any of your local news media ever told the truth about who the "White Helmets" are?



We face the future with an American president who suffers severe mental illness. Worse, we live, in the western world, at least, under the control of a business class distinguished by greed, irresponsibility and indifference to human life.

Trump bafflegab of the month. Some weeks ago, Trump announced he was withdrawing troops from Syria because the rebels (Isis, etc.) had been defeated. But, duh, for several years the US has been the one SUPPORTING the rebels. It has armed them, equipped them, funded them.

Then he announced a pause in the withdrawal.

Now, he has resumed some some bombing of the Syrians - to help the rebels that he said he had defeated.

We are in very great danger of a world war - soon. The chances of anybody winning it are very, very poor. In fact, they are zero.

The U.S. is run by a gang of idealogues. It is, by far, the most dangerous gang we have ever seen. Nor does it have even some sense of values to be preserved. It exists only to rage - with no concern whatever for the needs of the American people.

At this point, it may well be that the only hope for the rest of us - and for the U.S. - is a second American revolution.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

March 12: A Bad Day

This will be very much a hit and or miss  blog. Two days ago, I came down with the ultimate cold. Sleep has been almost impossible for two days. So I'm not sure how quickly (or if) I'll get anything done today.
I grew up in a poor district. Most of may friends were illiterate. Only one person in my grade one class finished public school. I, alas, was not the one. I was kicked out in grade 11.When I told my parents, they were not concerned about it. It was simply time to find a job, and I met my parents highest expectations when I became an office mail boy.

As it happened, there were  miracles, and I became a teacher at all levels from grade school to university. And there was no doubt that the poor kids had a tougher time. And  the rich ones?

I learned about that as a BA student - a degree I finished so badly it was an embarrassment - and one that made life very tough for me when I applied to do an MA. My parents were very upset. I was trying to rise above my station.


One important lesson was learned from my grade school teaching experience.  University professors should learn how to teach.

Oh, are the American charter schools the answer? Forget it. These are simply private schools that poor people can't afford to go to.

Pay no attention. If this were true, Donald Trump and Ontario's Doug Ford would have told us.


Maduro is saying the U.S. did it. But the U.S. would never do that. It's a very Christian nation. It kills only Muslims. However, it's interesting to note that the U.S. is withdrawing all its embassy staff. Does that, possibly, signal an invasion?



We are living in what is possibly the greatest period of super greed in history. All common sense goes out the window. The reality is that oil barons will die, too. Yes, they will. And they will take us with them.

There is no end to Washington wars. It is determined to conquer the world. Indeed, it has been carrying out wars constantly since 1950 - many of them unreported. That is largely what has reduced the middle east and Latin America
 into a hell-hole.

There are no limits to greed. - and greed of American corporations is what this is all about. It's pure greed. They have so much money it can never be spent. But they still want more. They are siphoning money from all the millions of the rest of us. And it will never be enough.



I don't vouch for this - but it makes more sense than any other report I have received on the subject.

The next is a very clear analysis of Canadian prime minster Trudeau's problems.
But who cares?



Iran hasn't invaded anybody. The  U.S. has sponsored an invasion of it, has overthrown the elected government to install a dictator, and has pressed all kinds of sanctions on it.

God bless America.

Is it possible that anybody gives a damn about what any Canadian political party thinks? None of  them has confronted any of the huge problems that face us. No. Not even the NDP. We have monster climate problems that are crashing down on us while we do nothing much of anything. We have become the U.S. bum boy for Latin America.

We live in a world as evil as anything Hitler could have contrived. We have long since given up on updating our social programmes. We have been robbed blind by multi-billionaires who have stolen the taxes they should have paid to us, the money that should  have  gone to housing, education, health care, climate change....money that has, quite simply, been stolen by our 'most respectable' citizens.


Is the Trump government dumb enough to do this?



Government for the people? Who gives a damn about the people?


Okay. So which party will you turn to? And do you think  that will change anything?






Enough. It's been a  lo-o-o-ng and unpleasant day for this camper. But think of what's going on - think of the pure greed of our 'upper-class' capitalists. As this goes on, we can expect nothing but increasing suffering   with a strong, strong possibility of nuclear war. In the course we're following, there is no hope. And our political parties, even the well-intentioned ones, are falling well short of what they should be doing.

And try not to get a cold.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

March 9: killing for Fun and Faith.


Nice to see somebody doing something.


Long, long ago, when the Liberal government of Canada was young, it promised to take action on the dreadful conditions imposed on native peoples. But it still hasn't lifted a finger. SNC Lavalin wanted bigger money, much, much bigger. And got it instantly.
No. There's no evidence these children killed anyone.


Most people in North America have never heard of Doug Ford. They're the lucky ones. But it's not hard to picture him. Think of a naked - and fat and knuckles on the ground - caveman standing in the entrance to his cave and chatting with his good friend, Donald Trump.

Alas! He isn't a caveman. He's the premier of Canada's largest province - and a great admirer of oil companies.




Remember all those twitters and speeches from Trump about how ordinary Americans are just rolling in dough since he became president?



This  has been going on under American and Canadian mining operations in Latin America for years.

What a surprise!



How many members of the Trump and Trudeau governments would go to jail rather than testify to a hatchet committee?

Despite the obvious opinion of Canadian and American governments, shovelling money into the pockets of the rich (as in letting them skip paying taxes) does not benefit all of us. And those of us who think so are heading for one hell of a surprise.


And when the depression hits, guess who will be the lucky ones with billions of stolen tax money in secret banks.


Notice that the leading opponents to taking action on climate change are NOT the world's leading scientists. Quite the contrary, the leading opponents are extremely wealthy people of no scientific training whatever.

How can it be possible that we would allow such people to continue polluting and destroying the only planet we have to live on? Easy. They have pockets of money stuffed with our taxes - the taxes they refuse to pay. And they can use that to buy the Trumps and the Fords of our world - who share that lack of brains that characterizes their wealthy friends.

Nice people, the Saudi leadership. I'm sure we can trust them.


What the hell. Let our children live - and die - with this.



The world has been at war non-stop since it fought 'the war to end all wars in 1945'. U.S. governments have been obsessed all that time with the great project for America to rule the world.

When American leaders say 'rule the world', they don't mean providing full government. Not at all. Ruling the world means controlling the money. It has nothing to do with bringing justice or prosperity to the world.

In fact, the U.S. has become the successor to Britain in ruling the world for that purpose. And all of that ruling is to do nothing but make American billionaires richer

Until the Second World War, Britain ruled for centuries. And  Britain was as muderous -more so - as the U.S. has been. Britain killed at least 350 million. Nor did British children benefit from these wars and plunder. The children of the poor - which means most of them - suffered vile lives - often starting factory work at 6 and working a 12 to 15 hour day for pennies a week.

The U.S. has pretty much followed the British example. It was been at war from 1776 and earlier., mostly in the mass murder of it native peoples - and then against the others it saw as racially inferior - Latin American, Phillipinos, Koreans....

Hitler was by no means any sort of new development. He was, in fact,solidly in the British and American tradition. (Yes. Those same British who (like me) could be moved to tears by Vera Lynn, came from a tradition of mass murder and plunder. They were still doing it trying to recapture their empire after 1945, and are still doing it today. Yes. I still love Vera Lynn. But let's not kid ourselves. The western world, especially Europe, Britain and the U.S., is the most murderous, torturing and enslaving one in human History.)

It's also the most Christian one.

The most important thing we had to do after World War Two was to get our capitalists under control. Instead, we wallowed in the greed and brutality of them. Where the hell were our Christian churches when we needed Christian guidance?

I used to preach - a long, long time ago when the world was young. I'm embarassed now to think about it.



We'll tighten the rules as it becomes necessary? Get real. We have no idea when it will become necessary. It could be many years distant. It could be very soon.
Hey, worth takin' a chance, eh?

No. It ain't.

We have elected governments. But we are really ruled by people of extraordinary greed. And such greed makes one really quite  stupid.


Our enemies are not orientals or latins, or Russians.... Our enemies are our billionaires who care not a damn about human needs They are people of phenomenal greed who understand only their greed.

And if they retain control of our world, we are done for.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

March 07: Ah-Ah-Ah, Vera Lynn.....

Vera Lynn was the darling of the troops in World War 2. She was the darling,, too, of this kid who heard a recording of her when he was six or so. And I just learned she is still alive at 102.

Listen to We'll Meet Again, There'll Be Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover,and oh, listen to all you can find on the web. And catch the magic of the response of the thousands of soldiers who listened to her. And that's really when you have to watch her and feel the atmosphere - when she was singing to the troops.



We face decades of refugees - except that we aren't facing that at all. We are falling back on our racist tradition of deciding the refugee people are inferior to us.


Trudeau may well be right. It may well be that no laws have been broken. But...

The reality is that corporations have been buying governments from the beginnings of Canada. Routinely, governments ask corporations for support - and routinely  corporations demand chunks of our tax money. And it's not just the Liberals. It's also been the Conservatives - big time. I don't think we have reached the profound corruption of American government. But we're well on our way.

There are no laws? Of course not. The Liberals, Conservatives and corporations live on this game. Why on earth would they pass laws to stop it?

And Canadians should vote Conservative to clean this up? Get real.

The U.S. has thousands of nuclear missiles. North Korea has only a few. The US could obliterate North Korea with a very tiny part of its weapons. North Korea has few - and it's not clear that these could even reach the U.S.

The U.S. fought a war against North Korea in which it killed over a third of the population. It fought that war as a base to invade China. It could certainly fight such a war again. In fact, the U.S. has fought wars non-stop since 1950. It, not North Korea, is the one that's on a tear. It's the one with the capacity for world destruction.

good news - maybe.







In Canada and the U.S. there is a remarkable   (and painful) change going on in Jewish thinking. Jews are turning against the murderous and thieving state  that Israel has become.

And it's going to be complicated because, in fairness, what is the modern and murderous state of Israel is the product of the horror of a holocaust that was carried out by Naziis but which, in fact,  had the full support of Canada, the U.S., and many others. (Yes. it did. We could have saved large numbers of Jews. But we refused to. And to rub it home, we sent back those who escaped and came to us for shelter.)

This is a very long but very useful account of disorders and violence in Haiti. No. They don't happen because the people of Haiti are excitable - though that is the impression often given by our news media.

The reality is that the U.S. will tolerate only the most obedient nations in South America and the Caribbean. For over a century, it has maintained governments that keep costs down so that American corporations can make maxiumum profits. ( And Canada has helped the U.S. with 'peacekeepers'. Of course. Canadian corporations want a shot at plundering these countries.)

Occasionally, this has led to violence as people rise against American-imposed dictators and local thugs. The reality of life in South America has been American-imposed poverty, and brutal dictatorship.

Hey. Capitalists do that. They also did it around the world in the British, French, Dutch, Spanish empires. And they still do it with joy. And Canada sends 'peacekeepers'.


The Vennezuela story may be much more complicated than we have been told.


Most of Latin America is made up of semi-slave colonies of the U.S. That's been true for well over a hundred years. This was actually and openly planned 200 years ago. It exists only the make American billionaires rich. It has been as brutal an empire as those of Britain and the rest of the gang. And they were very brutal, indeed.

Another very long, but not a cheerful, entry.


Almost all of Trump's bragging on twitter is untrue.



But who gives a damn, right?

If the wealthy would pay their taxes like the rest of us, we could house every homeless family in North America, offer free medical care to everybody in the U.S., and have billions of dollars left over.

But our wealthy are economic pigs. They take - only take. And they cause massive suffering for the rest of us. This is where greed has taken us.




I began today's blog with Vera  Lynn and World War 2. The wonder of Vera Lynn's singing and the adoration of her listeners was all about the world, the very wonderful world, we were going to create.

"There'll be love and laughter
And peace ever after
Tomorrow when the world is free.'

And we betrayed it.

Capitalists didn't want the world to be free. They wanted it to be ruled by them, and to exist only to serve their greed. That's why the U.S. has invaded some 80 countries since the war. That's why it  has murdered at least twenty million.

We have, very unwisely, bought into their game. Instead of spreading democracy after the war, we gave up democracy so the very wealthy could plunder the world. So we now have rule by greed.

To hell with the poor. They can always sleep on the streets. In the wealthy U.S., they can die there of curable illnesses. We have utterly destroyed any trace of democracy or hope in Latin America, in much of Africa, in the middle east. We have driven our own poor into filth and uncertainty so the top 1% can count their money.

And where is this going to take us? To social and financial collapse.

Our very wealthy - our non-tax paying upper class- live only for greed. And their greed destroys their intelligence. And it makes them destructive. Thus the Irvings and Trumps of this world. And they will destroy themselves - and the rest of us.

Can this be stopped? I don't know. My guess is the time  is very, very short.

"We'll meet again.
Don't know where don't know when...."

We have done enormous damage to ourselves. And the dreadful thing about it is that our Canadian Legion, our Veteran's Group, has always supported those who destroyed "Love and laughter and peace every after."

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

March 05: No. Things are not getting better.



Trudeau is in real trouble. He has now lost two very high profile members of his government - both highly respected for intelligence and honesty.  And that means Canada is now in real trouble. The Liberals have not been an impressive government. But their collapse at this point could well bring to power a Conservative party that is even worse.


Always trust your local capitalist.



Think hard. Our very wealthy don't pay taxes. None. Zero. Zilch. So how can cutting their taxes create jobs?

It can't. It never has and it never will. This is the kind of lame-brain politics that Trump specializes in, too. He routinely talks about how he has created jobs in the U.S. The truth is that jobs in the U.S. are in decline. So is the  size of weekly pay cheques for the working class. That has been happening for a long time thanks to job automation.

What we are watching is a decline in working class incomes and in   general purchasing power. Well, of course. How could it be otherwise? The wealthy are avoiding their taxes by hiding their money overseas. They take uncounted billions away and hide them. That doesn't and can't create jobs. On the contrary, it destroys them.

They take monster sums OUT of the country and hide them. And that twit, Jason-Kenney, wants to do it even more?

And the sad thing is that many people actually believe the nonsense spouted by the Kenneys and the Trumps (and the Fords as in my home province of Ontario.) In countries where we have thousands living in the streets and millions living in poverty, we pat billionaires on the head as we tuck more billions into their pockets.
Here is a calmer-than-usual look at the Lavalin-Trudeau affair. I agree with it. But, unlike the columnist, I'm not at all sure Trudeau will survive this.


This next one may sound trivial. But it's not trivial if you have to live in it.


You think this is reasonable? Okay. I have a petition here demanding a change to Trump's hairdo. I find it's present form distracting.


From World War One to almost 1950, Iran was controlled by Britain And Britain plundered it for its oil. All the profits went to British capitalists. Worse, Iran was required to provide oil for all of the ships of the Royal Navy - free. And, of course, Iran was not allowed to have elections.

Then Iran sinned. It held a democratic election. And it set out to control its own oil industry.

Britain was furious - but not strong enough to invade. It had to call on the U.S. for help. The U.S. was pleased to do so seeing this as a chance to cheat both Britain and Iran out of all that oil. The elected government of Iran was dismissed by that lover of democracy - the U.S, - and replaced by a puppet shah (king). And the U.S. then  owned Iran oil.  So the Iranians kicked out the shah,  and took  back their own country.

Ever since, Iran has been evil in the western news media. (Gee. Sounds something like Venezuela.)

In 1939, Britain was the owner of the biggest and most profitable empire in world history. (and perhaps the most murderous). When I was in school we saluted the British flag every morning.
But the empire collapsed soon after  1945. Now it is possible that soon Britain, itself,  and it's flag may no longer exist.



It's a  nice thought. But I'm not at all sure about the prophecy of this next itme. The Liberals and Conservatives have been on the take for 152 years (and years before that). And they are still the major parties of Canada. (Canadian voters, like American ones, can be very slow to get real.)

Nor am I convinced the NDP would offer any change great enough to make a difference. The creation of the NDP was built on the rubble of a CCF that had pretty strong principles. And the NDP wimped itself by leaving those principles behind.

Gee. Funny how our local news media missed this.


Judaism, by any standard, is a quite remarkable faith. And we don't do that faith any favors when we pretend not to see the damage that Israel has done to it. There is nothing Judaic about people who steal the land of others, and who murder them and abuse them.

And this is an important one.



The Australians were, of course, British. So were the Americans who slaughtered their native peoples. Of course. George Washington was not a new breed. He was British.

Of course, and unlike Australia, we cover up the viciousness of our British (and French) ancestors - just as the U.S. does. Thus all the Hollywood movies about cowboys fighting off vicious native peoples.

Actually, the British did even worse in places like India and China where they worked and starved millions to death..

It's important for a moral society to have a private you-pay-for-it medical system. You can't let people off just because they're poor. No. The American God wants us to pay for health care.



No. Most of the world does not like the Americans. They're much too much like their British ancestors.




Unfortunately, Canada does not have a political party that represents the scale of change we need.


We are back in the worst years of nuclear confrontation.


There is nothing that is very judaic about Netanyahu's Israel.



Sometimes, I'm SO proud to be a Canadian. Not often, though.
American politics - both parties - are so hopelessly corrupt it is  hard to see where any change might be coming from.


Again - don't confuse Israel with Judaism.


As I write these blogs it becomes obvious to me. Adolph Hitler was a small timer.
The British Empire was far more murderous and thieving than Nazi Germany ever was. While Hitler piddled around in Europe, Britain had been plundering much of the world with mass murders, with slavery, with starvation in the hundreds of millions. Hitler came nowhere close to the British record to its evil.

The United States has been at war almost all of its history. It slaughtered its native peoples, stole half of Mexico, invaded Latin America, murdering uncounted numbers of its people and maintaining the Latin American countries as virtual slave operations for the benefit of American billionaires. After 1945, it failed in its big goal to murder, plunder, abuse the people of China. It also tried but failed to take Vietnam, North Korea and, now, Afghanistan and, disguised as a voluntary quitting after victory, it is withdrawing from Syria,  (a posture that ignores the fact that the U.S. did not go to Syria to  help it but to defeat it.)

Indeed, given its size and the money that it can pour into its military, the U.S. has been amazingly feeble in its major wars since 1945. This is unlike the British Empire which was just as greedy and murderous as the U.S. but which, unlike the U.S., knew how to win wars.

So what's coming?

Watch for a growing concern of the U.S. as climate change dramatically moves its population away from climatic danger zones. American capitalists are going to demand that neighbouring countries be generous to their fleeing people. And their target will be Canada as the neighbour suffering the least from climate change.

The U.S. is not our friend. The U.S. has no friends.  (In fact, most countries have no friends.) It has invaded Canada several times, threatened invasion in 1904, and retained invasion plans until at least the 1930s.

Canada is next door to a U.S. that has invaded almost every country in the Americas. Don't kid yourself about being friends. The U.S. is ruled by its capitalists, a group as murderous as was Nazi Germany at its peak.  (Okay.  It still has a bit to go to beat the Nazi British Empire.)