Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June 30: forgive me the long opener.....

......I lost my head.....

Americans have very short memories. Today, I watched the news about how those evil Russians paid evil people to kill American soldiers. (This is not confirmed yet.)

But American newscasters seem to have forgotten that the U.S. until just over twenty years ago, paid, trained and equipped Afghanis to kill other Afghanis. Yes, they did. And those Afghanis are the same ones the U.S. has been killing for 20  years.

In fact, the U.S. has a long record of renting killers in Latin America, the middle east, as well as  in Afghanistan.

Funny how American (and Canadian) news media don't seem to know that.

This has meaning,too, for Canada. I read in my local paper (as with most commercial news media, a ghastly experience) about it's view  that Canada must not bow to Chinese demands that Canada return a Chinese businesswoman to China in exchange for China returning two Canadians serving time in China.

Yep. Canada has high moral standards, and to agree to such a deal is immoral. Unless, say, well what if Trump asked Canada to turn the woman over to him in exchange for two Canadians in an American prison. There's no need to guess what Trudeau would do - and in a hurry.

Trudeau is one of the weakest leaders Canada has ever suffered, and our self-righteous news media make hypocrisy sound virtuous. Two Canadians are in a prison. And we are too moral to get them home?

Bull and shit.

And this is part of a bigger problem going back to 1945.  The U.S. was eager for one of the most corrupt leaders in the world, Chiang Kai Sheck, to become the ruler of China so U.S. capitalists could move in and plunder China to death as the British had.

But Chiang Kai Shek lost to Mao. Mao had his faults but, unlike Chiang, he did not peddle illegal drugs all over the world. He was not corrupt. He was determined to end the brutalities of British rule and the brutalities the U.S carried with it. Since then, the China that we in the west would have forced on it instead advanced and prospered to an amazing degree.

(No. I'm not a communist.)

But I would never expect a journalist for the Ottawa National Post to understand any of this.

Again - we in the west are the ones who have created the China that we now see.
Instead of welcoming the new China in 1950 we made every attempt to bully it.
We are now making big noises about war with China. That would certainly be the biggest blood bath ever - for both sides.
No. We really have to do what we should have done 70 years ago -   welcome China. Oh, yes, I know China is evil. But Britain has one hell of an evil past and we still celebrate it. And the U.S.? It was been the world's most savage killer since 1945 and, indeed,  a major killer for all of it's history.

It is, most certainly, deplorable.  (Indeed, China is now acting as Britain and the U.S (and France and Belgium and a few others) have acted for centuries. And as the U.S. still acts in Latin America and the middle east.

Most animals kill - to eat.  But researchers say that primitive man became the first mass killer as the primitive brain got larger. And I guess that explains our history of empire and of capitalism.

Oh, no, Bernie. All money in the U.S., all money, is for the super rich.



Alas! voting for the Democrats will not help the U.S. Democrats and Republicans are both servants to the very wealthy - and not to the American people. The U.S. is nowhere close to solving its political problems.

Sadly, many don't have even encampments. Just yesterday, I saw a homeless man lying asleep on a patch of grass with car traffic passing two to three feet on two sides of him. We can't afford to provide decent housing and food for the homeless. We need the money to provide billions of dollars as free handouts to people like Irving and his billionaire friends,


Of course. Democrats and Republicans serve the same masters.
Putin is actually one of this world's more intelligent leaders.


Most Americans will still get their false information from papers like The Washington Post.



Yes, all those brave lads who "fight for their country" (whatever that means), the ones we cheer as they march to cheers in parade, have cmmonly spent their careers killing civilians and children.


I've noticed it in news casts, in the news media I read...... There is no sense of where and how America has to go. And there is no significant sense of unity among the American people. Indeed, it is possible, even likely, that large numbers of Americans would simply break away from the U.S. in the event of a crisis. (to be followed by a strong move by one side to annex Canada or part of it (like Alberta) to the U.S.)



The U.S. dream to rule the world after 1945 ain't going to happen.
Get used to it. We are watching the fall of the U.S. and, quite possibly, watching the break up.


I don't usually agree with Roberts. But I think he's right this time.

Much as I dislike the behaviour of the current government of China, let's remember a little background to this.

For well over a hundred years, Britain dreadfully abused China. It enslaved, starved, ravaged, murdered the people of China. It forced China to permit the sale of drugs to it's people. Indeed, it also enforced the people of China to use them.

By 1900, both the U.S. and Germany chimed in for a bit of the action. No-one will ever know how many Chinese were murdered in this time, how many starved to death..... (I also saw echoes of this in Hong Kong where evening streets displayed miles of cardboard for homeless families, where elderly men could be seen sleeping in stacks of wire cages, each just big enough to hold one person lying down....)

During World War Two, the U.S. and Britain both supplied weapons to the horribly corrupt and vicious western puppet, Chiang Kai Chek, who peddled drugs on a world scale.

As the Chinese got rid of Chiang, the U.S. turned to war with China so that American  capitalists could plunder China as British capitalists had. Thus the Korean War - though it was an American failure. For almost 200 years, China has been a victim of western brutality, enforced poverty and, now, nuclear threats.

We should have changed all that in 1945, and offered China help to undo the savagery that western powers had imposed. But we did the opposite.
Gee! I wonder why China doesn't like us.

Now, China has made a remarkable recovery from those centuries of horror.

Our response? The U.S. wants another war, almost certainly a nuclear one because the U.S. military isn't up to a war against such a huge opponent.

How will that end? It's anybody's guess.

All the experience of China tells it to defend itself against the U.S. And that gives us a China that can be as brutally murderous as the U.S. is.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

June 27:The world that is passing us by.


Not to worry. The super rich will still be okay. God bless America, the land of the free....


My goodness, how very unamerican. Oh - yes -  the U.S. has been financing foreign killers as in Ukraine, the middle east for fifty years - not to mention it's murderous interferences in much of Latin America (Guatemala, Venezuela, Haiti and others. But it's all for the good of the people Americans kill.)
Oh, and what the hell do we notice when Canadians kill people for the U.S. - Libya, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria......


Well, he needs breaks in his task of killing so many thousands of Americans. (Jesus often took golf breaks, I'm sure.)

I never knew Wendy Mesley though in my CBCdays I used to pass her office on my way to my studio, This was many years ago; but she was recognized even then as a superb journalist. I would never have guessed her to be racist.
But, alas, I can see no possible excuse for her behaviour.


Most of my contacts with Alberta have been with gas lovers. Their views are, to say the least, both extreme and destructive. They refuse even to look at scientific research. They listen only to oil billionaires who have never said anthing of intelligence. And they have nothing but a passionate hatred for critics of oil and gas.

And we, all of  us, have only a very short time to act. Temperatures are rising. Sea levels are rising. The Arctic has become so hot that it's ice is disappearing rapidly. Creatures of the Arctic are disappearing rapidly. Even human life may become impossible in the Arctic - and soon. And we are doing - nothing.

Canada, after all it's years of being a British puppet has, since 1945, been an American puppet. And the U.S. gives Israel whatever Israel wants because Israel is a power base for the U.S. in the middle east. Hitler murdered Jews by the millions. Now, with American support and weapons, the U.S. and Israel are murdering arabs.
And Canada is their puppet. Canada has joined the naziis of the middle east.






Rabble.ca has become a better (if more limited)  source of news than CBC.
That because among it's founders were some the best and most honest CBC journalists.




In fairness to CBC, it's important to know that CBC is where he got his start in journalism.




A war  in the style of American heroes - murdering children.

David Suzuki knows what he's talking about. That's why so many  Albertans refuse to listen to him.


Here is what the Korean War was really all about. But don't tell anybody in the Canadian Legion about this. The Legion's idea of being patriotic is sending Canadians to die to make American billionaires richer. Forget the crap about defending their country. Since 1945, Canadians have died to please American billionaires.








Not to worry. The Alberta government (like Ontario's) assure us climate change isn't happening. And, hey, if you can't trust them, who can you trust?






For much - most - of my life I have been happiest in Jewish circles. But Israel has become the product of the naziism of Hitler's Germany. There is   really nothing Judaic about it.

And it will be a military conflict because the mighty U.S. military in Korea, Afghanistan, Vietnam has proven that, for all it's size and weaponry, it cannot match Chinese military power.

Yes. He has a fat head as well as a fat rest of him.


Read this next one well. And Canadians should realize this applies to Canada, too.


The super wealthy are what is driving poverty and war in the U.S. in Canada - and in much of the world. This is the supreme disaster of our time. Alas! It's also the one we ignore. And these are the ones who are even more destructive than Hitler was. (And in the Germany of the 1930s and World War Two, German capitalists were Hitler's main support.)

Capitalism is no joke. It is the most savage and destructive force  in our world.

The NY Times is NOT a reliable newspaper. It never has been.

As I go through today's news media, even those I consider the more reliable ones, I get no sense of where our world is going - and taking us. Black Lives do Matter. but giving equality to Blacks will not change the fundamental problems of the U.S. - or Canada.

Far the worst danger we face is the greed and the savagery of capitalism. (And capitalism is really no different from our centuries of murderous rule by kings and emperors.) As they always have been, these people are driven by a greed that will destroy them even as they destroy us.

And, oh, their capacity for greed and cruelty now exceeds even that of Rome and the British Empire. Even as our super rich roll in the billions of dollars they steal from the rest of us, billions of people around the world live in worsening hunger, homelessness, disease and death. War has come to mean the deliberate mass murder of civilians and, especially, children.

Capitalism will destroy all of us, including the capitalists - and soon. And both Canadian and American governments are owned by the capitalists. Time for all of us is running out.

We've been through this before. This is what the British Empire and other European empires were about. This is what the American Empire is about. But on this round, time is running out  -   quickly. As well, we are deep into destruction of our planet. But oil billionaires don't give a damn about that. And they don't have the brains to realize that climate change will kill them, too.

We have to wake up. Soon. Very soon.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

June 25: It just happened again.....

I was many hours writing this blog when I accidentally touched A or C or alt on my keyboard - and every thing I had written disappeared. I shall struggle on. But this may be a much shorter blog than usual.

In any base, I'm finding my sources less helpful as  the U.S. increasingly loses much sense of what is happening to it. American world leadership is rapidly disappearing. It's latest ramping up of world bullying is focussing on a war with China (with China itself becoming rather like the U.S.) China is certainly the weaker one as a nuclear power. So the U.S. will have to use it's nuclear power to win - because the U.S. almost certainly could not win a conventional war against China.

However, Russia is the equal of the U.S. as a nuclear power, and it  would slmost certainly support China. But nothing is very clear right now. Europe is drifting away from the U.S. Canada has abandoned all sense to beome a U.S. puppet.
The U.S. has lost any sense of what it is and what American values are.

Meanwhile, the whole world is crashing in as the Arctic simmers at 38 degrees centigrade - and that's very hot. It is quite possible that in the near future there will be NO ice or snow in that region -      and that means the destruction of all wildlife in the region, and the impossibility of human life there. And that means this is a good time to sell your seaside cottage in Florida because, very soon, most of that state will be under  water.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is putting on the heat to kill Julian Assange for his sin of telling the truth about U.S. crimes against humanity. That's why most of our commercial news media are careful not to tell the truth.

And what will Canada do? As little as possible, though it is quite possible the U.S. will tell Canada to join its coming wars. And Trudeau will do it because Canada became an American wimp in 1945. And the Canadian Legion will cheer and clap hands as we send Canadians to risk their lives for very greedy American capitalists who, like George Bush Jr., will avoid military service.

I don't know where the U.S. is going. But I would guess it's going to become much more divided and violent and ineffective.

Oh, and climate change - SOON - will be a major problem as Alberta refuses to even consider any controls and as Trudeau continues his refusal to do anything unless it is first approved by his billionaire masters.

But most of all, I'm appalled at the lack of any desire to really look closely at what is happening in the U.S. This news on this is very, very skimpy. It has not made it at all clear what the current crisis is about. It's not (or shouldn't be) just about Black lives mattering. That's not something that's going to be achieved by demonstrations. If Blacks are no longer to be victims to vicious police, that's nice. But much, much more is needed. There's the issue of Black poverty, of inferior education, of Blacks themselves preparing for what being equal should mean. There's the issue that many states are simply not going to accept Black equality or to cooperate in it.

And there are bigger problems. Billionaires run the U.S. There is no democracy. There never has been. (And how many Black billionaires have you ever heard of?)

These billionaires are impoveriishing most Americans (but not the super rich.) And they are sending Americans into wars which almost certainly (and soon) will drag down all humanity. The opportunity of creating a better world came in 1945. And we didn't use it. Instead, America's super rich (who own America's 'dmocracy'on

These are some of the themes I hit on before my computer crashed.

The problems are huge and most of them (almost all of them) are not even touched on. Instead, we have spent 75 years murdering people all over the world, and making every move (Korea, Vietnam, the middle east, Latin America, Syria) into a bloodbath to meet the greed of American (and Canadian and British) billionaires. Among the others, and a case that is potentially a very dangerous one, are American evangelicals who encourage the planet's destruction because it will get them  (and only them) into heaven.

What the world, and especially the U.S., has done since 1945 is to create a world owned and to be plundered by the American wealthy - with their hangers on in Britain and Canada getting a share.

That's roughly what I wrote about in the section that was destroyed.


This is the result of forest destruction carried out by Brazil president Bolonaro, the good friend of Canada and the U.S. He's also  the one responsible for the greatest coronavirus death toll after the U.S.  (And, like his good friend Trump, he blames it all on those evil Chinese.)



Creating racial hatred. It's an old game. That's who the British got away with murdering over 400 million people. It explains the Belgian slaughter of the people of Congo.... That's why Hitler encouraged the killing of Jews and Gypsies. And then there's Bolsonaro and Trump - with Canadian help.
This is not the world that Canadians and others of 1945 had been fighting for.
The Canadian Legion pretends to the friend of Canadians who fought in our wars. In reality, it is the friend only of the greedy who betrayed all that Canadians fought for.



Well, destroying the Conservative Party is a good idea. Now we have to destroy the Liberal Party which is owned by the same billionaires who own the Conservatives.


We did nothing to make this a better world in 1945. We allowed the super rich to betray everything that so many had died to protect. Can we now save this world?
We, almost certainly, have very little time to do it.

As for China, I don't like what it has become. But making Chinese even more fearful of western aggression guarantees a war that nobody can win. And soon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

June 24: This blog is a day early....

...because I made such a mess of yesterday's. I don't know exactly what happened. I had almost finished yesterday's when the screen went blank. I don't know why. I think I might have touched something on the key board - but I have no idea what it was. So that was many hours of writing flushed down the toilet.
And that is why I am now trying to make up for a bit of that. Just a bit to ease may conscience.
Oh, in that disastrous yesterday, I suddenly realized another big horror. Checking a reader's comment, I discovered I had been hasty in approving it. I had not read all of it. The part I read heaped praise on me for the blog which I had earlier written. Well, I like being praised. So I put it in the comments section.

Much later, I realized there was a part of this comment I had not read. It went from the flattery (which gets me every time), but then I noticed there was more to it. This was an ad for a brothel. So I deleted it. (I apologize to all brothel lovers).

In general, the news has been becoming less interesting while the crisis in the U.S. has been becoming worse. (It says something when the White House expels reporters and puts up iron gates guarded by police battling thousands of protesters in front and almost on the steps of the White House) Meanwhile, police in some cities have been welcoming far right wing gun nuts who support the police with their military guns. The US is close to a civil war.

It is also in danger of creating a war with China, a war that would have to be a nuclear one. After all, a US incapable of defeating a tiny military in Afghanistan despite twenty years of trying is not going to defeat a huge China with conventional weapons. It would have to go nuclear. China's nuclear arsenal is quite small.  But a nuclear war would draw in Russia which would draw in Europe, possibly India and Pakistan against each other, and provide an excuse for Israel to bomb middle east neighbours.

Oh, and yes. The U.S. will expect Canada to play a role in this.

So here are some items to think about. (I intended this to be the usual examination of what is likely to happen. But the reality of both good media and the bad is that neither has come to grips with the   meaning of what it happening. Lots of chatter; but little meaning. And that's true of even the best - like The Guardian. So I tried to use Information Clearing House which, too is sometimes weak, but more often good.)

I had to include the next one - though I'm not clear on the point of it. If the point is that Hong Kong should accept being under complete Chinese control - then I don't agree with it at all. It's an interesting account of the writer's experience in Europe and the U.S. But I don't see it's connection in regard to Hong Kong.





Information clearing house is one of the best news media. But even one of it's top writers, Paul Craig Roberts, whom I often cannot agree with.


So the policeman who killed a Black didn't really kill him because it was a heart attack and not strangulation that killed him? Okay.
And who created the heart attack?

Tomorrow, June 25, this site will return to normal. Alas! Also returning to normal will be our news media that are strong on telling us what is happening, but weak on telling us what it means..

Graeme Decarie

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

June 23; Dammit.

I've been typing this for ten hours. And, just seconds ago, I hit the wrong key and lost all of it.

The theme was partly that the Victory over Hitler in 1945 was supposed to take us into a world of peace. But it didn't. Just shortly after World War 2,  U.S. billionaires set us and the American people up for endless wars. The first was China which the U.S. pedalled as evil. The real reason? Americans wanted to conquer China, taking it over as brutally and  murderously as the British had in their imperial days.

In fact, in Latin America, the middle east,  Afghanistan,  American capitalists have been the successors to the horrors of British imperial evil. And the whole world has been sucked into this murder of some 20 to 30 million men, women and children all over the world since 1945. And Canada has sent soldiers to kill and die in several of them. Canada is even on friendly terms with the evil and irresponsible and murderous government of Brazil. And that's because the U.S. tells it to be a friend of every American puppet ruler in Latin America.

And there is much, much more to come as the U.S. seeks a war with China. (Yes, I know China is evil. I also know the U.S. capitalists are a bloody lot more evil.)
The U.S. wants China so it can murder and plunder it just as the British Empire did.)

Yes. There are some evil leaders in many countries. But the U.S. is the leader of the pack And it intends to make China into the horror it was under the British.

Since 1945, the UN has been ruined by the U.S. It has murdered and plundered all over the world. And it is going to draw Canada back into that game - and Canada's capitalists will join us.

Meanwhile, Canadian and U.S. billionaires have happily plundered the people of their own nations, as our billionaires created millions of poor and homeless and hungry. (And as they have assumed the right to steal our tax money for themselves. As this goes on, it will destroy all of us but the very rich.)

Alas, our Canadian legion has never understood this. Instead, it has betrayed it's own members by being simply a cheerleader for political and billionaire elite who happily send them off to die.

The Legion was founded, wisely, to protect and help our military. Instead, it's cheerleading for those who betray them. Same thing in the U.S.

And we have VERY little time to wake up.

Now, I'm going to cry for all those lost pages I wrote. And, no, I'm not even going to check my spelling.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

June 20: Big business now openly taking over the role of government in the U.S.

I found today's news more than a little slim. That's been true for several days.    Even CNN which has until recently been covering events closely is now settling for more talk show style. Most channels have no coverage at all of what's happening. All of this is strange given the seriousness of what's happening.

American is collapsing. From 1945, it's intention was to rule fhe world (for the benefit of the capitalist class.) But it has been withering ever since then - from Korea to Afghanistan to Vietnam. At the same time, China is becoming the world's leading power.

The U.S. has one chance, only one, to make itself the world power it's capitalists want it to be. That chance is a nuclear attack on China and Russia. But there is little chance that will do the trick with nuclear weapons by the thousands covering the world.

That little chance rests with Donald Trump who is quite possibly the only leader who would consider such a move - guided by his ego and his mental illness.

America is in a rage. But it has no significant leadership to deal with the chaos it has created. Both parties are capitalist. Capitalism is simply the glorification of greed -and that will get no one anywhere.

Meanwhile the Trump government and it's capitalist friends are bent on cooking the  presidential election. One riding, for example, with many thousands of voters, will have only one polling booth to serve all of them. Translation. It will be impossible for that riding to handle anything but a miniature vote. Similar games are being played all over the U.S. Another variation actually places voting areas at great distance from their ridings.

Americans who don't like Trump can vote for Biden? Big deal. Biden, like Trunp, is owned by big business.

For all their demonstrations, whatever voters think, the big money is going to own all the voters. And whatever voters want, they aren't going to get it.

Yes, for all the protests, the American people who want change are not going to get anything. Capitalism rules. And capitalism doesn't give a damn about what Americans need or want.


Bill Gates has no training in education. He has never taught. All he has ever done is to make money for himself. The New York schools have thousands of teachers who understand what education is about. It has many experts of advanced study on the subject of education.

The only contact Gates has had with education was taking over schools to redesign them.   It was a dismal failure. So why did the governor of New York put him in charge of redisigning the state  education system?

Well, of course. It's because he's rich. He won't give the schools money though, in reality, that would be a help. Better still, it would help if he were to pay income tax so the schools could afford to design their own changes.
But Gates, like most of his breed, is interested only in taking money - not giving it.

Actually, this is a problem that runs through most education systems in  both the U.S. and Canada. School boards commonly have outsiders who sit on various boards. I well remember one of those from my high school teaching days. He was a clergyman, and the chairman of the school board. Stuck with him for an hour or so, I learned he was a man of colossal ignorance, a secretary pincher, and a drunk.

The same things happen with universities. Typically, they are made up of boards of the wealthy who advise the president (tell him what to do.) They know nothing of education. But they do know how to operate the university in such a way that it benefits big business.  Luckily, universities don't know much about education either. So everybody is happy.

So it is that our children are taught by teachers who have no power to control what they teach. (That, as I learned early, is why public schools so often teach history that is, well, not true.)

The wealthy simply push real educators out of the way. So relax. New York's school children are not going to learn anything that the wealthy don't want them to learn. No. They won't learn a word about unions or the exploitation of immigrants or the conquest of Latin America to provide cheap labour for people like Bill Gates.




Albertans live in their very own world, one in which oil emissions are good for you, and where nobody ever considers the reality that the oil industry is going to bail out of Alberta, leaving the province with the horribly expensive job of cleaning up the damage the oil industry has done to Alberta. That damage          will take hundreds of years to repair at a cost of trillions of dollars.

And in the face of that damage, prime minister Trudeau has done nothing. Is it too late? I don't know. But it is possible.


Canadian billionaires routinely get gifts of our tax money. Why? In this case it's a multi million dollar gift of refrigerators for Loblaw's. It really is breathtaking when one sees how much of our tax money we throw at billionaires (who don't, themselves, pay any taxes.) I've seen this up close in my New Brunswick days when, every year    billions of dollars of our money were thrown every year into the pockets of the Irvinig family.

Canada, like the U.S, every year throws billions of our tax dollars   into the pockets of people who already have billions of dollars. Meanwhile, we lack decent salaries for most workers; we leave families to live and die on the streets: we pay low wages to most employees.......

All other  considerations aside we are setting ourselves up for one hell of a crash.
Our acceptance of capitalism is going to destroy us - and probably soon.

Yes. Canada is crashingly racist. It always has been.



In 1945 it seemed obvious that with it's money and size and weaponry, the U.S. was a shoo-in to be the world's greatest power. But within five years, all that crashed (though nobody saw it) with the Korean War. The U.S. and it's allies were beaten off by  China. They  lost again to the much smaller and poorer Vietnam. Then there was Afghanistan.
The reality was that the U.S. military, the biggest, richest military in the world was no match even for very poor and small opponents.
It can, of course, turn loose it's nuclear arsenal. But that will scarcely make it more loved.
No. The American world conquest ended just five years after it started. Watch now for it's 'friends' to be backing away.

And what will Canada do? So far it hasn't done anything except to support U.S. aggressions. And that will probably continue.

And don't tell this to friends and relatives in Alberta.


Forget the polls. Forget the issues. The coming American election could be decided by dirty tricks.


Events of recent weeks have proven the need for a government medicare programme in the U.S. But there is not the slightest chance that either the Democrats or the Republicans will ever consider it -not when  billionaires are making big money out of privatized medical care.

The American system is designed to produce huge profits for privatized medical care. That makes it a certainty that millions of Americans will continue to die because they can't afford to be healed.








Well, a very intelligent piece by Mr. Putin. Too bad we have few people like him on our side.


Thursday, June 18, 2020

June 18: The honour of serving the Queen and/or serving one's country....

Donald Trump is the most recent of thousands of years of emperors and kings who salute their soldiers. Splendid chaps. Yes. Proud of them. They serve their nations and or monarchs and to emphasize this their soldiers, sailors, and airmen are laden down with medals. Crowds cheer. Roads are renamed to 'highways of heros'. Beginning centuries ago as soldiers of the king they are now called soldiers of the nation. And to that we need to add only two words.

Bull and shit.

When I was a kid in Montreal, I saw the older boys signing up for Korea. To fight for Canada? I don't think so.  (I don't even know what the term fighting for Canada means.) What on earth did fighting for Canada have to do with killing Koreans who never attacked Canada (or the U.S.)in the first place?

This was a war to kill Koreans so American billionaires could have a base to send more 'heros' to    conquer and plunder China.

They died for Canada? Get real.

Just over a hundred years earlier, Canadians went to the Boer War to kill for the King. (Though we were never told precisely why the King needed us to kill the Boers.) Anyway, we sang God Save the King - and killed the Dutch settlers to make the king happy.

However, since the king was living pretty high at the time, the king was always sure of a decent meal. I see no reason why we  had to kill for him.

The British had been murdering people all over the world for centuries. And it's true that the English people often lived in filth and disease and starved. But the kings and queens and aristocrats were never short of hot dogs and pepsis.

And all those soldiers and sailors who survived the deaths their comrades suffered? As they got older, they were simply dumped into the filth and hunger of city streets - there to die.

Such was the reward for serving the king and Queen and the nation.

Oh, and the ordinary British people? Most were left in filth and hunger with their children from the age of 5 or so working as chimney sweeps or in factories The hours were extremely long and the pay almost non-existent. So much for 'king and country'.

This also happened in Canada and the U.S. The leaders of most countries never gave a damn for 'the nation'.

When I was a little older, Canada sent Canadians to die for their nation or maybe the American nation in Afghanistan. It was, you know, the usual king and country spiel, though now light on the monarchy.

Soldiers were assured they were fighting for their country. And that was rubbish.
Afghanistan had just fought off years of invasion by Russia. Americans lied, saying it was an aggressor. Hell, it had defended itself. And it clearly had no intention of looking for more wars.  (and no, Aghanistan had no connection  whatever with 9/11. That was entirely an operation by our good friends in Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden lived in Afghanistan and supported 9/11. But he had no involvement with it and no ssignificant support in Afghanistan.)

But American capitalists wanted a war in Afghanistan so they, just like the Russians, could steal it's natural resources.

And we lied to the Americans and Canadians we sent to get killed. We lied and told them they were dying for their countries.

This dying for one's country crap - or one's queen, whatever - is the lie we are fed on.

Alas, the Canadian Legion which is supposed to protect its veteran members has instead betrayed them and lied to them from the start.

I had an older friend who was terribly wounded in Korea. The rest of his life was short and miserable. And he died early from the drunkeness that he developed in Korea. He was the kind of person the Canadian Legion should have helped. But instead, the legion helps only billionaires who want victims.


Even I, as a very young child, was enraptured by the singing of Vera Lynn in World War Two. To this day, as a very old child, I am enraptured by her recordings. She really was a major factor in saving our side, especially in those desperate, early years of the war.

"We'll meet again, don't know where don't know when
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day.
Keep shining through just like you used to do
Till the grey skies turn again to skies of blue...."

To this day I remember the words - and I can hear her voice.....and I can see the hope in the eyes of the soldiers, sailors and airmen who watched her and heard her.


The premiers of Ontario and Alberta and other wise men such as oil barons tell us there's nothing to worry about. So relax. (and die in peace as we head into the hottest year in history.) And prepare for more in coming years. Prepare for mass starvation all over the world. Remember, the important thing is to keep pumping oil to make those nice oil barons happy.


Yes, climate is changing. And yes, if we allow this to go on we will pay one hell of a price.


But who cares? Right?

Hey! Lotsa time. Lotsa time. Ask Ontario's premier. Ask Alberta's premier. These are men who know what they're talking about. (And Ontario and Alberta voters are dumb enough to vote for them.)


When a  dangerously ignorant former cabinet minister  attacks a dangerously ignorant president.



Canadian politics - in every province - have been smothered in racism from the start. Quebec has always had that racism with an added 'racism' based on language. I know it well. I grew up in it.


Will Canada stand up against U.S. bullying? Not bloody likely.



If this planet is going to survive, it needs to get rid of capitalism. And the time is very, very short.


The united world we said we were going to create in 1945 could have dealt with this. But we decided to go the old way which is why we have had 75 years of chaos.


For forty-five years, Canadians died fighting British wars. (Yes, I know Hitler was evil. -----but so was Britain.) Canadians now die fighting American wars - for an America that is striving to be the evil successor to Britain's evil empire.
Of course the U.N. voted against giving Canada a seat in the security council.
Canadians might not know what Canada is - but the U.N. does know. And it's right.

And now some big surprises....


For centuries, brains have not been a notable feature of the British royal family.




When I was 15 or so, I was given Churchill's History of the English Speaking peoples. I loved it. He was a superb writer. It was several years before I realized what a murderous bastard he was.

Not only was he a mass murderer of innoocent people. He had nothing but contempt for the most the British people. No. Born into aristocratic wealth at a magnificant level, he respected only the aristocracy and the wealthy. That's why the British people voted him out of office shortly before the war ended. They knew they would never get things like health care from him.

He pioneered the mass murder of civilians in 1920 when he ordered the RAF to bomb only completely civilian and undefended towns in a part of the Middle East. On two occasions, he let millions in India starve to death, even though food was available.

Who did he mostly resemble? That might well have been Adolphe Hitler.

Did he save Britain in World War 2? No. All that saved Britain was Hitler's invasion of Russia. It was Russia - not the British empire and not even American intervention and not Britain that defeated Hitler. It was Russia.

The truth is that Churchill was one of the most evil (and arrogant) men in history.

Oh, his greatest defeats were suffered at the hands of the U.S. billionaires. They were the ones who stole most of the middle east oil fields from the British. They were also the ones who blocked Britain taking back control of its Chinese empire in 1945.  The U.S. made him back off - so they could plunder China as the British had.

Alas for the Americans. They invaded Korea in 1950 so they could get a base from which to invade China. But the China of 1950 was not the China of the old, imperial days. It struck back at the western invaders - and sent them home. The US would later suffer a similar defeat from Vietnam (French Indo-China) as the Far East, having had quite enough of western capitalist greed, kicked out the French, and then the Americans.

Oh, what effect did Churchill's aristocratice parents have on him?

None, really. He was usually alone as a child, at home with a few servants in the most magnificent home I have ever seen.

His father was an aristocrat who was away with prostitutes most of  the time.
His mother was the daughter of an extremely wealthy American family. And she spent all of her time with an endless series of male members of the British aristocracy.



Yes. There are people high in government and high in financial life who want a more 'obedient' nation. And the American government is moving in their direction. (This is also true of most Democrats.)

The destruction of American democracy (if it ever was really a democracy) is very close.

I don't know quite what to think about this next one. But it's certainly possible.


Could this happen in Canada? Yes, it could under a Conservative government - and quite possibly under a Liberal one.

Well, I really can't agree with this next one. Yes. Our treatment of China for most of the years of our interference with it has been terrible. But it seems to me that a China which is destroying democracy in Hong Kong cannot be described in the gushy terms of this item.

Yes, China has been rising out of the horror of lifetimes of savagery, murder and plunder by western nations.

But a nation with high respect for others? I don't think so.



Billion of dollars every year of our tax money are given  as gifts to oil billionaires. And, oh, we must be kind and let them go free of taxes. It always makes me feel good at tax time as I know so much of my money is going into the pockets of billionaires.


Gee. And this happens to a people descended of Adam and Eve who got hell from God just for biting into an apple.




Final thought - we and many others are a failed nation that our billionaires plunder, and make into a growing (and very large) number of poor. Given a little more time - and not much more - they will destroy us all. At that point, the super rich will be destroying themselves, too. But their destruction will be of no help to the rest of us.